Your dreams are real, your doubts are not

Place yourself in your most perfect imagination, imagine the most amazing future that you can…

Imagine yourself being the most EPIC, having infinite love, living a magical life, in the most amazing places of the World,  being true to yourself, being who you really want to be with no limitation what so ever.

Be in that perspective, be that person, see it until you feel it, until you become it!

See it, feel it, be it …

See it until your ‘actual’ life disappears from your mind, be fully in your perfection, be one with the perfect World in your mind.

Can you see how magically all your  present problems had vanish?

Can you see that the only thing that truly matters is that pure dream of yours ?

Can you see that what mommy and daddy told you, what other people say, or think, or do are so insignificant !?

That your dream, that perfect version of yourself and that perfect happy version of your world is so overwhelming abundant with joy, prosperity, love and power that all the small stuff In your life doesn’t slightly matter!

All those seemingly limitations have 0 chances on the power that your trusting in your dream gives to you.

Can you see how ridiculous are all those small details that stop you?

From that point of view, things get clear, we focus on what matters and we don’t feel limited anymore by small and powerless things.

Every time we are in joy, in excitement, every time we feel inspired, we are literally living and making our dream true for ourselves and for the world.

The joy and inspiration are literally given to us by the version of ourself that is living that dream and knows how to get there.

Listen to it, trust on it, because you are trusting in the best possible version of yourself’ your Higher Self. 😉

Your higher self is you, you with a higher perspective on things, it knows everything and it guides you every single time trough joy, inspiration and excitement. He loves you unconditionally, it is you, it is wise, trust in it.

Your purest dream is truest then your ‘real’ life.

Your dream version of yourself is more real then all the roles you pretend to be.

Stay true to yourself, your dream is all you really want .

There is nothing that can take away your dream, nothing can prevent you from achieving what you really want.

When you act on your inspiration, following  your highest excitement in the direction of your dream, you are powerful beyond measure ! You are supported beyond concern, you are infinitely loved and you will lack NOTHING that you really need to achieve your dream.

All the universe is supporting you and guiding you towards your dream.

“Your dreams are real, your doubts are not.” Bentinho Massaro

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5 thoughts on “Your dreams are real, your doubts are not

  1. […] First things first, believe it or not You are 100% the Creator of your reality, your emotions exist to guide you and you are already free from everything. Sometimes the difference between a life of suffering and a life of breathtaking love, happiness, fun and dreamlike experiences can just be dictated by a single choice, so keep very vivid in your mind that no matter what… Your dreams are REAL your doubts are not. […]


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