Make your dream all you know

Did you ever wonder why do you have a particular dream ?

Why do you have that particular vision that you wish to embody in your own life ?

Did you know that your dreams, your true dreams, that one dream that makes you jump in joy, that dream that makes your heart sing, that dream that truly makes you want to hug and love everyone that you know…Yes that dream!

That dream, that vision, that version of yourself and that version of your life are screaming for you! That dream, believe it or not, is who you are supposed to be!

If You are done with being not a “sheep”, if you care enough about your life and if can just have a little courage to drop some fears and prioritize the”chasing”of your true dream in your everyday life, trust me, you will create such a wonderful life for yourself, you will become such a happy, bright, lovingly confident person and automatically you’ll be so good for the people around You.

How do you do it?

Well, first you need to know, that your dream Is a higher calling on yourself, your dream is the path that will make you grow In beautiful ways, it will make you happy, confident, loved, secure, powerful and blessed beyond what you think is possible!

Knowing and having faith in this, you make your first promise …

You will never quit!!

No matter what happens, you will never quit ‘chasing’ your dream, because you know how important that is.

After that, you will begin immediately to follow your joy!

Yes, do everything you can to stay happy, imagine yourself being happy, imagine yourself already in your dream life … This is not faking, this is pure intelligent creation, as it will be proven to You.

Act on your joy and in your inspiration, every time some action feels joyful to you, if you feel inspired to do it…go and do it! Your joy and intuition are the direct ‘shortcuts’ leading to your dreams!

Isn’t that obvious ? If it feels good, it Is because it is actually good! The more you act on it, the more you feel good and more you will trust on your joy and act on it…It’s an amazing and happy never ending process.

You will have periods of doubt, fear even despair maybe…And it Is precisely on these moments that you have to trust in your dreams more than you trust everything else.

Know that your ‘bad’ periods are just your hidden fears and doubts being washed away. They were part of your old self and your old life,now they are becoming obvious to you can let them go (see the 3 “days” process of creation).

That fear/doubt process is a good thing, it means success, it is the process in which you evolve into a greater person in the direction of your dreams.

See your dream, feel your dream, be your dream! Your dream is all You Know 🙈

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4 thoughts on “Make your dream all you know

  1. […] “Never Give Up on your Dreams” – When you are inspired to to something, when you have that dream that you want so much, it is meant to be yours! Have the deep knowing that in the moment you are inspired, that inspiration is already yours! It is true, it is meant for you to have! Every obstacle that you face it is just a catalyst, like a catapult shooting you up and accelerating your journey towards the manifestation of  your dream life. So never doubt your intuition, never quit on what inspires you, you can relax, give it a break, not be insistent, be open/humble/intelligent, allow your inspiration to gain other form if it feels righ…apply every thing from above…but never quit on being who you are. […]


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