3 Stages to an Amazing Life – Live your Purpose


In this post, I will share with you a basic knowledge that can lead you anywhere from being “lost” in life, feeling stuck without direction or purpose into living your dreams, a fulfilled life filled with happiness, love, and passion living your life’s purpose on a daily basis.

Stage 1: “From being lost into living overwhelming Happiness”

Let’s say that you feel completely lost in life, that you feel without any direction to follow, that you feel stuck, that you wonder what the hell are you doing here? What the hell is your purpose in life? How is life supposed to be lived?

Let’s say that you are in that stage.

One crucial thing that I want you to understand, to take my words and take a leap of faith is knowing that life is supposed to be happy! You are supposed to experience happiness in your life.

Especially when you feel so stuck or when you feel so lost, you need to take that leap of faith, trusting that life is indeed made to be happy and that’s possible for you to be happy in life.

And you will start to take small steps in the right direction.

It means that you will start to feel happy,  you will start to feel happiness and nothing outside of you needs to change in order for you to feel happiness.

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It doesn’t matter how you feel it, just feel it!

Think about happy things, imagine happy moments, be grateful for small things that make you happy in your daily life.

You can be grateful for the air that you breathe, you can be grateful for the water that you drink, you can be grateful for the food on your table, you can be grateful for a beautiful flower in a garden, you can be grateful for the small change in your pocket.

That feeling of gratefulness, that feeling of happiness will generate a momentum, especially when you commit to it!

Let me tell you that…

Your life will change when you commit to follow your happiness and when you commit to be happy no matter what!

That’s when things ‘click’ and your life changes.

Especially when you understand that your circumstances do not determine your state of being, when you understand that you can feel happiness without anything outside of you changing.

You commit to feel happy, you commit more and more to your happiness, you make a contract with yourself stating that you will be happier each and every day more. 

It doesn’t matter how the day will look like you will feel happier!

That will generate a momentum and you will start to feel more happiness, more happiness, more happiness, each and every day and …

Suddenly and “magically” your life, your circumstantial life will begin to look brighter, things will begin to look different, but they are looking different because you are changing, you are committing yourself to your happiness.

Your happiness will generate such a momentum, you will feel happier, and happier, and happier, every day more.

You will look for happy thoughts, you will imagine happy moments, you will look for things to be grateful and suddenly … Your happiness is under your control! 

You are no longer stuck, you are no longer without a direction because your direction is called ‘Happiness’.

The things that make happy are the direction to go.

You can follow that flow of happiness because you are the one creating it, you are the one choosing, deciding, committing to be happy and that commitment, that flowing, that momentum will generate your life and will create opportunities, a lot of them.

So …

If you lack any direction in life know that the direction is the direction of happiness, your happiness and you can start with very small steps in the right direction, those steps will gain momentum and they will soon begin to be huge steps into your happiness.

This is stage 1, the stage where you commit to be happy no matter what! 

You commit each and every day more to your own happiness, to feel happy, to be grateful and to follow what makes you happy.

Stage 2: “From being lost into live overwhelming Happiness”

The state 2 happens when your stage 1 gains such a momentum, your happiness gains such a momentum, you are feeling happier, and happier, and happier each and every day, you are experiencing happiness, and happiness, and happiness each and every day more and suddenly …

You realize that your state of ‘happiness’ is also bringing to you the state of ‘love, the state of ‘freedom’, the state of ‘abundance’, the state of ‘joy’, the state of ‘peace’, … Every single good feeling that you always wanted is now being given to you by your happiness.

You are effortlessly feeling loved, feeling free, feeling happy, feeling abundant, …

You realize very easily that, as you create and you generate your feeling of happiness, you also generate any other good feeling!

You generate the feeling of love, the feeling of freedom, the feeling of joy, the feeling of passion, the feeling of excitement and more than that, your feeling of happiness, your stream of happiness is not only a feeling of ‘happiness’ but that it also contains every other good feeling that you always wanted.

Love, freedom, peace, excitement, abundance, passion, whatever …

So …

Life is not only supposed to be happy, … life is also supposed to give you any good thing that you want.

All those amazing feelings are supposed and are truly yours, meant to yours and meant to be in your life.

Following your happiness will lead to those feelings, as you realize that you can create your happiness, you also realize that you can create all those amazing moments.

When you realize that you can create those amazing moments, that once again, are generated by your state of being… For example, when you feel love, when you generate love intentionally, you will experience love outside of you.

In that way, you can very easily create a life that is fulfilling to you.

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You will very easily experience all those beautiful feeling outside of you.

You will experience this because you understand from the beginning, from stage 1, that you are the creator of those feelings and that you can from ground 0 and feeling stuck, you can create those amazing feelings.

When you create those amazing feelings and especially when you commit to create those amazing feelings each and every day more, your life will become very abundant in those amazing feelings and those amazing experiences.

What you generate inside will be reflected in your outside world.

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When you commit each and every day more to feel happy, your happiness will take the form of many other good feelings (love, freedom, excitement, passion, …) and those amazing feelings will create in your outside world experiences that will reflect those good things to you.

You create outside of you what you are believing what you are projecting, what you are intentionally creating.

The stage 2 is when you realize, when you experience and when you live everything that you wanted to live!

Remember, in stage 1 you were so stuck, you lacked such direction, you began to follow your happiness and now suddenly you happiness lead you into love, into freedom, into joy, into abundance, into passion and now, you are experiencing those things inside of you and in your outside world.

Your circumstances by now are changing or already changed and you are experiencing everything you once believed was impossible.

This is an overwhelming realization … You were so stuck and now you are living your dream life.

Stage 3: “Living your dream life, sharing your passions with the world and living your life’s purpose”

The stage 3, once again happens when stage 2 gains such a momentum.

You are committed each and every day more to feel more love, to feel more happiness, to feel more freedom, to feel more abundance, to feel more joy, to feel more peace, …

Each and every day more, those feelings are increasing! Those amazing experiences outside of you are being generated, things are going so well for you until it reaches a point when for you to increase the level of happiness that you experience, the only way for you to increase that, is for you to share your happiness with other people!

To share and to give your love, to give your freedom, to give all those amazing things that you have to others.

That’s the moment when you actively start to live your life’s purpose!

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Your life’s purpose is to give your unique and amazing gifts to other people.

Your unique and amazing feelings of happiness, love, freedom, joy, … in your unique way you are meant to give it to others.

This will come to you naturally by following your happiness.

From ground 0 and being stuck to stage 2, feeling love, freedom, joy, abundance, everything that is great, experiencing that in your life and reaching stage 3 … Where the only way for you to feel more happiness, to feel more love, to feel more freedom is to share it, is to give it, to make other people feel as amazing as you feel.

This is how you truly embody your life’s purpose.

Now life is not only about you, because you can generate everything that you want, you can feel amazing all the time, you can feel incredible all the time and the only way for you to feel more amazing, to feel more incredible, to live your passion is to share those amazing things with others.

So other people can also increase their happiness, increase their love, increase the beautiful things in their lives and through them you can experience that happiness.

When 2 people experience happiness the amount of happiness each one experiences will increase … If more people experience more happiness the happiness that you individually experience will increase.

So …

Stage 3, is the stage where you are actually living actively your life’s purpose, is the stage in which you give your amazing gifts, you give your passion you give all those amazing feelings to other people.

It’s natural, it is a natural flow, the only way for you to increase your happiness is to give it to other people and remember your day 0 commitment, to be happier each and every day more.

In stage 3 the only way for you to be happier each day more is to give more.

You are so overwhelmed with these amazing feelings that the only way for you to experience more of that is to give it, you can’t take it anymore, there is no purpose for you to feel more love by yourself, you already have all the love in the universe.

So, the only moment when you can experience more of that love is when you give it and see other people experiencing that love, or that happiness, or that joy, or whatever you want to give to them.

It is about you giving your heart to other people … that’s your purpose.

Believe it or not, your purpose is to give to others because … there are no others and when you give to others you experience what others will receive.

There are no others, we are all one.

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In conclusion …

It doesn’t matter how stuck you believe yourself to be, how lost you believe yourself to be, the only thing that you always need to do is to follow your happiness.

Commit to feel happy, be happier each and every day more, prioritize feeling happy and that happiness will lead you, that happiness will take you far, that happiness will take you everywhere you need to go.

That happiness will take you to live your most amazing dreams.

That happiness will take you to live the most amazing life.

That happiness will make the most amazing version of yourself.

This is simple and yet so powerful.


That happiness is your life’s purpose, your life is meant to be happy, you are meant to be happy each and every second of your life and when you are happy each and every second of your life you will naturally give that happiness to the people that you are with.

You will naturally shine your happiness to others.

That’s your life’s purpose, to be happy and shine your unique happiness to others people.

I wish you an amazing life, filled with happiness, with amazing moments and living all your dreams.


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