Find yourself in the stars

Sit, lay down on the beach, stop walking, stop talking and look at the night sky. Relax, be amazed, let go of the world and find yourself in the stars.🌟

Let you eyes marvel at the infinite, see how perfect each star is, how perfectly they shine, see how perfectly they coexist, how perfectly aligned they are, see how the stars are all connected even thought our eyes perceive them as separated. Feel how every single thing plays a perfect part in the creation of this infinite, beautiful and overwhelmingly perfect universe that is always there, available for you to lay your eyes on.  🌌

Relax all your thoughts, let all that light uplift you, see the obvious perfection that is always there just waiting for you to look upon.

You will find yourself in it, you will find yourself when you stop looking at the ground! Look up,  fly high, reach for the night sky, let the world go for a moment and realize that you belong in the stars. 🌟

“If I told you we could bathe in all the lights. Would you rise up, come and meet me in the sky.” Martin Garrix & Bebe Rexha – In the name of Love

All that beauty will inspire you, it will effortlessly take you higher and higher. The stars will reflect back who you truly are, they will show you infinite beauty, infinite love, infinite light … they don’t care about your messy thoughts, they always see your true self and that is all they will ever show to you.

Understand that every single star you can possibly see and imagine does not exist without you. The starts could not shine without you! They are literally created by you and for you, they are literally created out of your love and out of your own energy.

Can you see how special you are?

Can you see how Loved you are?

Can you see that you are always safe?

Can you see that you are always supported beyond concern ?

Can you see that you are powerful beyond measure…

You are the power that creates stars, that builds universes… and if you can create stars … there is nothing that you cannot do.

Rise up into the night sky, stay there with all the stars,  that’s where you truly belong, that’s your true home and where you can easily find your true nature.

See how everything in the sky is inspiring you, see how every star is pulling you up to meet them, how just by looking at them you get happy, you get alive, you feel amazing and free.

They are telling you how to shine, they are telling you how much loved you are, how much love you have and how much love you can give.

They are showing you the pure perfection off your being and that you are your own ‘Star’.

Reflect that into your world, radiate love, radiate happiness, radiate inspiration, express that more and more, be a light in the darkness, step confidently into your brilliance.

You are now aware off your true nature, bring all that star energy into this world, create it, change it, be who you truly want to be.

Everything is possible and there is nothing that you can’t do.

Be in your power, be in your love, be in your unbeatable confidence. All the stars are there for you, the universe is always on your side, there is nothing that could ever beat who you are, you are a God, an invincible, perfect, special and unique God.

Your world is what you say it is! Because you are transcendent to it, you are looking from above, you are looking from a higher place, a wiser, a better place, a place of magical infinity and overwhelming intelligence and support.

Stop looking forward, stop looking at the ground, … You will miss a beauty that is far too transcendent and magical to be missed.

Lift your head, rise up high, bathe in the lights, let all that beauty carry you, you are one with it, …you are one with the stars. 🌟🌌🔝

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