Love is all that is

“Everything is created out of energy.

Everything is made of energy.

All the things that you call physical are, in fact, pure energy vibrating at a certain speed.

The same energy that creates your entire world, that creates all the physical materials and that creates our physical body … is the same energy that exists in your mind, that exists in your thoughts, that exists in your beliefs, that exists in all the stars and all the galaxies.

It is only one stream of energy vibrating at different speeds causing different illusions.

That energy is what we call “Love” … “Unconditional Love”. 

The physical translation our body-mind perceive as being love, unconditional love, is that energy vibrating.

The entire universe, the entire world, everything you can perceive, everything you can think about, every little thing … is made out of “unconditional love”, the energy of “love”.

How good it is to realize that everything that is around us, every little thing, exists out of love and that love is everywhere around you.

Love is in fact what you truly are, is what you are made of, what everything is made of.

So …

As you are the creator of your reality, what you think it will happen when you start to see everything as love?

When you start projecting everything as a mirror of unconditional love?

You will start to perceive things as love…so, everything you create, everything you project carries the energy of love

So… everything you create, everything you project carries the energy of love

When everything you create and everything you project carries the energy of unconditional love, the energy of everything that is, what do you believe your reality will look like?

 What do you believe your relationships will look like?

What do you believe the things you will attract will look like?


Love, unconditional love!

Every time we see beauty, we see magic, we see happiness, we see freedom, we see passion, we are in fact, aligned with the energy of everything there is, of everything that exists, the energy of love.

I invite you to shift your perspectives, become aware of the energy that allows everything to move, that allowed everything to be created. become aware of the energy that exists in the space between everything.

What exists in the space between me and you, between me and my camera.

There is so much more than meets the eye and there are a lot of things that our eyes cannot perceive but we can feel it, we can intuit it, we can start to train our attention and our focus to see what our eyes can’t.

When you become sensitive to this energetic field, when you start to see beyond bodies, beyond physical matter, beyond what appears to be “obvious”, you will start to get to know this energetic field.

You will start to become aware of many things that are pure, that are magic, that are beautiful.

One of the most amazing things you can realize is that the only thing that exists, in fact, the entire that creates worlds, universes and that created you is Love, Unconditional Love.

So …

You have all that love that you could possibly have right now as we speak, you are made out of that love.

Shift your perspectives, know that you have all the love that you can possibly imagine in this universe.

Do not become a beggar, do not become a victim, do not seek for love, happiness, freedom or whatever you want outside of you, there is nothing outside of you…everything is contained inside you.

You have access to this infinite amount of love, this stream of unconditional love, this stream of beauty, this stream of freedom, happiness, passion and you are the creator of it!

Align your perspectives, align your beliefs, align your intentions with the intention, with the perspectives, with the thoughts of unconditional love.

That is who you are, that is everything that is, that is everything it will ever be…

Unconditional love!

Create out of love and your world will become a magic one!

Will become a world filled with love in every single aspect of your life.


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