Tomorrowland – Live | Love | Unite

Imagine a place where everything is magical, a place where your dreams do come true, a place where everyone is happy, where everyone is being themselves to the fullest, a place where the only thing we can see is Love and by Love everyone is perfectly United… A Higher Place. 🔝🌎

“Great people of Tomorrow. You came here to find eternal bliss but mother nature as given us much more”.


Welcome to Tomorrowland! 😉

Tomorrowland is the biggest, the greatest and the most amazing musical festival in the World.

“Live, Love, Unite”

Tomorrowland is a representation of the world I want everybody to live in.

I want everyone to live in a world where its known that there is only love, where is everyone is happy, exited, having fun and free to be themselves.

A world where the fact that We are all one and that there is only Love is a reality for everyone.

Everyone lives by Love, no one fears, no one lacks, everyone lives by inspiration, everyone is following their happiness, everyone is being their true self, therefore everyone is living their dreams, can you imagine that?


“Something for your mind, your body, your soul. A way to lose control over your senses, your thoughts, your feeling.

You are here to get an understanding of who we are, where we came from and what direction we are headed towards in life.

It’s not about the destination, its about the journey towards a Higher Place.

It’s about finding yourself in the moment, living in the now and forgetting about the past.

United by music, peace, love and freedom.” Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike

This world, this message, this dream, this vision is so appealing, our hearts are screaming for this, for us to realize this in ourselves and to realize that this world, is indeed meant to become true.

Electronic music has that special power, a power to takes us to directly to that higher place we all want to be in.

The power to make us vibrate ate high frequencies, to feel on top of the world instantaneously, the power to makes us happy with a beat, the power to make us feel free, special, magical, excited and make us Love ourselves and unite with everyone around us.

13770242_10154015729379177_1621900769059714104_n (1)

This year, 2017, the festival sold out in 64 minutes!

2 weeks, 2 cities, thousands and thousands of tickets…sold out in 1 hour.

That’s how much everyone in the world seeks out to live this dream!

That’s how much the world wants this to happen, how much the sense of love and how much the underlying will that we have to be happy is rising through us.


“All of the Love we generate, The only thing that carries me on. There’s nothing we need that it can’t create”

It’s already heaven on earth and it is calling us.

Everyday it is calling us, everyday this is inviting us, screaming at us,encouraging us to be happy, to feel Love, to free ourselves, to free other, to dream , dream and dream again.

Everyday is it wants us to believe in magic, to believe in our dreams, to live by our inspirations and to create the “World of Tomorrow”.

“This place is filled with magic right now. Tomorrowland can you feel the magic, can you feel the love, can you feel the energy!?”, Afrojack


God, can you imagine a world where everybody is happy and loving and is living their dreams everyday.

I will create it for me and everyone in this world every day of my life. 😉

“The whole World United, Love, Passion, Freedom…that’s what is”

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4 thoughts on “Tomorrowland – Live | Love | Unite

  1. U succeeded moleiro!!! U actually make people happy everyday u believed it and u made everyone believe it too i’m certain because i feel free and happy it’s so weird and everytime i get a negative thought i remind myself that there is no spoon it brings me such a strange feeling of happiness and relief i’m sooo glad i found ur blog thank u sooo much💖 so excited to read the rest and looking forward for the new blogs.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey 😉 I loved your comment, thank you. “There is no spoon” remind you that it is all just a game, a game that you have control over, that’s why you feel freedom and happiness 🙂 You are aligned with you are.
      Keep being amazing 😉

      Love to you

      Liked by 1 person

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