Transform and Transcend ‘Negative Beliefs’

In this post, I will give you an understanding about beliefs, what happens when our negative beliefs are activated, and how to transform and transcend them.

So, a belief is an assumption, a perspective, a point of view that we innocently mistake for being the Truth, for being real!

We believe that that assumption, that point of view is who we are, who we need to be, how life works, how other people are, how the world functions and so on …

But, a belief is just that a belief… a point of view, a way of seeing yourself, life, others and reality in general … Nothing more nothing less.

And just by believing in something, by believing in some perspective, it doesn’t make it real, doesn’t make it the TRUTH.

Yes, we experience in our lives and in our world the beliefs we have, your entire reality is created by your beliefs but…you can change your beliefs, let them go at any time you want and your reality will automatically reflect that (reflect what you believe). [Get over the world]

What happens is that we have tons of ‘hidden’ beliefs that we are not aware of and when they get activated they temporarily “blind” us.

It is like a filter in front of our eyes that only allow us to see everything through those definitions.

Ex: if a belief of “I am not good enough” is activated, you will experience everything in your life through that filter and no matter what happens you will always perceive that “you are not good enough”.

When they are highly active (what happens usually when we are ready to let them go 😜) we see those beliefs everywhere around us, in relationships, in work, in “random” events, everywhere …

What can trick us into believing that it has nothing to do with us, its something outside of us and that we have no control or responsibility over.

But not quite so. ☺

Intelligent as we are, when we see everything around us in a way that is unpleasant to us, we know that the outside world is just our reflection, a mirror to our beliefs, we look within.

When we look within we will win over our unpleasant beliefs…we will take the tree down by its root so it will fall and no longer grow.

It is a very good thing when our negative beliefs, no matter how terrifying they might be and how active and present in our world because it means that they are no longer hidden!

They are there in plain sight for us to see them, let them go and set ourselves free. ☺

Once you recognize your active negative beliefs you will automatically place a distance between yourself and the belief, the belief will cease to trick you because you can CLEARLY see it.

You are the seer of the belief and you cannot be the belief and the seer of it at the same time.

You are the observer, the one who is aware of the belief and there you will find what is real.

Turn your attention away from thoughts and into your awareness.

Observe the observer.

Know the knower.

Be aware of your awareness.

Your awareness is undeniable, unchangeable, forever pure, eternally untouched while your beliefs are just that, ‘beliefs’, thought patterns, smoke, and mirrors, illusions, they come and go, they are not you and they are not yours.

“It is also essential to stop believing in thoughts, ideas, and concepts; including these thoughts ideas and concepts you imagine being your own”, The direct means to eternal bliss

In your awareness, you will find your true self, your true nature, what is real, what never changes, in the clearest way.

No belief can survive when you know yourself to be the never-changing awareness and moments of confusion can be great catalysts for you to find more of who you truly are and what is real.

Observing the beliefs while being identified as being the ‘observer’ of it is all it takes for entire belief systems to disappear and to be transcended forever.

“Thought is like a great pretense or house of cards. One idea is supported by another idea. When you trace each idea back, you will find that there is actually no real foundation at all.”, The direct means to eternal bliss

You will no longer mistake yourself for being that belief or mistake yourself in believing that you need to act or think according to something that you add programmed in your mind but that is not real and you don’t prefer.

When the beliefs are seen they are liberated, the filters we previously had in front of our eyes disappear and now we can clearly see ourselves, our true nature, other people, life and the world itself.

Be aware of how you mistakingly perceive benefit in holding on to a negative belief.

One of the main reasons why people tend to have difficulties in letting go of negative beliefs is because they believe that those beliefs are beneficial and that they are serving them.

For example, you can clearly see a limiting belief along the lines of “I am not able to attract money” and yet you hold on to it and you don’t allow yourself to let it go because you perceive some benefit in that belief.

You may believe that “money is the root of all evil”, and if you let the limiting beliefs about money go you will attract more money and so…you will become or attract something evil.

Another common example is about freedom, people tend to have an alliance with beliefs that are the opposite freedom because they believe deep down that “if they unconditional freedom they will get lost in life” and so they perceive benefit in all the beliefs that keep them under control.

When you investigate you will see that are many alliances that you have with negative beliefs and let me tell you that…None of those alliances is needed!

Nothing that makes you feel bad, small, contracted, under control, etc is beneficial for you,even if appears to make you “safe” all they do is make you miserable, unaware of the unlimited power, unconditional love, and happiness that you are and unaware of what amazing life can be for you

The fear of the unknown is another major issue that prevents people from letting go of limiting beliefs.

Sometimes you can clearly see that a certain belief or belief system is not beneficial to you and yet you have some resistance in letting it go because you don’t know how it is to live without that belief.

You may fear that you will not be safe, you may fear what you will become and how your life will unfold after you let go of the “ground” that you are used to and take a leap of faith.

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.”, Marianne Williamson

The ego mind is like a monkey, it only wants to let go of a branch when it has got the hold on another.

Luckily, you are not your mind.

“Due to the ego’s fear of ending, the ego creates strategies to preserve its imaginary self”, The direct means to eternal bliss

Fear not because there is nothing to fear, all that you will ever find is more of yourself and you are Love.

What the mind fears and perceives as the “unknown” is your true self, infinite-eternal-love-bliss-awareness.

Your true self is all abundant, all love, all happiness, all free and eternally safe.

Don’t fear the “unknown” because in the “unknown” you will be safer than ever.

Let go of any belief that limits you, that makes you feel bad and things will automatically fall in place.

Things were always in place, we were just looking at them through the dirty filters we had in front of our eyes.

It is the most amazing thing to recognize “I was wrong”, “I was mistaken”, “my beliefs and fears tricked me”‘… its humility, courage, confidence and freedom in one package.

Be the observer, be the seer of any belief, rest as awareness, no belief can touch you there.

You will rise up far more intelligent and brighter than ever.

Those beliefs will no longer be there for you.

Pure alchemy was done…

Ugly iron turned bright gold.

Hidden darkeness turned into shining light.

It is all just an illusion after all.

You are above the illusion, you exist above beliefs, you are the one that not a single belief as ever touched.

You are …

Filipe Moleiro

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5 thoughts on “Transform and Transcend ‘Negative Beliefs’

  1. So, Filipe, I guess the bottom line here is to shed the ego “ skin” ( let go ), and transcend, transform, transmute, whatever, the dual nature of 3rd dimensional reality( the opposites), correct?


    1. Hey Mike 🙂

      Yes indeed.

      Because from a puro ego based perspective, specially when involved in ‘negative’ beliefs the only out is to transcend aka recognizing that none of the beliefs/perspectives/options you now have are serving you…so regardless of what you try to think or do under that influence will not get you out and will only perpetuate the same negative momentum you’re now in.

      By shedding that skin, getting detached from the identity/persona/personality/3d life that is identified with those same beliefs will liberate you even if is just for a moment, and in that liberation you will indeed allow yourself to have access to new thoughts, to form new beliefs, to see other options, that you could not see prior.

      That’s the transcendence of the ego self, the old beliefs and negative momentum.

      Transcendence that allows a higher and more pleasant 3D self and reality to be realized by you. 🙂


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