Your dreams are real

Your dreams are real!

Your dreams are meant to be true!

Your dream version of self, your dream version of life, your dream version of world exist and they are meant to become true in your reality.

Your dream is like this highest version of yourself, your dream is like this highest vision that you have, the highest thing you can become and it is calling you.

Your dream is nothing “poetical”, it is no illusion, it is nothing impossible …

Your dreams, in fact, are made to be true.

The simple reason why you have a dream is because, it is inspiring you to become more, it is calling you to become more of yourself, it is letting you know everything that is possible for you to live in your life.

Your current dream is only the surface of everything that you can possibly be, of everything that you can possibly live, so …

When you align yourself with your most pure dream, you are aligning yourself with the highest version of yourself that you have access now.

And the cool thing is that when you become that highest version of self, another highest version of self will happen, another highest version of self will become available to you.


By following your dreams you are literally changing yourself, you are changing your life, you are changing your world.

And yes…

Everything that you dream to live is meant for you to live it.

Your dreams are Real!

They are real in a very, very, truthful way.

The essence of your dreams is present all around you.

All the things that you can imagine as being your dream life, your dream world, your dream version of self already exist, it is your Higher Self, it is that inner feeling of “this is who I am”, “this is who I am meant to be”, “this is the world I was meant to live in”, “this is it!”, “this is my dream”.

That dream is calling you, it is calling you to follow it, it is calling you to believe it, it is calling you to walk the path of your dreams because when you walk the path of following your dreams you will become greater than anything that you can possibly imagine.

Your life will become a dream-like life!

You will live a fairy tale, literally.

Picture how would you feel in living your most amazing dream, you would feel happy all the time, you would feel excited all the time, you would have a life filled with passion, with freedom, with happiness, you would be surrounded by good people and everything would unfold magically and perfectly to you…

That is how life is supposed to be lived!

Your dreams, your representation of dreams, is in fact how life is supposed to be lived.

It is in fact who you truly are, it is in fact, everything that you will become if you dare to follow your dreams … If you have the courage to believe in your dreams, no one else will have that courage for you, you need to have the courage to follow your dreams.

You need to have the courage to believe, to go for it, have the courage to be happy, to be confident, to feel love, to feel happiness, to align your thoughts, to align your intentions with the things that you dream of, otherwise …

Why are you alive? If not to follow your dreams? 

Why do you have some dream? If not to follow it? 

What is the purpose of having this amazing dream just to be in your mind? 

Make it happen, follow your dream, believe in your dream, because your dreams are literally true!

You can grab your dreams, it is palpable, the frequency of your dreams is a palpable thing, you can feel it inside you and all around you when you pay attention.

In fact, your dreams are more real than all the illusory world that you see and your dreams are in fact, very like to happen when you follow them.

Your dreams are in fact everything that you are.

That highest version of yourself is calling you to become it.

So …

The 2 reasons why people don’t achieve their dreams it’s because A – they don’t believe it and B – they quit.

Do not expect your dream to come to you by not following it, or not believing it.

You create your reality, you create everything that you believe in, everything that you believe will reflect in your out-world so …

When you believe in your dreams, when you align yourself, when you align your thoughts, your intentions, your perspectives with the perspectives of your dreams … How you believe your reality will unfold? What you believe you will become?


You will become your dreams version of self, you will live your dream version of life and you will create your dream version of world!

Be your dreams, following your dreams, moment to moment, day to day, is in fact, what will make you live your dreams.

This is in fact, what will make you experience all the things that you dream of in your reality, in your physical reality.

Believe in your dreams, follow your dreams, because the most amazing dream that you can have is not just meant to be true but it is just the tip of the iceberg.

You will always have another dream, a highest version of self, a highest version of life.

Your dream is something that will never stop!

The most amazing thing that you can imagine right now for yourself is just the beginning of what is possible to you and everything is possible to you.

The more you follow it, the more the things will unfold.

The more you believe in your dreams, the more magic will happen in your life.

The more you believe in yourself, the more fill yourself with happiness, with love, with freedom, with peace, with joy, with abundance, with all of that frequency that is the frequency of your particular dream … The more it will guide you, the more it will navigate your circumstances to make everything that you dream your reality.

Imagine, feel, know what is your most pure dream in this life, align every single part of your being with it, every day, every second, every time and I promise you…

You will live everything that you dream to live.


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