It is my pleasure to help on your life and journey

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Filipe Moleiro

“You are all Kings and Queens of your world and living your version of heaven is your birthright, as natural to you as your breath!”, Filipe Moleiro



The sessions are perfect for:
– Learning how to experience happiness, love, freedom, passion & purpose,  and live a constant good feeling life experience;
– Receiving personal guidance on how to live, create and manifest the life  you desire;
– Learning consciousness, evolution, leading edge spirituality, life purpose, and how to utilize the powerful universal laws;
 Send an e-mail to with  your Name | Location & Preferred time(s) to book your session.


Sandra Sieber, 35 – Chicago – USA 
Breanna Webb, 27- Phoenix – Arizona – USA
(Tarot Reader, Author, Speaker, Entrepreneur and Life Coach | Astronaut and Freedom Advocate)


“Your work is life-changing; the value you bring to people is priceless. You are seriously a lifesaver.

This was an epic year of evolution! I am so ready now to travel the world and set people free! Life is truly amazing!”

Charnele Webb, 24- Phoenix – Arizona – USA
(Healthy lifestyle’s entrepreneur, sports fashion creator | Winner over anxiety and depression | Peaceful warrior and soon to be a mom)


“I’ve been holding on to what you taught me, I trusted and the universe heard me! I began to see 444’s and 11:11’s everywhere and finally, I AM PREGNANT!! I still can’t believe it!

I’m so glad I met you, you have really changed my life! I wrote about you in my gratitude journal! And I just want to let you know I really appreciate how much of an impact you have made in my life and spiritual journey.”

Leah Lux, 34 –  USA
(Wealth Entrepreneur | Luxury with a Purpose | Beauty Queen and proud mom of four)


“I have peace, love and happiness like I never did before in my life! I am so glad I found my purpose and now I can see why you told me to dream!

Everything always works out for the best and life is so wonderful, we just have to allow it to be”

Emma Pierce, 33 – Wales – UK
(Personal trainer, fitness and healthy supplements entrepreneur | Beater of excessive weight and addictive eating habits | Life change maker)


“I was alone, nobody understood me or supported my journey but I did it! You made me do it, you guided me, supported me and here I am! Changed and a million times better.

People look up to me as an inspiration now, they come to me to help them change and honestly all I want to do is help them do it.”

Maria Luz, 19 – Portugal
(Student and in love with life | Fear conqueror and living from the heart)


“You have taught me so many things, you helped me see life in a different way and mostly, you taught me to live without fear!

I am just in love right now, in love with myself, in love with my boyfriend, in love with life … in love with everything!

I am so grateful to have you in my life and I remember every day that one sentence you are always saying, “I don’t need luck, luck needs me!” “

“I am so grateful to help you all, we are one and the same and I love you more than you know.”, Filipe

Filipe Moleiro Coaching

Infinite| Making people live their dreams | Changing the world by being awesome!

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98 thoughts on “Coaching

  1. Why would a doctor charge for his job ? Wouldn’t the love to save people’s lives would be enough ?

    Could the doctor work almost 24/7 to help other people if he did not charge for his work ?

    Also, when you live in your calling long enough, you stop fearing lack, lack of love, lack of abundance, lack of money itself.

    As you are not afraid to lack and you realize we are all one and the same, you also don’t fear that your clients will lack, in fact, you know that when your clients start to Live in their purpose they will lack nothing.

    So it is very ok to charge money, because they will not lack it and also will increase the flow of it in their lives.

    All my posts and other content are there for free, for everyone to read and use has they please.

    The belief “money is a bad thing”, “there is a finite amount of abundance”, “people who charge money to fully commit to help someone else are bad”, “money is the root of all evil” and beliefs along those lines is In fact what blocks the money to flow into people’s lives.

    Long story short, living your purpose, will bring you love, joy, peace, freedom, happiness beyonf measure and money as well.

    Thank you for your comment


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