Kill the Ego, Change your life and Heal the world

“We have an impostor in our minds.

That voice that unceasingly tells you that “you are not good enough”, that “you are not being good enough”,  that “you are less than perfect”, that “you are not loved”, that “you will never be loved”, that “the world is against you”, that “nothing will ever go as you want it to go”, that “everything is bad”, that everything is “chaotic”, …

The same voice exists in everyone else, it is like this collective madness and that collective madness called the “Ego” is the sole reason of all types of catastrophes on our planet.

All types of suffering, all types of pain, everything that is horrible in your world, in the entire world, the only single cause of it is this collective unconsciousness, this collective madness called the “Ego”.

The Ego is, in fact, an impostor, it pretends to be you but it is not you.

The voice in your head is not your voice.

The only way for you to do something good for yourself, something good for our planet, something good for our entire collective is to raise your consciousness, to step up to who you truly are, to kill your ego.

By killing your ego you will automatically, more and more, kill this collective unconsciousness that creates all the suffering, this sense of separation.

The ego is, in fact that, the sense of separation. The sense of having a small self.

“I am this small self, there are the other small selfs and I need to obtain from them, I need to hurt them, they might hurt me.”

This causes so much madness, so much suffering, so many wars.

So …

If you want to be of service, if you want your life to change, if you want the entire world to change you need to step up your game, you need to more and more become aware of your ego.

Kill the impostor in your mind!

Every thought that you are having, every belief, every single thing that the voice in your mind tells you … is wrong, is false.

The voice in your mind is not who you are!

No matter how much the voice in your head tries to pretend and disguise itself as being you, it is not you, … You are the one aware of that voice.

The more you become aware of your thoughts, the more you become aware of the voice in your head, you create a distance, you create a separation between the voice in your head and yourself, your true self.

When you manage to have that separation your true self will shine forth.

Your level of consciousness, the level of love, light, bliss, freedom, happiness, … that you can have and that you can generate for others will become exponentially more, it will grow.

So …

If you want the root of all suffering in yourself, in your life, on this planet, this collective madness to stop, to become less and less powerful you need to take your power back.

Do not place your power on the voice in your head.

More and more, notice the separation between the voice in your head and your true self.

Notice the separation between your thoughts, your beliefs, and your essence, your true essence, your true energy.

You do this by simply observing, when you observe the voice in your head, when you observe your thoughts and you question them …

“Is that true?”

Every thought that you have is, in fact, an option.

You are having the choice to choose that thought or something else, you have that choice!

When you become aware of that choice the ego ceases to have power over you.

The voice in your mind, the impostor in your mind ceases to have power when you realize that you have a choice.

To choose what the voice in your mind tells you or to trust your heart, to trust your true self.

If you have any questions about it, if you have any doubts about it, look at all the wars, all the suffering, all the natural dissasters that are occurring in our planet and realize that it is the ego.

This collective madness is what generates that.

So do you want to trust that impostor in your mind or do you want to trust your heart?

Do you want to trust love or do you want to trust fear?

It is all about this choice, “Love or Fear” at every single moment.

You the choice to make a difference, you have the power to make a difference!

The difference will start in your mind. no one else can change it, only you can change it.

Your world is for you to change do not wait for anyone else to change your world, you are the one who needs to change it.

The choice is at every single moment, “Fear or Love”?

The voice in  your head that tells you that you are not good enough or stepping up your game to truly believe in yourself, to truly believe in what your heart inspire you to be, to truly believe in what you are made of, to truly believe in love, truly believe in happiness, freedom, joy to you and to everyone else ?

Do you want to trust in separation? Believing that you are separate from everyone else, separate from this planet or do you want to make a difference?

For you to make a difference, for you to really step up your game, for you to literally be of service to the entire planet become aware of the voice in your mind.

Take away the power of that voice by realizing it is not your voice, it has never been your voice.

Those thoughts those beliefs that make you feel bad, that hurt you, that lead you to hurt another, they are not your voice, they are your ego’s voice, the impostor in your mind.

If you truly want to make a difference become aware of who you truly are and more and more, let go of the voice in your mind because it is not your voice, it was never your voice.

Every time you see suffering, every time you see pain, every time you see disaster, go all the other way around …

Focus on love, focus on freedom, focus on happiness, focus on whats good, that’s the only way to create a better world and a better life for you.

You cannot fight fire with fire, you only can fight fire with water, so it is the same thing …

Whenever you see darkness follow the light and don’t mind the darkness.

This is the only way you make a difference for you, for your life, for your family, for your friends and for the entire planet.

Kill the ego and embrace your true self.


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