The Law of Attraction – Simple & Easy

Law of attraction is that law universal law, that states that like attracts like, that energy attracts energy.

Your vibratory frequency will attract into your ‘outside world’ things that are a match to that vibratory frequency.

Sometimes this can be very confusing and misleading for so many people because they know that thoughts, their intentions, their beliefs, everything will create their outside world and sometimes this can be confusing.

But, there is a very simple and a very easy realization that will help you a lot in understanding and using the law of attraction.

So, the words ‘manifest, ‘create’, project’, ‘attract’ are just pointers to the same thing, pointers to the fact that you create your reality with your focus, with your energy.

One major realization that will liberate you and that will make you more efficient in using the law of attraction is the realization that you have a core frequency, you have a natural and core energy that you are always emanating, that you are always emitting and therefore that you are always projecting into your outside world.

That core energy that I’m speaking, is the energy of your true essence, of your true self, your true frequency, your true energy.

And that energythe energy that is above your thoughts, above your beliefs, the energy that is, in fact, your most pure state of being is the energy of unconditional love, unconditional freedom, unconditional happiness, unlimited potential, unlimited peace, passion, everything that is beautiful …

Everything that you are trying to attract in your circumstantial life, you are trying to attract it because you believe that it will bring you love, it will bring you freedom, it will bring you beauty, it will bring you passion, … It will bring you something that you are seeking.

Once you realize that you are always automatically projecting those things, those things that are pure, that are beautiful, that are unconditional love, unconditional abundance, freedom, and everything that you want …

You are automatically, just by being yourself, just by being born, just by existing emitting that energy, you will step of your own way and you will not block yourself.

So …

To attract everything that you want, everything that you truly want and desire, and that you are seeking, you just need to be yourself and let your core energy shine forth.

And I say this because the reason why people do not attract, do not create or manifest the things that they truly want is because they have what it’s called ‘Mixed Frequencies’ or ‘Mixed beliefs’.

Your core energy is an energy of unconditional love but people tend to have a lot of beliefs that are not a match to that frequency.

They believe they are worthy of unconditional love, that unconditional love is something impossible, unconditional love only happens in the movies, unconditional love is something that is not worth having, or is something poetical, …

And you can apply this to everything.

Your core frequency is a frequency of unconditional freedom but there are many mixed beliefs about freedom … Freedom comes with a price, freedom as a cost, to much freedom is bad, …

And you attract all of that, …

Your outside world reflects all of that, reflects your core energy but also reflects your mixed energies, your mixed frequencies.

By the simple realization that just by being yourself, purely and truly yourself, you will attract into your life everything that is a match to that unconditional love and happiness, you will get of your own way, you will just allow yourself to be you.

You will not be even worried about picking thoughts to create things or imagining a specific type of scenario because you know that just by being alive, by existing that you are always attracting your dream-like version of self and your dream-like version of life.

Because you are always walking and being aware of your own energy, you are always being aware of the energy of happiness, freedom, love, peace, joy and you will attract that automatically

It’s who you are and who you are, who you believe yourself to be will be reflected in the outside world … there is no outside world even to begin with, everything that you see outside is just a projection of you, an extension of your own energy.

So, the more you let your true energy shine forth, the more the outside world will reflect that energy back to you and this is the most simple and pure use that you can have with the law of attraction.

You attract what you are!

What are you believing yourself to be? … is the question.

Imagine what is to walk around and not even have to worry about the law of attraction, about ‘what thoughts am I choosing?’, ‘how am I feeling?’, ‘what am I projecting?’ but just become attentive to ‘Who am I?’.

Because what you believe yourself to be is what you will project and this is automatical.

When you realize more that you are unconditional love, unconditional freedom, unconditional happiness, everything in your outside world automatically will match that.

That’s law, energy attracts energy.

When I realize that my energy is uncontional love, my energy will attract more of that energy.

If I am vibrating at a level of unconditional love, I will attract in my circumstantial reality, unconditional love.

When I am aware of my own energy as being an energy of unconditional freedom, I will attract in my circumstantial world, matches to that unconditional freedom.

Cannot be more simple than this,

Just realize that you have a core frequency and let that frequency shine forth.

Let your core frequency, let your own energy be your focus and that core energy will attract everything that you want to attract.

Easy and simple …

You attract what you are …

Who are you believing yourself to be?


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