The only thing you should be afraid of

Looking back into my recent life events, moments and experiences, I came across in my imagination with a version of myself that was afraid in all the crucial moments. A version of myself that did not followed is heart, that played safe, that listened to other people, that played by their rules, that did not have the courage to be himself because he was scared, scared to offend them, that did not do what he knew was right just because it was afraid… and fuck… It scared me like hell!

That vision was a freaking nightmare! I would have lost the most amazing moments of my life, I would never knew how happy, loved and confident I am. I would never knew freedom, I would be a slave, slave to other peoples opinions and shit stories, I would still fell small, lonely, scared,…  I would be afraid all the time, I would be completely lost and chasing after all the wrong things!

I would have lost the most loving, magical, beautiful, epic and breath taking moments of my life!

I would never knew how it is to have unconditional love, to have absolute freedom, and complete happiness! I would never knew how it is to live in a dream, to be one with the stars, to live in total bliss, to experience life as a fairy tail where all the good things and magical moments flow so natural and so easily…

I would never knew true courage and how brave I am..

I would have lost the most precious things of my life…just because I was afraid of facing what other people think!!

OMFG…what a fucking nightmare!!

Thank ‘God’ I did it all the way around, thank ‘God’ I had the courage to follow my heart every single time!

If you are fearing something…please just fear that! Fear not being you, fear being ‘a sleep’, fear just being mediocre, fear never experiencing greatness, fear being the same as everyone else, fear having a boring life, fear the absence of dreams, fear the absence of true joy and love… just please fear not knowing who you are!

Because, that would be most sad and devastating thing that could ever happen to you… Imagine passing your entire life without knowing who you truly are, why you are here and how insanely good your life can be if you just follow your HEART.

Doesn’t just the thought of it scared you to death!?

Have courage, dream, dream bigger, be happy, more happy, get excited, have fun, lots of fun, believe in magic, follow your joy, follow your heart, trust your intuition, know that you are epic and that you are here to do great things, you are here to make all your dreams come true!

Believe in yourself… Your Power lies in being yourself.

F*ck everyone else, you are free

“The only thing I would regret was not having the courage to follow my heart when it screams for you”


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