How to live ‘Heaven on Earth’ – Purpose, Dreams and Love

You are all Kings and Queens of your world and living your version of paradise is your birthright, it is as natural to you as your breath.

“Heaven” is not only a state of mind neither an abstract representation of some godly paradise located somewhere in the sky, and the achievement of “Heaven on Earth” is definitely not a utopian idea.

Heaven on Earth is, in fact, a very real and vivid way of living and creating life for yourself and for those around you.

In this post, I will give you a general picture of what living in “Heaven” looks like and show you the ways to get “there”.

3 paths that if you commit to them, will lead you without the slightest question to your piece of paradise, making you live and experience your version of Heaven on Earth.

Living Heaven on Earth

Imagine waking up, opening your eyes and automatically an indescribable feeling of unconditional Love fills you up from within …

Every little cell of your body lightens up by this all-pervasive good feeling energy of Love making you can feel a deep-rooted perfection and an undeniable knowing that “All is well” translated by your senses as a mixture of joy, peace, freedom, and the sensation of being right where you belong, of truly being Home.

In half of a second, the pervasiveness of that Love invades your mind, putting it at ease, massaging it, harmonizing it, aligning every single one of your thoughts, every single one of your perceptions, and all that you can think and see are thoughts of Love and perceptions of beauty.

“The human perception of this energy first begins with a heightened sensitivity to beauty.”, James Redfield

As you get up and walk through your surroundings, you get fascinated by every single portion of your environment.

The colors are more vivid and everything is highlighted with beauty. Every corner, every plant, every flower, every animal, every tree, every building, every piece of floor you step on, and every detail in every place, is magical, is special, is alive, has this beautiful energy and you can feel it … It is your own energy, the energy of harmonized Love and Perfection being reflected back to you at every step you take.

Your days unfold in a natural flow of ease, with a greater intelligence taking command and you are effortlessly lead to everything you need to do, to everywhere you need to be, to everyone you need to meet in a magical sequence of ever-unfolding synchronicities. And from your perspective it all looks like a continuous flow of fun, joy, inspiration, and excitement, generating moment after moment, event after event, place after place, connection after connection …

You always feel the King or Queen of your world and in raw truth … you are.

And has the King or Queen you know yourself to be, you naturally see each and every person you meet as another amazing King or Queen.

As you recognize your perfect and divine essence, you cannot escape but to recognize theirs, for, in truth, there is no “You” and there is no “Them”… You are One and the same, and in that recognition, harmony is created and Love rules.

Your relationships are amazing, truly matches made in heaven, … Friends from the soul and lovers from the heart.

What you see as soulmates and twin flames are with you, for they are the ones in this planet that resonate closer to your frequency and together, you become a portal of high frequencies of Love that are both present and channeled by you in every single one of your interactions.

You are One with those you love and everywhere you go Heaven goes with you, in everything you do Heaven is reflected, and the world around you is uplifted by your mere presence, such is the power of true unity (unity consciousness).

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The concepts of “hardship” and “work” have long been replaced by “purpose” and “passion”, as you live immersed in an ever-going stream of fun, expression, and creativity, connected to an infinite flow of abundance that takes care of every single one of your needs and desires for you.

You feel bliss in every portion of your body, mind, and soul.

You feel in Heaven all the time …

It is like being constantly in Love with everything and seeing that Love reflected in your outside world, mirrored by the circumstances you find yourself in, in the places you visit,  in the people you find yourself with, and in all the interactions and ways you choose to express yourself in.

Love, happiness, peace, joy, freedom, confidence, courage, power, passion, excitement, inspiration and perfection are the only feelings you now know.

You live your dreams, you live your purpose and you live from the heart.

And those are the 3 gateways that will lead you towards living the manifested reality of your personal Heaven on Earth.

 Live your Purpose | Follow your Dreams | Follow your Heart
– The 3 gateways to Heaven –

(Note: I am not referring to any figurative or religious version of Heaven. I’m talking about the real experience of living your dreams, with unconditional love, in harmony, and with a real sense of purpose in your life.)

Live your Purpose

Your life’s purpose is the intention out of which your life was created, the reason why you were born and the answer the deep question “Why am I here?”. A lot of times your purpose can also be referred to as your “calling”.

With different aspects and nuances, you are here to bring “Heaven” to “Earth”, or in other words, your purpose is to create with your unique gifts and skills your unique version of what Heaven on Earth looks like.

The life’s purpose is unique and specific to each person, like a perfect piece of a larger and perfect puzzle.

By finding your life’s purpose (or calling) and living for and by it, you are walking the path that you came here to walk, you are doing what you came here to do, create Heaven on Earth.

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Follow your Dreams

“Perhaps the dream is more real than this reality we are living in now”, Timmy Trumpet – World Class DJ

Your dreams, not the ones you have when you are sleeping, but those that keep you awake! Awake with such joy and excitement that makes you want to quit your life and live only in your imagination … ARE REAL.

Yes, that vision you have for yourself and for your life that you call your dream is real, it is your Heaven on Earth and in another portion of your consciousness (Higher Self) you are already living it.

So, to follow your dreams is to walk the direct path that will lead you to that vision, to that piece of Heaven that is yours by right.

“Dreams come from beyond you not right between your eyes. You have to every day of your life be ready to hear what whispers in your ear…If you can listen to the whisper and if it tickles your heart and It’s something you think you want to do for the rest of your life then that is going to be what you do for the rest of your life and we will benefit from everything you do. ”, Steven Spielberg

Listen to your dreams, pay attention to what they inspire you to become, follow that guidance day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute, moment by moment and almost without realizing, one day you wake up and your dreams will be all around you.

You will wake up in your Heaven on Earth.

Become your dreams, follow their guidance and you will create heaven.

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Follow your Heart

“You heart stays with you forever, so you better listen to what is as to say.”, Alexandra Michelle

In short terms, to follow your heart is to follow that unique resonance of Love you have within you.

Whatever it is that you Love, not just enjoy, or like, but that truly makes your heart sing, is for you, is your truth and your gateway to your Heaven on Earth.

Whatever it is that touches your heart and that you are passionate about is the way for you to be and the way for you to go.

From people, to places, to activities, to teachings, to anything, do more of and be more with what you Love.

“Do what you Love, drop what you don’t.”, Bentinho Massaro

To live from the heart also means to trust and have faith in your heart …

This Love that I speak of, is a form of universal energy that is also a source of infinite intelligence, so to follow your heart you must trust your heart, and by that I mean to trust that inner guidance, your intuition, that loving essence and knowing that exists within you and is prior to your thinking mind (the ego).

For your thinking mind is very limited in its perceptions and more times than not, what your heart guides you into makes no sense to the linear thought based thinking mind.

“When in doubt take your attention away from your mind an into your heart.”, Alexandra Michelle

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In your Heaven on Earth you will be surrounded by Love from all angles and sides, in all areas and aspects of yourself and your life, so it makes perfect sense to start following your heart and the path of Love.

Everything that you embark upon you amplifies, everything that you create you double, everything you follow you will get more of,  to whatever you give energy to you will attract.

Follow your heart and embark on the journey of Love with a deep certainty that Heaven on Earth will be your destiny.

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In conclusion,

Your purpose, your dreams and the path of your heart are 3 ways of the same road, all of them contain the others and all of them will lead you towards the same destination … Heaven on Earth.

By living your purpose, you will make your wildest dreams come true and you will live every second of your life surrounded with infinite and unconditional love.

By following your dreams, you will be automatically be living your purpose and following the path of everything you Love.

By following your heart, you will be lead towards the manifestation of all your dreams, for they are keystones of your purpose and of your journey towards the pure Love that you are and that you were born to create in life.

In truth, those three gateways or paths to Heaven on Earth, are in other words, three ways of being You!

Three seemingly different facets of the same diamond and you are the diamond itself.

You cannot separate one from the others in the same way you cannot separate water from its liquidity and wetness.

Your purpose, your dreams, and your heart will change you, shape you, polish you like the diamond you are in all aspects of your being and in all areas of your life.

You will grow, you will learn, you will change, and as you do, life will follow and become each and everytime an exact reflection of who you are and what you need to create your Heaven on Earth.

Is quite a journey, a superhero one and the only journey that is worth living!

If not for your dreams, for Love and for the purpose of creating an amazing heaven-like world for everyone to live in … what is your life for?

Heaven on Earth is the birthright of every single being walking on our planet and it is up to you to create your piece of it and together, we will combine all of our pieces of heaven creating a world of true love, harmony and unity … the world that we deep down know we are here to wake up to, Gaia –  the new earth.

Filipe Moleiro


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