Get over the mind

One belief we have very deeply rooted within ourselves is the belief that we are our minds or even if we are not identified with our minds, that our minds somehow serve us.

We grew up thinking, believing, being taught and spoon fed by everyone and everything around us the idea that our power is contained in our minds and in our ability to operate with the thoughts you randomly have access to.

We embodied the belief that for us to be able to thrive in this world, to “make a living”, assure our survival and guarantee our same existence, we need to rely on our minds, operate with our thoughts and only the one’s with the best “minds” are going to succeed.

Since the day we opened our eyes for the first time, we were led to believe that our minds are important, that they have tremendous significance, that they are powerful and that through our minds only we will get to have a pleasant life, if we are somehow blessed with a great natural set of thoughts or if we manage to educate and nurture our mind in the right ways.

People spend their entire lives operating with of thinking. Creating, seeking, learning, manipulating, controlling, defending, behaving, deciding, defining, relating,…

Living immersed in a endless stream of thoughts from the moment they wake up to the moment they fall asleep, interpreting reality through the feedback received from 5 limited senses which generates thoughts and definitions that then becomes beliefs as denser as greater is the feedback received.

When a point in life comes where our thoughts are making us suffer and we are not living the life we desire through our educated mind, we turn our attention to spirituality and mindfulness.

Then we are taught to control our thoughts, that our thoughts have power, that they create our reality. We learn thoughts to accept our emotions, we learn to use mind tricks to deal with the past, to manage the future and to assure that we do not miss the present.

“The power of the mind”, “Master of logic”, “Control your emotions”, “Forgive your past”, “Become a ninja of thoughts”.

Even thought it’s progress, we are still very submerged in the realm of mind, just choosing “better” thoughts as choosing prettier curtains to the windows of the cell we live in and learning to love the bars of cage we believe to live in.

The realm of thoughts is a container.

Your mind is a cage.

If you live in a cage, you can paint it, decorate it nicely, get better furniture, hang pretty pictures on the walls, put good music on,  learn to accept the bars around and experience living in that beautiful prison in a way that pleases your 5 little senses and yet…

You still live in a cage!

And nothing in that cage will set you free, you got to go beyond the cage.

When you assume to be the little one trapped inside of  your thoughts you are stuck, when you rise up and see that you are the one that is above the mind and that you are the observing presence of your thoughts you are free.

In your mind you have the sense of your future, your past, experiences, other people’s thoughts, personality, traumas, doubts, ambitions, memories, ‘should’s’ and ‘shouldn’ts’, must ‘bes’, must ‘haves’, needs and infinite other forms of limitations.

Trying to evolve, realize more of who you are and empower your life operating from the mind and in the realm of thoughts is like trying to climb Mount Everest blindfolded, carrying a backpack filled with heavy rocks collected since the day you were born and believing that those rocks serve in climbing higher.

Everything you interpret with the mind will ever be flawed and limited by nature even though if it sounds like empowerment and spirituality.

Sure it is a progress, sure it can point you the way and work some miracles.

You can use thoughts to deal with thoughts, you can analyze your past, investigate, wonder who did what, why did that happen, how your past defines you, how your personality is who you are and seek for million reasons why things are hard, why you cannot change, why this, why that, running in circles of thoughts after thoughts or …

You can realize in this moment that your mind does not exist without your awareness of it, that you are not contained in it, that you are and always have been the free, wise, lovingly  and powerful observer of your mind.

You can realize that you are/were always on top of your mind and that right now you can drop your backpack and fly to the top!

As your world is an illusion, your mind is also not real and you don’t need your mind’s permission to become more.

Your mind drives your thoughts and bases your sense of self on perceptions of a world that does not exist, based on interpretations of 5 senses that perceive an illusion through the filters other people’s minds imposed on you.

Your thoughts are layers of distortion defining an illusion, that’s how fake they are.

In your mind exists confusion over your mind lies true clarity.

“Every thought you have is a limitation, even the ones you believe to serve you.”, Bentinho Massaro

Knowing that your mind and everything contained in it is nonexistent and nothing in the realm of thoughts will truly benefit you due to is flawed nature, that nothing within the cage will set you free, you become free of the believe that your mind serve you and now you can see what is important, rise above your mind and realize that you have ever existed far beyond it.

Seen as non-existent, being recognized by the non-real flawed grid of thoughts and believes that you have accumulated and been spoon fed to, your mind will no longer limit.

Your thoughts and beliefs,/your mind, does not exist without your awareness of it and when you recognize that nothing that is contained in your mind is beneficial to you, that it as no substance, you will no longer give it importance, you will no longer want to be aware of it and you will no longer create more of those limitations.

When you no longer limit yourself, everything you want will flow through you.

When you shift your attention away from limitations, your infinite nature will become obvious to you.   

When you realize that you are able to exist and function without your thoughts, that you can let go of your beliefs and that in this same moment you can let go of your entire mind, you become truly free, you become the freedom that you always were but that you were not aware of.

Imagine living completely free from your past, completely free from the pain that you hold, free from your emotions,  free from other people,  free from doubt, confusion and fear.

Navigating through life without your assumed personality, free to be who you want to be.

Your mind is not yours, your thoughts do not define you, your personality is not your true self.

Your mind and everything contained in it can no longer stop you, can no longer blind you and can no longer postpone you in becoming who you to be/who you truly are.

Let go of your thoughts.  notice that you don’t need them, notice that you still exist and that without them to limit you, you are truly free.

The more you let go of your mind, the more you realize that it was never your mind and that infinite bliss and true intelligence starts where your sense of mind ends. (Ego Mind | God’s Mind)

Become free from your mind and you will become freedom itself.

You can only be master of your mind when you become completely free of it.

Your mind does not exist and something that does not exist cannot limit you.

Imagine living your life being free from your mind.

Using your mind as a servant of you and not the other way around.

Using only logic, thoughts processes and believes in alignment with your higher self, as means to create your power, navigate with wisdom and express your true essence into this world. (Higher Self communication)

Get over your mind and everything will fall into place.

Freedom from mind, is the only freedom you seek and you can be it right in this moment.

If not for your mind, what is holding you back?

“The world touches the senses only. If you don’t identify with the senses, then whatever happens to the senses no longer affects you. You are rested in a much vaster realm than that of the senses. You are the untouchable existence before thoughts and references of a world. Nothing that applies to this world ever touches you, as long as you don’t assume you are at the whim of your senses. See clearly and be free.”, Bentinho Massaro

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