The Creator

Filipe Moleiro

By Maria P.

Filipe’s entire work, life, and presence itself are dedicated to awaken and to empower people in their own greatness. Guiding others to realize their unique essence, allowing them to live as their true self, in a life where Dreams come true and Love is present in every breath.

He is the guy who naturally awakes everything that is good within you, truly making you believe in your best dreams, and find an ever-present feeling of love just with his presence.

Filipe is the living personification of “Be yourself, live your dreams and love your life”.

Filipe Moleiro

“With so much knowledge on the outside, the one you should really listen to is the knowledge you have within”, Filipe Moleiro

Currently working as an author, teacher and life coach, Filipe is living a life aligned with his purpose: “People living their calling”, helping people on a daily basis to step up into their powerful nature and become co-creators of a far better world.

I can clearly state that Filipe has an incredible ability to make transcendent and “out-of-comprehension” universal truths and complex mental processes, simple, easy to understand and directly applicable in every day’s life.

He is a true master in seeing “beneath the surface”, and it doesn’t matter the degree of chaos and confusion you may be immersed in, he will always give you a solution and a joyful right path for you to follow.

This simple and yet highly effective nature of his work, is the result of years of pure self-investigation, daily seeking, committed learning, and constant application of what we can call powerful “out-of-the-box” truths, concepts and knowledge.

Even as a small child, Filipe always had a powerful inner seeking for true love, and he could not imagine is future life without living every single one of his dreams.

That strong inner seeking together with a lot of contrast and friction provided by the outside world lead him to his first awakening experiences as a teenager, where he realized that he could be, do, or have anything in the world if he just developed strong confidence, almost simultaneously, with the realization that his seeking for true love was present for a purpose far greater than just himself and his life.

Those awakening experiences were the spark that ignited his journey of studying through all kinds of empowerment (Confidence) and enlightenment (Love) teachings, while testing and applying those same teachings in his own life, always and unceasingly seeking for greater levels of confidence and deeper levels of love.

Filipe and his life have always been marked by great evolution, transformation, and change. He graduated in Communication and Media and later on Functional Fitness.

Filipe in preparation for the World Martial Arts Championship in Italy, 2016

Still as a teenager, he was director of a public library department and ahead of the sports section of his hometown,. His life developed through 10 years in martial arts as an athlete and coach, where he became 3 times a world champion and head coach of a Portuguese national team, he has also performed functions as a fitness instructor and personal trainer.

All the environments he was in, provided great lessons, constant evolution and the opportunity to apply is empowerment and enlightenment knowledge in service to others, resulting in a super accelerated growth for Filipe and in the discovering of his true essence, purpose and calling in life.

Eventually, his growth was such and his will to be of service to others in a way that would make a truly significant difference in people’s lives and in the world itself was so strong, and his calling became so loud that lead him to create his website ( Naturally becoming an author, teacher and life coach, putting is best self with his knowledge, gifts, and skills at the service of the highest good for all humanity.

In his own words, “A world where people are being truly themselves, naturally living their dreams, in love and united as one single being.”

In a more personal level, Filipe loves electronic dance music, always makes sure that he and his friends never miss a cool festival or a beach party, and he is expert in road tripping across the country at the sound of great music, vibing high with the ones he loves.

He enjoys good workouts, practices intermittent fasting and supports cryptocurrencies.

The beach is his favorite place to be, he loves horror movies and occasionally has fun writing awesome horror stories.

“Our dream world is within the reach of a small eye opening moment allowing us to see who we truly are, and the love that is present both in our core and in the world around us.”, Filipe Moleiro

Filipe Moleiro
Filipe in his favorite beach

Pictures by the talented ‘A Free Soul

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