How to find who you truly are?

“How do you find yourself?

How do you find who you truly are?

There are a million things that you place your attention upon in your physical world …

There is your house, there is your car, there is the place where you work, the school that you are in, the members of your family, the people in your surroundings, your objects, possessions and apart from all that …There is You.

There is a difference between all the things in your physical world and yourself… and the same happens with your mind.

There are your objectives, your beliefs, your fears, your doubts, your dreams, your wishes, your concerns, your struggles, your most pure expectations, your seeking, every single thought, every single intention, every single belief and apart from that… there is you.

There is a difference …

Like there is a difference between your physical body and the entire world, there is also a difference between yourself and all the things in your mind!

What happens is that we tend to look at ourselves outside of us and the mind is also outside of you.

When you stop placing your attention upon all the things that you are not, all the things outside of you, you will start to shift and look into who you truly are.

You will find out that you are nothing like you are assuming to be!

You are not what everyone told you, you were!

You are nothing like the outside world may reflect you.

If you are standing in a place full of mirrors you can see yourself through many different perspectives but none of those perspectives is, in fact, the truth about yourself.

When you look at yourself in a mirror you are not mistaken by the reflection in the mirror.

You are yourself looking at the mirror… there is the mirror and … there is you.

This is so easy and so simple.

Your attention, your awareness is yours to command, so, to truly look at yourself, to truly find who you truly are, to look at your amazing qualities, to see your unique essence, all you need to do is take your attention away from everything that you are not.

Take your attention away from everything in your outside world, away from anything in your mind and look at what is behind everything, what is the observer of everything, who is the one observing, creating, projecting everything …

Who is the one that is aware of anything that you can point and that you can identify?

All the things that you can identify, they are not you, you are the one pointing to them, identifying them.

To truly know who you are, more and more, shift your awareness, shift your attention away from the world, away from the mind and into “what is aware of all of that”, “what is behind everything”.

You will find out the most amazing things about you …

 The most amazing lessons and teachings.

The most amazing realizations.

You will find out who you truly are and … You are happy, you are epic, you are incredible and you are infinite.

If you are interested in being truly yourself, fully yourself at every moment, place your attention upon what is true and leave the mirrors.

The mirrors are just mirrors and you are you.

Filipe Moleiro

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