The mind of God

The mind of God, the mind that is in fact your real mind, the one true mind of yours and the god that you are.

See it as a pure “state” of flawless, wise, infinite intelligence, love and unconditional support. Available to you at every nanosecond of your existence, always and unceasingly calling you to meet more of it, more of the God that you are.

Your God’s mind is not even a “mind”, it is far beyond the concept of what you perceive of being a mind, far beyond the concept of thoughts, the concept of definitions, the concept of forms, far beyond any notion of “concept” itself.

Anything that you can identify is not the truth.

Anything that you can define is not real.

“Where the world of forms ends, you begin”
Filipe Moleiro in Ego, the impostor self.

In other words, you will truly access your’s god’s mind when you no longer perceive a a physical world neither your thoughts that creates it.

You will find yourself there, in the undefinable, in the indescribability of becoming  the nothingness, the vacuum, the limitless blissful source of all that is and yet transcendent to existence itself, the ONE INFINITE CREATOR.

If you stand at the beach looking upon the horizon, know that the true world begins in that place where the ocean meets the sky.

Everything you can perceive, everything you can define, everything that you assume to be, is in essence nothing but smoke and mirrors.

Reality, whether it is physical or non-physical, is nothing more than interpretations and points of view that your small self imposes on the blank canvas that represents the emptiness of the “Now”, the present moment, the nothingness that is you.

“The now is all we got, all that is and all that will ever be.” Filipe Moleiro

Stay without defining what you see, do not give meaning to the things your mind perceives, stop assuming your thoughts are truth because they far away from grasping it.

“Any thought that you have is not true, including the ones you believe that serve you.”
Bentinho Massaro

Every thought that you have is by nature false, an interpretation of reality based on the biases of your small self, your ego, the impostor self.

You don’t want an impostor to think for you.

You don’t want to believe in what an impostor as to tell you.

You don’t want to believe the ideas that an impostor has to offer, because none of it will be good for you.

I wan’t you to want nothing but to listen to the blissful voice of the god that you are.


Let go of your thoughts.

Stay without defining what you see.

Stay without giving meaning to anything that your mind perceives.

Nothing has meaning.

Nothing exists.

Let go of your thoughts and stay …

Let go of the need to think.

Stay in your thoughtless state and you will find that without thoughts you exist and beyond perceptions you are…

A God!

God’s mind, your mind, synonymous of your infinite intelligent self, that you access every time you stop looking for limitations.

You will find yourself there.

You will find that you cannot die, that you exist for eternity.

You will find that you are always loved, unconditionally loved, in fact that you are Love itself.

You will know yourself as true abundance and as being supported beyond concern by a power far greater than the universe itself.

You will find that you no longer need to be afraid because there is nothing outside of you.

Everything is you, a direct extension of who you are, everything and everyone are literally made out of your own energy and you would never harm yourself.

You will find that time is an illusion, that you exist beyond the concepts of past and future, you simply are everything and nothing, co-existing in the infinite mystery of the now that you are.

You will be bathing yourself has light in the waters of infinite intelligence and all yours problems will vanish without you even notice.

You will discover that “your life” has never been your life, that there is an infinity of parallel realities available to you at any given moment for you to choose as you please.

Drop your sense of having a body.

Drop your sense of being a mind having a body.

Drop your sense of being a mind having a soul.

Drop your sense of being a soul perceiving a world.

Go beyond that.

Drop the sense of being here.

Drop the sense that is something “there”.

Drop the sense of location.

Stay thoughtless and own nothing as yours.

When you own nothing anything can be given to you.

Infinite intelligence, infinite love, infinite freedom, infinite abundance, infinite support, infinite power, … Infinity will be given to you and there is nothing else that you want.

There is nothing that you want outside of God.

Shift your sense of identity to the God that you are, start seeing as God sees.

Each and every time more let go of your thoughts, let go of your small self mind, the mind that is not your mind and access your true mind, God’s mind.

“If you are not feeling bliss let go of your mind because it is not your mind.”
Filipe Moleiro

Let go of the identification with your small self, more and more, until the world becomes empty of meaning and you walk around as the God that you are.

Pure, infinite, intelligent, unshakable, unbreakable, untouchable, powerful and wise God that you are.

Knowing that you are eternal, that everything is yours, that everything is always perfect and that you are forever safe.

You are a God and you have a God’s mind.

A mind that does not think, because thoughts are limitations.

A mind that does not see, there is nothing worth seeing where everything is in essence empty.

A mind that does not speak, words are far of an insult for what it has to tell.

An intuitive mind, that guides, that directs, that vibrates, that inspires, that knows, each and every time knows all that is to know and what is best for you.

Your mind, God’s mind,  One mind.

Filipe Moleiro

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