You are a Powerful Creator – Take your Power Back

Hey people.

This post is meant to help you realize that you are the Creator of everything that is, that you are the creator of your reality.

To help you take your power back from being a victim, believing that you are a victim of an outside world, a victim of other people, a victim of everything and to help you to truly realize that you are in control of your life, that you are in control of everything in your experience, that you are a Powerful Creator.

One crucial understanding that will help you know more and be more efficient in creating your outside reality, is the understanding that you are not a body, or better, you are not a mind trapped inside of body trapped inside of an outside world.

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You are consciousness-awareness! Your body, your mind, the outside world, is just a projection of your awareness, of your energy.

When you know that you are not trapped inside of a world, that you are not trapped inside of a mind or inside of a body, … Yes, you gain your power back.

You understand that everything outside is a projection of your own energy, and your intentions, your desires, your thoughts and your beliefs carry a lot of power into creating everything in your life.

In fact, everything that you see, that you have ever experienced and everything that you will experience in your life is your creation or was created by you. As we speak you are creating these words, you are creating the screen, you are creating the floor that is supporting you, you create everything with your consciousness, with your awareness.

This is a huge shift in perception, the perception of you being awareness, being energy and creating your outside reality with that energetic flow.

I want you to truly understand that there is nothing outside of you and nothing has power over you!

I mean literally NOTHING, not your surroundings, not the place that you live in, not your past, not your beliefs, not your thoughts, not your government, … Not the country in which you were born, not your skin color, none of your possessions, neither the money that you have or not in the bank… Nothing has power over you.

You are the one that generates everything, the one that creates everything, you create entire worlds with your awareness!

One good realization that I want to awake within you is that nothing outside of you, nothing that you had ever experienced has or had power over you.

You are and always were the creator of everything!

Look into your life, into your reality and you understand that you are not at the receiving end of the experiences, but that you are in fact at the creating end of experiences and your body and what you experience is just a “spec of dust” of what you are creating all the time with your awareness energy.

When you become aware this, you can start to create what you want to create, you can start to choose what you want to choose.

The crucial understanding, the crucial realization is that you have to feel POWERFUL, you have to truly understand that there is nothing outside of you, that you are creating everything.

Like I said, you are creating these words right now, you are creating this post, you are creating this message for you! This is how powerful you are!

You create all of your entire surroundings and now that you are aware of that you can create it in a way that you actually prefer.

So, …

If you are not your thoughts, if you are not your beliefs, if the outside world is just an extension, a projection of your energy and it shifts when you shift, when you change the world changes…

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You can change within, you can change yourself, you can change what you believe in, you can change what you think and you can change the things in which you place your attention upon because your attention, your focus, your energy will create the life that you will live and will create your experiences.

Become aware that you are POWERFUL!

Walk in your life walk on a daily basis aware that everything that you see outside is being created by you at every second.

Everything is being created for you, by you, for you and not with your body, not with your mind but with your energy, with your vibrational frequency, with your awareness.

You can manage that, you can manage your frequency, you can manage your energy. you can manage your intentions.

Consciously start to choose thoughts that you want to choose, as simple as that, consciously start to feel how do you want to feel.

Yes, you can use thoughts to create feelings and to create states of being.

If you want to experience love start imagining love, start thinking thoughts of love and it will get you to a point when you no longer need to think, when you can automatically feel love.

In the same way that you can automatically feel peace, you can automatically feel happiness, or joy, or freedom because there is nothing outside, there is no feeling or state of being outside of you and you can choose, they are available to you.

When you vibrate at that energy, when you vibrate with that intention it will create your reality in that way because once again, there is no world outside, there is no world outside of you.

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So, who you are and what you choose … the world will reflect that back to you!

It is as simple as this.


When you become aware that you are powerful, you stop to live the life that is “not for you”, you will stop to feel like a victim… You will stop to feel like a victim of your job, of the relationships that you have, etc … You will stop being a victim at all.

You cannot be a creator and victim at the same time you cannot be powerful and powerless at the same time.

When you realize that there is nothing outside of you and that you are powerful, all of the victim patterns that you have will crumble and that is one of the most amazing things that will happen in your life.

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I invite you to consciously start to choose the things that you prefer to live within, with the understanding that by choosing them within they will be reflected in your outside world, simply because that’s the way reality works, the reality “outside” is just an extension of your own energy, it is just your projection.

As you shift reality shifts because reality is just your reflection…

If you stand in front of a mirror and you smile the mirror will smile back but do not expect the mirror to smile if you don’t smile.

So …

Choose your thoughts, choose your state of being, decide, feel powerful and know that you are at the creating end of your experiences.

Walk in your daily life knowing that nothing that is happening outside of you is random and things are happening because you are creating them.

You are a very POWERFUL creator!

You are the creator of everything and nothing that you create overpower you as being the creator of that.

 Embody your power.


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