Demystifying Spirituality

Let’s demystify the concept of ‘spirituality’.

There are many wrong beliefs about spirituality, about what it is to be spiritual or self-aware, about what it can do for your life and what it can do for yourself.

There is this kind of “dogma” that spirituality and being spiritual is like growing a beard, becoming a monk and sitting down in a cave meditating for the world peace or sending love and light to the world and becoming this kind of ‘Guru’.

But, it is nothing like that.

Spirituality is the same as intelligence!

You can call it spirituality, you can call it self-awareness, self-realization or by any other name.

The process of becoming self-aware or “spiritual” its like, happens when you truly love yourself and when you start to investigate yourself, you start to investigate your thoughts, you start to investigate what you believe in, why do you believe in that, why do you behave like that, what is life, how is life supposed to be lived.

You want to live your life in the best way possible, you want to be the best version of yourself and you will naturally start to investigate yourself, you will start to see why you think the things you think, why you believe in the things that you believe, …

In that seeking in that self-inquiry, you will eventually discover, you will intelligently realize that you are not your thoughts! Your thoughts, your beliefs and the concepts that you are used to are not the truth about you.

Than yes! You will become spiritual, or self-aware, or self-realized but these are just words to say that you will get to know yourself.

You will start to get to know yourself by first knowing your body, by knowing your mind, by knowing your preferences, by knowing your desires, by knowing your thoughts and, as intelligent as you are, you will understand that you are nothing of that, you are none of your thoughts, you are none of your beliefs and you will then start to truly know yourself.

Spirituality just like that, it is about to know yourself, to know your TRUE self.

Spirituality, or self-awareness, or self-realization are just words to say that you are aware of who you are and you are awake to your true nature.

It is a very intelligent realization to know that you are not your thoughts, you are not your beliefs, you are not what the outside world projects into you.

Yes, being spiritual or being self-aware is just being intelligent, being aware of who you truly are and when you ‘wake-up’, when you get free from your thoughts, when you get free from your small mind, your true nature will guide you, you will start to be more in love with your “spiritual” essence.

You will learn a lot, you will understand how things work, how life is meant to be lived, what is the truth about you, what is possible for you, what you are meant to live, who you are meant to be.

It is a very intelligent decision to “be spiritual”.

You will not become a monk unless you truly want to, you will not become completely unavailable to live the life that you want to live.

In fact, being spiritual or being self-aware or self-conscious will give you a lot of “superpowers”, you will become much more intelligent, you will become much more attuned with this universal force that is in fact who you are and it will bring you amazing things into your life.

You will become more intelligent, you will become prettier, you will become more confident, you will become capable of doing amazing things, …

For example, you will understand very easily by being spiritual or self-aware that reality is created by your thoughts and your thoughts are under your control, no thought that you can think is true but you can choose what you think, you can choose what you believe in and in that way you create your reality.

One of your superpowers is that, you can create your reality!

Being spiritual is synonymous with being abundant, having love, having happiness.

When you think about that you want lots of money, that you want lots of parties, that you want to meet amazing people and that you want to have the most amazing relationships …

Yes, you will have all of that in spirituality!

Not because of this concept of spirituality but because you are aware of your true nature.

When you become aware of your true nature those things will naturally flow into your experience because when you get to know your true nature, you will realize that you are unconditional love, unconditional happiness, unconditional freedom and unconditional abundance.

Yes, by being spiritual you will have more money, you will have more sex, you will go to more parties, you will meet amazing people, beautiful people, you will make new friends and whatever is relevant for you!

You may want other things in your life, let’s say that you want peace, you will get to live in a more peaceful place, if you want to write a book or to create something, your life will unfold in a way that will allow you to create that.

Now you are awake, you are not lost in your thoughts, you are not lost in other people’s beliefs about you simply you are awake to your true nature.

You can call it spirituality, you can call it intelligence, you can call it whatever you want to call it, it is just you being aware of who you are and not being lost in random thoughts, in random beliefs of an outside world and beliefs that other people spoon fed you all your entire life.

So, there is nothing”Ooh-Ooh” or nothing strange about spirituality or self-awareness or something along those lines, it simply means that you are intelligent enough, realized enough to understand that you are not your thoughts, you are not your beliefs and you truly see who you are above what everyone else told that you should be.

With that comes amazing things in your life!

Yes, you will consciously create your reality, you will become greater than what you can possibly imagine because you are not lost, you are awake within the dream. Everyone else is in a sleeping state and you now are awake in the dream.

When you wake within the dream the dream becomes much better because now you can dream it the way you want to.

Yes! Your life, your physical life will become much better when you get “spiritual”.

Spiritual is not like having a religion, it is not a cult, it’s not something strange, it’s not something unusual, it is just you deeply wanting to know who you are and what’s possible for you.

You will get to be spiritual, you will get to be self-realized, to be self-aware and that’s a very intelligent thing.

You can replace the word “spirituality” with “intelligence”.

Are you into “spirituality” or are you into “infinite intelligence“?

A lot of times people tend to see spirituality in a kind of a “religious cult” or a “religious faction” but it is nothing like that.

Everyone is spiritual, everyone is enlightened, everyone is self-realized, you just need to look within, look in the opposite direction of the outside world, look in the other way of your thoughts, of your beliefs and see who is the one that is aware, who is the one that is projecting all those thoughts, all those beliefs and more and more you will get to know yourself.

That is amazing, there are no words to explain how good it is to know yourself and get to know your true potential, your true intelligence, and your infinite possibilities.

Yes, your life will become amazing! You will live your life like you never did before, you will become truly alive and you will be in love with living your life to the fullest.

And you are into spiritual and you are not becoming a monk, you are not growing a beard and you are not becoming completely unavailable to live your life because you are spiritual, it is all the other way around.

You will actually live your life more to the fullest when you become self-aware and self-realized.

So …

Do not get trapped in the belief that spirituality is not for you or that self-awareness is some “voodo thing”, no… This should be common sense to everyone, to become aware of their true nature and of who they truly are.

Spirituality, self-awareness, self-realization are just concepts, are just words, are just constructs made to guide you to your true nature but you don’t need to hold on to those constructs and you don’t need to create more biases.

Don’t be into spirituality like “I am being into something outside of myself”, “I am learning something outside of myself”… No, you are not!

The word “spirituality” is not even needed, you just need to know yourself, to look within.

And yes, some spiritual teachings will help you and will guide you to know yourself.

Spirituality is like if you want to get to know the moon, you cannot know the moon by looking into the ground, you need to look up to get to know the moon … You cannot grab the moon and bring into to you, you need to look up and see the moon.

Spirituality is like that, you can learn about spirituality with your mind but you will need to look in the other way of the mind to get to know who you are and spirituality are just teaching that will help you with that.

Being spiritual, being self-aware, being self-realized simply means that you know yourself, to know yourself, more and more to know yourself. 

To know yourself is not to know your thoughts and to know your beliefs, it is to know the Knower of your thoughts, to know the one that is aware of your beliefs, that is who you are.

Being spiritual equals being intelligent.

Being self-aware equals living the life of your dreams.

Being self-realized equals living life to the fullest in whatever way you want to live it.

You are spiritual, you are enlightened, you are awake as we speak, spirituality is available to you, it is in your heart.

Look within, you have infinite intelligence within you, you have infinite potential within you.

Be intelligent enough, call it spirituality, call it self-awareness, call it self-realization but … See who you are and your life will become amazing.


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