Intuition – The Highest form Intelligence


Your intuition is your most pure form of intelligence!

Is the highest intelligence that is always available to you.

I explain it as that feeling, that sense of “You know! You undoubtfully know! But, you don’t know how do you know.”

Is that strong pull of knowing! That strong pull of truth that makes you know that “This is for me!”, “This is me!”, “This is the way to go!” and you cannot explain it why, how you know and why you are being guided in that direction.

That happens because your intuition is kind of a form of intelligence, like a form of communication that occurs in a state that is far above what your current mind can perceive.

So, your intuition is something that does not fit in your linear point of view, in everything that you assume is possible … Your intuition is far above that, your intuition comes straight from your higher self to your lower self, so to speak.

The things that you are intuitively guided to are the things that you need to follow, your intuition is sacred! Is infinitely wise intelligence being given to you!

If there is this great information, this thing that can change everything in your life, that can change everything in the world, that will guide you towards everything that you are trying to be, towards everything that you are trying to live, … Like this magical gift being given straight by your higher self, you take it!

It’s intelligent, that gift carries the energy of love, infinite wisdom, infinite intelligence, … It carries the energy of everything that you are, of your true essence

Intuition is a package that carries everything that you want in your life.

So, …

Your intuition is sacred! Trust your intuition every time, every time, every time!

Don’t even question your intuition because your intuition is something that does not make sense to your current perception and your intuition will guide you all the time, all the time, all the time, towards greater things, towards greater versions of you.

Remember that your intuition is your most pure form of intelligence!

How can you get familiar with your intuition?

It is quite simple…

One simple technique you can do is to picture your intuition like being something outside of your mind or above your mind.

You can sometimes pinpoint it in your body, you can imagine your intuition sometimes being given to you from a spot in the back of your head, or from your heart, …

It depends from person to person, but you can start to pay attention away from your thoughts, away from your mind and towards that pull, towards that guidance that is always being given to you, there is where your intuition lives, so to speak.

So you can try to pinpoint it and you can try to see and listen to what your intuition is telling you all the time, all the time, all the time …

The more you follow it, the more you follow your intuition, the more your intuition will prove to be accurate to you, the more your intuition will prove itself to be the right choice to you.

You will start to become very intuitive because you will start to see, experientially see, that your intuitive mind, that mid that is above thoughts is far, far more intelligent and that is far, far more beneficial to you to trust your intuitive mind than “physical” mind, so to speak.

So, …

Infinite intelligence is available to you at every second, it’s called intuition!

Is not your intelligent small mind, is your infinite mind, your intelligent higher self’s mind!

Tune to it, try to find where does your intuition come from … The back of your head, from your heart, from whatever it feels good to you to imagine it but listen to it, follow it and your intuition will always, always, be proven right to you.

You will be connected with a level of intelligence far greater than anything that your small mind can come up with

Your intuition is the key!

Trust your intuition and follow your heart.


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7 thoughts on “Intuition – The Highest form Intelligence

  1. Excellent blog post!
    Intuition is a higher form of intelligence and wisdom.
    I think of it as following your heart or your head. Often your head does know the answer to a certain problem, (from a linear perspective).
    Intuition is like your heart when you know something just feels right or wrong.

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