The merge of Empowerment & Enlightenment

“Find yourself” and “create your reality”, “enlightenment” and “empowerment”, “self-realization” and “self-actualization”.

2 seemingly different approaches that are in fact 2 ways of the same road, complementary, crucial and absolutely essential to each other.

These 2 apparent separated aspects of a one’s journey here in this physical life will each and every time more start to fuse.

With further understanding, a great passion for being alive, daily commitment and application they will paradoxically merge into one single process…

The process of being truly yourself, fully, in every given moment in all aspects of your life/mind/body/soul and beyond being.

Putting it simple, this is the process in which you discover more of who you are and than you update your circumstantial/physical reality to match who you now know yourself to be, or, the process catalyzed by the desires, intentions, and actions towards (re)creating your physical/circumstantial reality that will lead you into discovering more of who you truly are.

Self-realization leading to self-actualization, enlightenment making you empowered, an empowered drive towards life that leads you every time into realizing more of your true nature.

“Find yourself” and “create your reality”, “create your reality” to inevitably “find yourself” in the process.

Zoom out these two processes and you will see that they are not two processes, they are in fact 2 sides of the same “coin”.

By exploring each side of the coin, you will realize that you cannot be contained on one side or the other, that one side could not exist without the other, that the entire coin benefits and shines brighter when both sides are being equally polished.

Being constantly in the flow of enlightenment and empowerment equals pushing the pace on both sides of the coin, creating motion and putting the coin to spin.

When the coin starts spinning and the faster it spins the harder it gets to see 2 sides of it, the 2 sides will start to merge with the motion until all you can perceive is one unique sphere moving.

The coin is an analogy of your purpose, of your calling, the 2 sides of the coin are an analogy to your physical circumstances and to your seeking to realize who you truly are.

The spinning of the coin is the representation of how you can accelerate the processes of creating your reality, realizing yourself and living your purpose when you put them all together in motion, generating a faster spinning that will benefit the entire coin … YOU, in all aspects of being.

The accurate definition of being yourself, living your dreams and loving your life.

Imagine what would happen if only one side of the coin was being pushed and got all the weight … the coin would fall.

The attempts of self-actualizing or self-realizing oneself or one’s life would inevitably be crushed because one would be lacking crucial understandings and would be denying an essential part of himself.

For the coin to spin, both sides of it must be balanced or the coin will inevitably stop spinning.

This is the true journey and the “game” of living your purpose … keep the coin spinning, be constantly in the flow and balance the two sides of it.

– 2 Processes becoming ONE | 2 Ways of becoming YOU –

The process of realizing your true self and creating your reality:

Every time something new awakens in you, every time you have a new realization about yourself, about what’s true and relevant for you, instantaneously you gain access to a whole new realm of thoughts, energies, beliefs, inspirations, ideas, desires, intentions, …

In other words, every time you realize a bit more of your true self you gain access to a whole new non-physical realm that automatically becomes your new way of being you.

As it is impossible to un-realize yourself, every time you have a new realization, the hold paradigms, thoughts and belief patterns you used to have and that are no longer match to your new realized version of self will quickly and naturally start to crumble.

Like a house of cards collapses in the moment you remove one of its foundations.

For example, when one realizes that “there is only love”, all the beliefs that are not a match to that will automatically be cleared. All the hold ideas of not being loved, of seeking for love somewhere outside, of begging for love, craving for attention, and all the suffering because of the perceived absence of love will instantaneously stop to make sense and all those thought patterns will very rapidly disappear from one’s mind.

Since, we are the creator of our reality, what we believe we create and the world reflects

Our world will become a reflection of our new realm of beliefs, energy, and intentions while the circumstances, relationships and general set of experiences that were a reflection of our previous “house of cards”, of our previous belief system will naturally vanish from our view.

The old paradigm will disappear from our reality because it will stop to make sense, it will become very obviously obsolete, we will effortlessly stop believing it, projecting and creating it.

Our world changes everytime we realize more of who we truly are.

At every new realization, you will experience life differently because you only experience your state of being in every moment and that’s what you see reflected in the world.

You may start going to different places, change things your routine, hang out with different people, create different things, discover new passions, access new ideas and re-gain epic superpowers.

The circumstantial representations of your hold paradigm will shift, some people might leave your life, other people might embody new versions of themselves that are a match to your new frequency, your finances may take a quick turn, … Everything in your environment will with perfect timing become supportive of your new realized state of being.

This is the process in which you update your reality by realizing more of yourself.

The process of creating your reality and inevitably realizing who you truly are:

Even though nothing outside of yourself defines you and its representative of who you truly are, your outside world is a reflection of your inside world, in every single aspect and at all times.

Looking at the many facets of yourself, reflected in the mirrors provided by your circumstances (psychical things, people, places, …) you can realize “who you are assuming yourself to be”.

In other words, you can see what you are believing deep inside, what you are projecting, and what you are creating by seeing what your circumstantial world is reflecting back to you.

Every time you enjoy your circumstances, every time you feel good and you love what is presented in front of you, it shows you the parts of you that are aligned with your true nature and that are generating those kinds of experiences in your reality.

On the other hand, when something in your circumstantial realm is in some form unpleasant to you, when there is something that you don’t enjoy or that you don’t prefer being showed “outside” of you, that is the perfect mirror where you can see what things you are believing, projecting and creating and that you do not want, that do not serve you, and that are, in other words, out of alignment with your true self.

There is no “outside” world to begin with, everything is inside you, even what you can see with your eyes is inside you and that’s the perfect mirror.

There is no “out there”, everything is a projection happening inside your consciousness, everything is always being created by you and appears ever inside you.

And …

The real self-transformation begins when something in your circumstantial reality is unpleasant…

Like Einstein said, “no problem can be solved in the same level of consciousness that created it”. So, in order for you to efficiently change your unpleasant reality into a new one that you prefer you will inevitably have to realize more who you truly are!

It is the perfect catalyst! For you to create a new version of life, you will have to create a new version of self.

Your challenges will somehow pressure you into letting go of the belief systems that you are holding on to, projecting into your world and that are not serving you into being who you want to be.

Every time you identify and let go some belief or belief systems, you open space and allow a new set of intentions, ideas, beliefs, desires and realizations to flow to you.

In other words, when you stop insisting your true self will shine forth.

When you let go of the believes you are so deeply holding as being yours and as being true, your real beliefs, your real nature, your real desires will become effortlessly available to you.

As soon as the hold beliefs are gone and the new realizations of self are acquired, the challenges will disappear because they are no longer being projected and their catalyzing effect is no longer required.

Your reality will change by changing within, by realizing more or yourself and becoming naturally capable of creating/being a better version of you, having a better version of life and effortlessly creating a better version of world.

This sums the process of creating your reality and inevitably find yourself.

Empowerment and enlightenment always walk hand in hand.

Find yourself and create your reality, unseparated paths of the life’s journey.

Self-realization and self-actualization, two faces of the same diamond.

Enlightenment that empowers you, empowerment that will make you enlightened.

The perfect fusion, the perfect merge.

Walk in both ways, be in the perfect balance, until the balance becomes natural, until the 2 paths become one and until that path becomes You.

The path of becoming your life’s purpose, that is who you truly are and that path contains everything that you want to create and everything that your heart desires.

Yourself, your life, your world, your purpose are ONE, the one that is you, the infinite one.

Find yourself, live your dreams and love your life.

Become your purpose and change the world.



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3 thoughts on “The merge of Empowerment & Enlightenment

  1. Filipe,

    What’s the difference between consciousness and awareness? Which should we focus on to connect to our Higher Self? Which one does reality flow from? Are they one and the same? Sorry to hit you with so many questions at once, but I’m making some good progress with your stuff, and this will help to clarify some of it. Thanks,



    1. Hi Mike 🙂 It is always a pleasure to connect with you.

      In truth “consciousness” and “awareness” are the same thing!

      Being “aware of your awareness”, “aware of your consciousness”, “conscious of your soul” … are just words pointing and talking about the same thing, the same “energy” if you will.

      To clear things to you, it is very helpful to realize that words, are just that “words”, labels that are used to describe or point out to something … In the case of your Higher Self/Soul/Source, all words lead you there, the key is to not get lost in concepts and definitions but to focus into what those words are pointing at.

      And all over the internet people use different terms, different teachings and concepts and sometimes it makes spirituality confuse to grasp or understand… but if you focus behind the words and towards the presence that is right there where you are, with you, aware of you, simultaneously in your 3D world and farm beyond it, you will get it over and over again.

      That’s real, tangible, direct connection with your Higher Self/Soul/Awareness/Consciousness/Source/Universe/Spirit … a ton of words to lead you towards that presence.

      Relax, feel more into the presence within you, the sense of “I Exist”, leave gradually words and definitions behind and there you have it 🙂

      What is the presence / the ground from which every concept can be created from? – Feel into that.

      Reality flows from you, from the 3D you that is experiencing a 3D life and choosing what he prefers, what he desires, and the non-physical you (Higher Self), that becomes what you desire, that provides what you desire, that is the source of everything we call life and reality… but is a co-creation, reality and the outside illusion (still important) arise from source, and you are both that source and the human self experiencing it 😉

      To further help you, know that, it is super nice to have moments of mediation, of soul-searching where we drop everything and become pure non-physically focused, where the world “disappears” and we are in silence purely connected with the Higher Self in a Higher Realm so to speak.

      And it is also super cool, to be living your own life as a human being, feeling happy, joyfully, free, with passion, love and some contrast from time to time.

      You are here to be both 🙂

      Embrace your non-physical nature and love your physical experience, play with both.

      By the nature of your questions I know you are making great progress.

      The more you keep it fun, relaxed, interesting and light-hearted the better you will progress.

      You cannot miss what you are seeking, your personal victory is always assured 😉


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