Get over the world

Get over the world

We were raised with the belief that we are pretty much the bodies we are wearing and that the outside world is undeniably real, solid and unquestionable.

We believe that are always four walls surrounding us, we believe those walls to be real and without question we believe to be limited by them.

We assume our circumstance to be real, powerful, potent, existing somewhere outside of ourselves, apart from our will and that we cannot change unless they do.

Take a deep breath, relax your mind and allow transcendence of the world to happen for you.

Get over the sense that there is an outside world and that that world has power over you.

Your physical world is in truth something that does not exist.

If you could see everything that is physical through a very potent microscope allowing you to exponentially augment physical reality, you would be able to see that everything you so call “physical” and solid is purely made out of vibrating energy.

Energy that does not exist without your awareness of it and that changes accordingly to your perception of it.

In other words, the physical world with its many forms is nothing but smoke and mirrors and does not exist without you to be aware of it.

Physical reality is literally and illusion.

It lacks substance, real substance.

You can picture it like being an hologram, being constantly projected, appearing real but as you pass your hand trough the projected images there is nothing there.

This illusion is being created and projected by you at all the time.

You are the one that is creating and projecting the hologram that you see.

The illusory physical world is 100% made out of your energy.

Once again, if you place you and the world under a very powerful microscope, you would see that there is no separation between you and everything else.

You would see everything being made of strings of vibrating energy, that those strings are emanated by you and that that energy is in fact who you are.

We are one and same with everything we see.

The buildings around you, the chair you are sitting on, the phone in your hand, the screen in which you are reading this words are made out of your energy and at every single moment you are creating and putting in place every single thing in your surroundings.

Being 99% of the process taken care of by your Higher Self at levels that are not relevant for you to be aware of, otherwise your tiny little senses would become overwhelmed with information far beyond their comprehension.

The purpose of physical reality

Even as non-existent and illusory, the illusion of physical reality as purpose for existing, otherwise it would not had been created and you would not be here to experience it

So, the sole purpose of this smoke and mirrors play is for us to express who we are and the intention that brought us forth into this 3 dimensional world.

This non-existent physical world of forms exist for you to make it whatever you want it to be, to create and express yourself as you so please and are inspired to.

As you aligned each and every time more with your calling for this life, with the sole intention that brought you here into physical reality at this particular time, you will become aware of your true self, recognize your power as being the creator of your reality and understanding that nothing that you create can overpower you as being the creator of that.

Become free of the world and the world will become yours

Understand that there is no world and something that does not exist cannot limit you.

It is impossible for the hologram to limit the one who is projecting it.

Know this and accelerate your journey.

Know this and set yourself free.

Know this and accelerate your life.

No more you are tied by the ropes that were never there.

You no longer need permission from your outside world to shift into more of who you are.

You no longer have to wait for your circumstances to change for you to move.

It is all the other way around!

You shift the world follows, you move your circumstances change, you project the hologram shows and the canvas reflects

You now have the freedom to choose whatever you want to project into the screen of your life.

This moment, the present is all that is and the “now” is the empty canvas at your disposal to create.

From the emptiness of the “now” you create you world with each belief you choose to believe in.

Your world circumstances are disposed of meaning, your pen does not say it is a pen, your finger does not call itself a finger, your pain does not say it’s hurting.

You are the one who defines, you are the one with the power to choose the meaning and what you choose is what becomes.

“It is what you say it is”, Bentinho Massaro

What you choose it is what will be, how you define it it will become, your beliefs create your world. Choose consciously what you believe in, aligned it with your higher self’s intentions and you will be living the life of your dreams.

The world it what you say it is and nothing can exist without you to create it and you to be aware of it.

Walk around knowing that everything around you is not there.

Live your life knowing that everything you see does not exist, therefore nothing that you can see can limit you.

You are limit free.

You are able to fly.

Get over the world

You are always on top of it.

Filipe Moleiro

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18 thoughts on “Get over the world

  1. Beautifully said. It really resonates with much of what I so enjoy contemplating in lectures by Alan Watts and Eckhart Tolle. You are a light in the world thst is helping to break open higher consciousness. Thanks for shaing and being.

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