Dreams are better when we are awake

Dreams are better when we are awake.

Dreams are better when we wake up to the fact that we are dreaming.

That we have been dreaming our entire life, we have been dreaming our bodies, our personalities, we have been dreaming the walls that surround us, we have been dreaming the people in our life, all the good and bad moments, … It was just us dreaming it.

Everything that you have ever lived and that you will ever live is your dream and it becomes so much better when you wake up to the fact that you are not that little guy/girl inside of the dream but instead, you are the Dreamer of it.

You are not the one that is caught inside of a random dream/reality that has power over you, you are in fact the one that is dreaming behind the scenes, creating the entire dream.

Everything contained in the realm of what we are used to call “Reality”, is nothing but a dream, non-permanent, non-existent, is just an illusion, smoke and mirrors appearing to be real just by our mere belief in it

“Take some deep breaths, let go of your thoughts, allow your mind to be silent, expand and you will see the whole world disappear”

As you become aware that you are the dreamer/creator, conscious of the fact that you are dreaming, the dream itself and the stuff in it just ceases to have power over you.

Nothing has ever had power over you, you just didn’t know it.

“Nothing that you ever create can overpower you as being the creator of that.” – Nothing beats Confidence

Stop believing that your circumstances have power over you because they have not. Stop taking your perceived limitations so serious because they don’t exist without your belief in them.

Stop being afraid of the world outside of yourself, because first, it is not outside of yourself and second, there is not even a world to begin with.

Dream the dream you wish to dream.

Create your reality the way you want your reality to be.

That’s what you have been doing since forever, you created everything in your reality and as you were not aware of that, you created it unconsciously.

You were projecting into your dream all kinds of things that you did not prefer but you thought that you had no choice, that it was the way life works, or your destiny, or god’s punishment, karma, bad luck, …

Since the day you were born, you have been constantly taught to believe in what is not real and do not serve you. Society rules, moral codes,  fears, doubts, limitations from your parents, fear of being alone, reject, the never-ending seeking of love,…

None of that is real, dream a life you wish to wake up to.

Want Love? Dream of love! imagine a life filled with love, keep love in your mind, speak only of love, think only thoughts of love. You are not only just worthy of all the love that you can possibly imagine, you are both the source and the creator of it.

Want anything else? Do the same, see it, feel it, be it.

Don’t take your cue from your circumstances, impose your will to them.

See only what you want to see, walk around in the shoes of the creator that you are.

Choose the feeling you want to feel, think the thoughts you want to think, be in the state of being you wish to live in. Constantly and regardless of your circumstances.

You will see magic happening! 😉

You are not supposed to respond to your circumstances, it’s the other way around, they are supposed to respond to you!

“It is what you say it is 24/7”, Bentinho Massaro

Be in a constant state of future-presence, enjoying the moment while creating the future, consciously projecting the things you want to live, creating the next moment, and the next moment, and the next feeling and the next thought.

Be more in your imagination than you are in “physical reality”.

Imagining is creating, imagination is your most powerful tool, is your magic wand, the brush that paints the canvas and you are the artist holding the brush.

Fall in love with your imagination, be passionate about creating your reality, magic is real and you have the wand.

Make the way you live your life your number 1 passion,  prioritize feeling good, prioritize good thoughts, prioritize seeing/feeling/being what your heart truly desires.

Create a beautiful life, a life worth living, it is your dream and only you can do it.

You are the dreamer and your dream will become much better now that you are awake.

Filipe Moleiro

Coaching page: https://filipemoleiro.com/coaching/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/filipemoleirocom

7 thoughts on “Dreams are better when we are awake

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