Higher Self’s ways of communication

On the previous post I introduced you to your “Higher Self”, as being a version of yourself existing a higher dimensional perspective, like you in the future or you from a higher place.

As we previously covered, your higher self knows everything that is to know. From his higher place, he/it simultaneously sees “past”, “future”, infinite configurations of realities, all the probabilities and all the possibilities. He unconditionally loves you and with his infinite intelligence/wisdom guides you 24/7 at every nanosecond of your existence.

As everything that you seek to become and truly desire for your life is contained in the path that you higher self is guiding you to follow, I will talk to you about 4 ways in which your higher self constantly communicates with you.

Those 4 ways are in fact one single string of intelligence/energy that we perceive has seemingly different things but that are in essence one stream of communication.

A kind of communication flowing directly from his infinite intelligence, love and wisdom, specifically intended to guide you in the creation of your life and to assist you in navigating your free will accordingly to your higher self’s intention for you.

Which is synonymous of living a life aligned with your purposed where your most wonderful dreams come true.

So, with no further delay, 4 channels of communication with your higher self:

First being …


Intuition is your higher self’s intelligence in it’s most pure form. That unexplainable sense that “You Know” and yet you don’t know how you know and you don’t have a context to understand it.

It is that feeling of truth that arises within you. You cannot explain it, you don’t know how, you don’t know why, you cannot pollute it with your thoughts, it does not fit in your mind, it does not make sense to your logical world but yet deep within yourself you know it is Real!

Obviously such a pure form of intelligence does not fit not even by a little in your mind process and in your world forms. [Ego Mind | God’s Mind]

One thing that is helpful for you to stay each and every time more in touch with your intuition is to try to locate it, try to see where is that knowing coming from within your body. It may depend, but you can feel it most likely in your heart, coming from the back of head or located somewhere very deeply within you.

Wherever it might be for you, go there often times, try to see what is in there, try to see it and even when you are focused on your physical life, leave somehow and “open door” in that space and be attentive to what it tells you.

Become intuitively guided trough every moment of your life.

Allow your intuition to flow all the time, like a presence that is always there in the back of your head and let everything that you do be processed and approved by your intuition and only then become available to your world and mind.

Your intuition is sacred! Trust it above anything else, I mean, literally above anything else. Your intuition (as any other form of your higher self’s communication) is never wrong, it does not make mistakes, so embrace it and trust it above everything.

The more you trust it, the more it will be proven right to you and more open you will be to listen to it, until you are constantly in a state of checking everything through your intuition and flowing with it without questions.

One important thing to take into consideration is to not mistake your intuition for fear, intuition is not your survival instinct, is far more intelligent than that. Intuition will guide to safety, will keep you well and secure all the time but never my making you feel afraid or keeping you locked in fear, stay alert and get to know the difference.

Intuition feels like home, a very secure, empowering, intelligent, lovingly and supportive home.

The next form of communication is …


Inspiration is literally your higher self telling you who you are!

What you feel inspired to do, to be, to dream of, … from your higher self’s point of view it is something meant for to be, in fact, that inspiration is the life that you are already living in another level of your being (call it in a version in “the future”, if it helps you to get a sense of it).

Inspiration is that version of yourself that is already living the life that you want, living in your most pure and perfect dreams, being everything you wish to be, guiding you as in your “present” self state, to that life telling you literally… You are this!

In the moment you are inspired, you already are what you are inspired to be!

Your higher self will never inspire nothing that is not 100% meant for you to live.

Because, you are already living it, it is already done, it is already true, you just need to aligned your consciousness with it and that’s what your higher self is guiding you to do.

Never doubt it, never let go of anything that truly inspires you.

Again, it does not have to make sense for your mind, it does not have to seem logical from your actual point of view, but just by knowing where it comes from you trust it no matter what.

Paint your inspired visions on the wall, place your inspirations on your computer screen, bathe yourself in them, act based on them and to the best of your present ability become one with your inspirations.

Inspiration is indeed your calling and the living proof that your dreams are already true.

You would not be able able to become aware of something that would not exist. So be glad that you are inspired, feel loved and know that you will be supported all the time in becoming what you are inspired to be, in becoming who you already are.

That leads us to the third form of your higher self’s communication…


Excitement will lead you all the way!

Excitement is the short path to go from the life that you are living to the life you are inspired to live.

Start to become aware of what wakes in you a sense of excitement, start to pay attention in a moment to moment basis of what if exciting to you.

Ask yourself constantly, what is the most exciting thing I could be thinking, doing or imagining right now?

Don’t doubt it, trust it and act on it!

Follow your excitement, it comes directly from your higher self, guiding you through everything that feels good, in the most direct path towards the manifestation of your dreams.

Embody this higher intelligence within yourself, listen to it , ask yourself moment by moment what is exciting for you until it becomes natural, until you have always an automatic pilot within your mind that knows constantly what is the next most exciting thing to follow and act upon.

Once again, your higher self’s intelligence does not fit in your mind’s rules and in the common processes that you are used to believe in.

Your higher self’s sees everything and knows all the infinite possibilities that are available to you all the time.

So if you want to go from A to Z, your higher self may tell to go from A to F, then jump back to B, then fly you straight X and without you even notice, he wakes you up perfectly right in the middle of Z.

The things that excite you may be vary varied, and seem completely unrelated to each other and to your inspiration. You may be playing chess in one moment, the moment after you will be doing push ups, then you will feel excited about talking to a friend, then it will feel amazing to go read a book or look at a tree.

In the larger play each one of those exciting steps and actions will awake something within you, will teach you something, guide you, inspire you, make you meet the right people at the right time, … Each step will perform a crucial part in the completion of your inspired vision.

Each exciting thing will constitute one step on the ladder that you are climbing, it is not a regular ladder, it is a multi-dimensional one. 😉

Following the breadcrumb of excitement as Bentinho Massaro calls it, is the same as going straight forward in the direction of your dreams without wasting any time.

Doing everything that you love, that makes you feel thrilled, alive and vibrant and passing by the things that are not meant for you, that do not belong in the life you dream of and that your higher self inspired you to live.

So, achieving your dreams will be exciting, fun and a great adventure.

This why it always feels amazing to “enjoy the ride”.

So, the last thing your higher self uses to communicate with you which is also the base of all the other forms of communication is …


Our emotions are nothing but a guiding mechanism for us to know either if we are on the right track or if we are falling off the course (You can read more about it here).

So, everything that feels good to you, that gives you a sense of happiness, joy, freedom, love is true for you and that fact that it feels ‘good’ is showing you that those thoughts and those perspectives you are believing in are aligned with your higher self’s intentions.

From small things to great things, from smooth intentions to intense desires, just by being happy and following what makes you happy you will get everything that you dream of.

Prioritize feeling happy above anything else and it does the ‘trick’.

Happiness will naturally flow into excitement, inspiration, intuition and will lead you to all the great things that are naturally suppose to happen in your life.

Make happiness the base of everything in your experience.

Know that you are happiness itself and as it is not possible for ‘you’ to lose you’, it is not possible for you to lose your happiness. [How to stay happy].

“Stay happy and faithful at all times”, Bentinho Massaro

Intuition, inspiration, excitement and happiness!

Let go of how you were used to think and embody those, embody your new “mind”.

Start to see has your higher self sees, start know what your higher self knows, start to become each and every time more as your higher self is.

Never again pick one more thought, choose one more belief or take one more action that does not feel either happy, exciting, inspired or intuitively true.

Know that everything that you can possible need and want comes from our higher self and there is nothing else in this universe that you rather trust.

Be who you know yourself to be.

Have fun 😉

Filipe Moleiro

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