When dreams become real

Do you know those moments in your life where everything is so perfect.

Those moments where you are living everything that you ever dreamed to live.

Where you find yourself living a moment of your pure and most perfect dream.

You are experiencing a moment, that years ago was your dream … that dream that was ‘impossible’, that would never, ever, ever happen… and there you are, living it.


First you start to doubt it, “Wait is this happening?”, “Is this real?”.

Then your head goes straight to the clouds and you can’t feel your feet anymore, it feels like you are floating.

You are not trying, you are not wanting, you are not desiring, you are not learning, you are not seeking,  you are in this world … you are living your dream.

There are no more thoughts on your head, just that pure feeling of perfection, the arrival at that point where everything is exactly the way your heart wanted it to be.

Everything is flowing perfectly, that sense of perfection is everywhere you turn your eyes to.

You can see it in the place that you are, in that people that you are with, on who you are being and especially, you are felling infinite love being given to you.

And you think “Wow”!

Then a thought arises and tells you “You are the creator of your reality”.

Your eyes open in awe…

“Did I created this?”, “Did I actually created this?”, even though you believe yourself to be the most amazing person in the world you still don’t believe it, “Did I really become this?”, “Is this reflecting me?”, “Is this who I have become?”.

In that moment I could feel my “old” self, not too far from the place where I was, feeling small, unworthy, insecure, experiencing fear, doubt, confusion, frustration, sadness. Struggling with everything, with everyone, with the world against him and as far more times that I can remember going forward just by pure faith.

Just because he had made a promise of never giving up, because he got tired of giving up every time and he would no longer and no matter what give up on his dreams.

He would no longer give up on being happy, he would follow his heart no matter what.

And he had faith … a million times he had faith.

And there I was, being the version of myself that I ever wanted to be, living the moment that I ever wanted to live, living a dream, the most pure, perfect and magical of my dreams.

“Your dreams are real, your doubts are not”
Bentinho Massaro

“Follow your heart and everything will fall in place”
Filipe Moleiro

Immersed by the moment and looking back I could see exactly how I did it.

Inspiration! Moment, by moment, by moment.

Intuition! Moment, by moment, by moment.

Trusting my heart! Moment, by moment, by moment.

Loving myself, loving others, projecting love, feeling love, being love

Feeling happy, searching for my happiness, following my happiness, following my excitement … every day, every hour, every minute, every second.

Having courage, lots of courage, courage to be me, courage to believe in my dreams, courage to be special, courage to be different, courage to look up and reach for the stars.

Finding myself, looking for the truth, knowing who I am.

“Nothing beats confidence, therefore nothing beats you”
Bentinho Massaro

Immersed in a perfection that words fail hardly to explain, I felt humble, I felt that I was\am more loved and more supported than I ever believed myself to be.

I felt the universe looking at me in the eyes and letting me know that it is always there for me. My higher self, with infinite love, infinite wisdom and infinite support for me, to follow what it inspires me to follow, to be what it inspires me to be.

I can trust, I could always trust, I can relax, I can be who I am inspired to be, nothing will ever lack to me and everything will be more perfect than I can imagine.

Everything is always more perfect than I can imagine, everything was perfect all the time.

“Everything was perfect even though it did not seem”
Ana’s Shadow

Never quit, never, ever, ever quit. With infinity on your side, the only way you could possibly fail is if you quit.

Believe in your dreams because they exist.

Believe in yourself because you are much more than you can ever think.

Inspiration is your path, intuition is law, excitement is the way.

You are loved, you are seen, you are supported, you have infinity by your side and remember …

“Stay happy and faithful at all times”


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