We are ONE

If you could see yourself and other selves from the vantage point of a “zoom out” perspective away from your life, above your sense of self and transcendent to your physical 5 senses, you would see that there is no separation between you and others, no separation at all between “yourself” and “other selves”, that we are connected and more than connect, you, me, everyone and everything else are literally ONE.

There is no “you”, there is no “me”, there isn’t even a “we”, all of that resolves itself in the realization of Oneness and true unity consciousness.

The state of Oneness and the experience of unity is your natural state of being and the natural way to live your life in a truly harmoniously way with everyone and with everything else.

Separation is merely an illusion only perceived by the thinking mind when caught up in the spell of its own ego (false self).

Without the illusionary boundaries of thinking mind created by the ego, the harmonious experience of unity will become the foundation and the driven force of your life.

When you realize that we are One, one with other people, one with the environment, one with the animals, one with the plants, one with the universe itself and that we are in truth one single being, you will naturally become of service to others, of service to that unity itself, effortlessly embodying what is called “unity consciousness”.

Being of service to others results and is the exact same as serving one self’s, for in truth we are One.

As we are One, when you love others you are loving yourself, when you give to others you are giving to yourself and in whatever ways you choose to be of service to the world, you will be serving yourself.

In unity giving is the same as receiving, benefiting the all will benefit ourselves, this is the natural and harmonious way of being alive.

We are One and We are the Same




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