You are Worthy !

I was in a coffee, having a great time with my music with my headphones on and I started to notice the people around me.

Today more than usual is crystal clear to me that people have a desperate need to be seen, I mean, to be truly seen.

They are desperate to know how beautiful they are, they are desperate to know that they are worthy, they are desperate to know that they have love, that someone loves them and they are desperate to know that it is very ok to be themselves.

They are so desperate and they try to hide it under fake smiles, makeup, “smart” talk and whatever, but deep down in their hearts everyone is desperate to be seen, to be truly seen as pure, as beautiful, as amazing, as able to live their dreams and to achieve all the love that they want in life.

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Let me tell you that, it doesn’t matter what you are doing, it doesn’t matter what you have, it doesn’t matter how you look, how you don’t look … You are worth it, you are worthy!

You have more love than you can possibly imagine!

You are beautiful … more than you know.

Simply by being you, by existing, you are so WORTHY of everything that is magical, that is beautiful and that your heart wants you to have!

You are worthy of every single good thing just by being you, by being yourself, by existing.

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It doesn’t matter how you think you are doing in life … It doesn’t matter if your life “sucks”, if your life is amazing and you are a “rockstar” or if you live under the bridge… It doesn’t matter … You are worthy and you have more love than you can possibly imagine!

It doesn’t matter how you look like, you are so BEAUTIFUL, more than you can ever know.

So …

It is very ok to have doubts, to not know what you are supposed to do in life, to know if you are doing ok or if your life sucks or if your life is amazing.

It doesn’t matter being confused, it doesn’t matter if sometimes you don’t see your value “outside” or if you don’t see your beauty reflected on the people around you.

Just know that you are amazing than everything you can possibly imagine and don’t take this game of life too seriously. 😉

This is game but this is not an easy game all the time.

It is ok to be lost for a second, its ok to have questions, to have doubts, to have your life figured out … Noone has their lives figured out.

This is a game and not an easy one all the time and in fact, you are a very courageous one just by being alive and playing this game because the game changes every second.

The game changes every second, no one lives the same life and life is changing every moment, what is true now, tomorrow will be irrelevant.

You are very courageous one just by existing.

So, don’t take the game of life too seriously … Just play, have fun and be aware that so WORTHY!

You have so much love, you are more loved that you can possibly imagine.

You are more beautiful than you can possibly know.

You can achieve all of your dreams and don’t need permission from anyone outside of you.

Let me your mirror and the reflection of all the good things you have inside and tell you that you are more amazing than everything you can possibly imagine and that is very ok if you have questions, if you have doubts, if you don’t have your life figured out because guess what? … No one ever has their life figured out!

They may have it for a moment, for a second, for a day, for a week but life changes, people change and that’s the game.

Play a fun game and know that you are so …so … so … WORTHY.

You are so BEAUTIFUL.

You are so LOVED and HAPPINESS is your birthright.

Play the game of life, have fun, know that you are worthy and … Be Yourself!


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