Do you have courage?

Do you have courage to do what you know is right ?

Do you have courage to be yourself and to be of service to others ?

Do you have courage to Love over and over and over? To have faith over and over and over?

Do you have courage to follow your highest intuition and your highest inspiration? Just because you know it’s true, you know that is the path that will bring you most joy and what is good for you will benefit everyone else?

If you follow your joy, your heart and intuition long enough, you’ll get to the point that in order to be of service to others, your heart and intuition may lead you to do something that might be completely mind blowing, socially incorrect, even perceived as a bad thing to the other people you are trying to serve!

They might judge you, ‘attack’ you, do it all to bring you down, perceive you as a bad/selfish person… but you are inspired to do it, your heart is screaming for you to do it. Only you can do it, because from your higher perspective you see what they don’t see and you know exactly what they need.

Will You have the courage to follow your heart when the world thinks you are wrong?

Yes, you do!

Again and again ..and again..and again.


Because you know you can never lack anything, you know you are always loved/supported beyond measure and you trust your heart and your higher self intuition more than anything else.

You know, that your Joy Is their Joy, your Love Is their Love and what excites you is what benefits everyone else.

They live In a World where they fear everything, they fear their past, they fear their future, they fear their present. They are bound with thousands of rules and society standards that prevents them to be themselves, to Love, to live In Joy, to be free, to be happy, to know who they really are and what they truly want.

You might have to be the one to show them that you can break the rules and still be good.

You might have to be the one to heal their fears and cure their traumas … Even if they don’t understand your actions and the benefit that it brings to them.

You might have to be the one that shows them that when you are truly happy, you don’t need rules to make you safe, that you don’t need to fear being happy and for sure you don’t need to fear the happiness in others.

Have courage and do it!

Show them, that you don’t need to sacrifice your joy for other people’s opinions, that you don’t need to suppress your love and your happiness to match other people standards.

Show them that True Happiness has no rules, their rules, other people’s rules, their past rules are a limitation they unnecessarily impose on themselves.

Serve them not the way they expect you to serve them, but in the way they need You to serve them!

Having the courage to Love, to live, to laugh, to be better, to follow your heart, to be in your joy and love them enough to don’t care about their self-imposed rules.

It is such a worthy journey for yourself!

Courage Is your nature, be it 😏

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