Inspiration is your calling

Inspiration is your calling.

What are you inspired to do?

When something inspires you, whether it is a story, a text, a movie, a song, it as meaning and it inspired you with a purpose.

A moment of inspiration is not a moment of temporary bliss or temporary pain release.

Inspiration is your guidance, it is your resonance, it is your higher self instructing you directly trough is infinite intelligence and leading you to the most amazing path for your life to unfold.

When you read something that inspired you, don’t assume it to be just a story, because it is not. If it inspired you it is because it resonates with your truth, with the truth of your being, with the essence of who you are and it will lead to the person you wish to become.

Listen to its message, see what it awakes in you, what it inspires you to do, thing, to act, to create.

Follow it! The most sacred thing that you have to follow in this life is your inspiration.

Your true inspiration, when your mind vanishes and you seem to be driven by an higher power, you are indeed being driven by an higher power.

Follow your inspiration, more and more, “big” inspirations, “small” inspirations, it doesn’t matter, prioritize the following of it no matter what.

Surround yourself with things that inspire you, read things that inspire you, listen music that inspire you, go for a walk, go to the beach, create something.
In whatever way you feel more connected to who you are and in whatever scenario you tend to feel more inspired, be there often, just be there.

Bathe in your inspirations, marvel your mind in your inspired moments, feel it, get to know it, know how it feels to be inspired and get to know how it is to act on that.

Meet your life with an open mind and an open heart.

Whenever you feel inspired, open your heart, empty your mind and listen.
See what is it calling you to do, what is it inspiring to be, get a sense of the vision for your life that your inspiration is showing you.

Never doubt it.

If it inspires you, never doubt, it is pure gold, pure bliss, the universe speaking directly to your heart.

Trust that.

The more you seek to be inspired and the more you act on your inspirations the more your mind will be blown by the perfection that it creates.

The more you see all the amazing things that you create in your life by following your inspirations the more you will trust it, the more you trust it, the more inspired you will be.

Until it gets to the point, that you no longer skip a moment of inspiration.

If the smallest thing inspired you, you will investigate it to the core and you will create the most amazing things out of thin air.

Inspiration as no limits.

There are no limits for what you can do, for what you can be, for what you can create.

Inspiration is bliss, inspiration is intelligence, inspiration is your calling.

Inspire yourself, stay inspired, inspire others.

Inspiration will make your world an amazing place to live.

Did I inspired you? Follow that 😉

Filipe Moleiro

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