Understanding Law of Attraction – The Next Level

The easiest way of understanding the powerful “Law of Attraction” is to compare it to the law of gravity.

When you consider gravity, you know it to be a force that is always working, always in place, it’s absolute in its consistency, and it’s always pulling matter to the center of the planet.

You have such an intrinsic knowledge and familiarity with gravity, that you don’t even question it, you know that it is so, that it is in place and without any doubt, you absolutely know that you won’t float every time you take a step. It is law!

Law of Attraction works exactly by the same premises. It is a powerful force, that is always in place, it is always working, it’s absolute in its consistency, and what it does is to attract to everything more of its vibration/energy.

The issue that some people have in understanding it or even believing that it exists, is the fact that it is not that obvious to the untrained eye.

When you see an apple falling from a tree to the ground, you know that was gravity that made that entire sequence happen. But when an event happens in your life, you say it was caused by chance, or luck, or hard work, or god’s will, or absolute randomness, etc… You don’t immediately associate the vibration/energy you have been offering, that is constantly being responded to by Law of Attraction, and the event that it attracted or manifested.

Btw, can you imagine how “awkward” and “dumb” Isaac Newton in 1687 was labeled when he first realized that an invisible force was present pulling things to the ground 😀 He for sure was super crazy, delusional, shifting the paradigms with tales of something invisible.

Now, if you have any doubts about an invisible force attracting to everything more of its energy, apply the same process.

You are the new Newtons and you are discovering 😉

So, these days everyone involved in spirituality and consciousness teachings talks about the Law of Attraction, there are books and movies all about it, they call it “The Secret”, the big thing, the Wooooshhhh of “you can do, or be, or have anything” using the Law of Attraction, and so forth and so on.

And it’s true, when you understand it, you can CONSCIOUSLY use it in ways to attract what you prefer.

I used the word “consciously” because, your first step, is to realize that you are ALWAYS and have always been working within the Law of Attraction. If you were not aware of it, you have been attracting unconsciously, or what’s commonly known as, attracting/creating by default.

You think things because everyone else thinks those same things, your beliefs have been molded by people who had those same beliefs (beneficial or not), you observe patterns of behavior assume they are fit, or propper, or the “right thing to do” and you keep repeating them, you keep them active, Law of Attraction keeps responding to them and their vibration, therefore attracting life circumstances and events that are a match to it.

This is creating by default, and it is the way most people live their lives. (Although that ratio is diminishing rapidly as more and more people seek the truth and understand how it all works.)


To properly understand the Law of Attraction and how to use it in ways that please you, you must understand that every little thing, from the highest mountain to the smallest atom, is made of energy, it exists at a certain frequency and projects a certain vibration … Your thoughts included.

Every thought you think comes from and carries within itself a frequency, energy, a vibration that Law of Attraction will always respond to and attract to your experience more of what you think about.

Your thoughts create your reality, all of it with no exception.

The good news is that even though you do create your reality, you don’t create it just by yourself, you have your Higher Self co-creating with you, but that is a lesson for another time. [Check this –> What is the Higher Self]

Continuing …

By Law of Attraction, every thought you think attracts to itself more thoughts of the same frequency, which increases the number of thoughts around, increases their momentum, creates patterns, develops strong beliefs, and it all of that going on in your mind as an attractive power and keeps showing up in your circumstances.

For example, the thought “I don’t like my body”, attracts the thought “I don’t like the way I dress”, “I don’t like the way I look”, “I don’t like the way the way people see me”, … more thoughts join, the momentum increases and it turns to “I don’t like myself”, “I am worthless”, “Noone will ever see my value”, … “I am helpless” … “I don’t like my life”…and very soon those patterns will turn into a night in the hospital where all of the things not liked are present all around.

On the other hand, the thought “I enjoy the sun”, attracts “I enjoy walking”, attracts “I really enjoy hearing the birds sing”, … more thoughts are attracted, the momentum increases and it turns to, “I really enjoy nature”, “I love the beach”, “I love hearing music at the beach”, “I love to feel the sun”, “I really enjoy life”, “Life is always good to me” … and very soon those patterns will turn into an amazing night out friends where are the things liked are present all around.

See where this goes?


There is no exclusion in the Law of Attraction, you get what you think about, wanted or not, but what truly matters, is the ENERGY BEHIND THE THOUGHT NOT THE THOUGHT ITSELF!

Ha Ha … Let’s take it further!

Like I explained earlier, every thought comes from a frequency and carries a certain energy/vibration and you can know what that energy is by the way it feels!


‘Emotion – energy in motion’

This is very good news because you don’t need to monitor all your thoughts, you just need to care about the way you feel, for when you feel good, you only have access to good thoughts, thoughts of that same energy/vibration represented by the good emotion you are feeling and therefore will attract good things to you.

On the other end, when you feel bad, you don’t want to think that much about anything important to you, neither you want to sign any major contracts or make some big decisions. In that energy, you don’t have access to anything that carries good energy and therefore it won’t be attracting anything good to you.

There is more to say about your emotions and how they represent your degree of connection with your Higher Self, but that’s for another time. [Check this –> What do your Emotions mean]

So, for you to gain mastery and use the Law of Attraction to your advantage, you have to be in touch with your emotions, in other words, pay attention to the way you feel, know what it means and how to navigate your mind to better emotions and better thoughts.

When you catch yourself feeling good, acknowledge it, comprehend that you are translating a good energy, you are involved in a good frequency and keep that momentum longer, enjoy it more, savor it, do more of what you are doing, think more of what you are thinking, look around and milk more of the moment.

Feeling good means being involved in good energy, means attracting good things, feel it, feel it, feel it, think, think, think, go, go, go, step on the gas!

When you catch yourself feeling bad, it’s time to be soft, to take a break, take a nap, some deep breaths, go general in your thoughts, soothe yourself, meditate, until your negative patterns dissipate and you are feeling good again.

Now that you know this, it is easy to see why you don’t want to step on the gas, keep thinking, and adding momentum within negative energy.

This takes some practice, this takes some mastery, but it gets easier and easier and soon it will be like gravity, you just know how to work with it.

There is much more to say about Law of Attraction, more ways of understanding it and deeper levels of knowledge, keep your eyes on future content, you will like what you’ll see.

For now, I want you to realize that you attracted this moment, this post, this knowledge, and now you know it was not by chance, or coincidence, or luck, you are in the right place, at the right, very well along your journey, and you do have an incredible power that you now know about.

Enjoy it 😉


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