Own the moment!

Today, this day, right now as we speak, you are completely different, completely new, completely free, refreshed and, this day, this moment, carries none of the previous structures and negative beliefs.

Right now, you are FREE!

Everything you are looking at, experiencing, living, is completely new, completely refreshed and whatever it might be … it bows to your will, to your infinite and powerful will.

“You are the creator of your reality and nothing that you create can beat you as being the creator of that”, Bentinho Massaro

Take a deep breath and realize that it is not just another “day” unless you call it so, it is not the same day or even a similar day of the past unless you decide it so.

You are completely free and this is a completely new moment.

Who do you choose to be in this new moment?

How do you choose experience life right now

What are you choosing to create as we speak?

Your will as power…the power to move mountain and create entire universes.

Don’t mind any noise in your mind, just relax in the knowing that you are free.

Your higher self will take care of the noise and you will take care of the world.

Filipe Moleiro

Coaching page: https://filipemoleiro.com/coaching/

Contact  for coaching sessions: filipe.moleiro@hotmail.com


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