The Purpose of your Life

You can see it as your “mission” or the path that is indeed meant for you to walk in this life.

You were born to bring forth something new into this world, something that the world needs and its people are seeking …… Read More The Purpose of your Life


Living on the ‘Edge’

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It all started with me going after a couple months to one of my favorite places on earth, S. Pedro de Moel. São Pedro de Moel is a beautiful village in the Portuguese coastline and its beauty is far more special than what our eyes can see. A combination of a pretty yet…

You are Worthy !

Let me tell you that, it doesn’t matter what you are doing, it doesn’t matter what you have, it doesn’t matter how you look, how you don’t look … You are worth it, you are worthy!

You have more love than you can possibly imagine!

You are beautiful … more than you know.

Simply by being you, by existing, you are so WORTHY of everything that is magical, that is beautiful and that your heart wants you to have!

You are worthy of every single good thing just by being you, by being yourself, by existing.… Read More You are Worthy !

What do your emotions mean?

Emotions are a compass, a guidance system.

They will let you know if you are on track with everything you desire to live, with everything you desire to be, if you are on track to make your dreams come true (literally)  … Or, if you are stepping out of alignment with everything that you are and with everything you desire to live and to be.

This is how it functions …… Read More What do your emotions mean?

Transform and Transcend ‘Negative Beliefs’

When the beliefs are seen they are liberated, the filters we previously add in front of our eyes disappear and now we can clearly see ourselves, our true nature, other people, life and the world itself.

Things automatically fall in place…things were always in place, we were just looking at them through the dirty filters we had in front of our eyes.… Read More Transform and Transcend ‘Negative Beliefs’