Everything is Possible

For as long as you exist, you cannot separate yourself from the fact that “Everything is Possible!”

Whatever it is that you identify as being your reality right now is as solid as the air you breathe and is always one tiny step away from a complete shift.

The next person you’ll meet, the next e-mail you will receive, the next article you will read, the next “random” event you’ll be attracted to, the next realization you’ll get, the next thought you’ll pursue, … can change your entire life in a blink of an eye.

At every single moment, a new way, a new opportunity, a new path, any kind of miracle or bliss can hit you right in the face, and in honest truth, such can happen at every single second of your life.

So my friends, expand your consciousness and embrace that at every single moment, everything is possible for you!

I welcome you to the world of ‘Infinite Possibilities’

BOOM!! Out of nowhere, the big bang occurred, creation happened, multiverses, densities, dimensions were made, and an infinite field of configurations of reality appeared.

Did you think your reality was the only one? Well, think again 😉

Within that field of infinite realities, co-existing simultaneously parallel to each other, you were created and you would be very naive to believe yourself to be disconnected from that field itself.

As Science and Quantum Physics have already shown everything is energy and the exact same energy that runs in every little cell of your body is also present in every portion of your environment, in every star, in every galaxy, in all of creation in a continuum from which disconnecting is simply not possible.

After all, didn’t it all came from the same “explosion” !?

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You can’t be disconnected from this field of infinite possibilities, in “down to earth” terms, you can’t separate yourself from everything being possible to you at any given moment.

How would your mind be opened with the realization that you have an infinity of choices every second?

Would you still be making the exact same choices as you are?

Where in your life are you believing that “you don’t have a choice”?… Because I guarantee you, you do!

Open your eyes my friends and realize that you always and under any circumstance have a choice and that you are never, ever, ever stuck.

“Awareness brings choice”, Bentinho Massaro

As you expand your consciousness, you’ll be aware of much more possibilities for you to choose, and as you do, you will truly get empowered to choose what you really want.

When you find yourself within an infinity of possibilities for you to choose in life, great love will take you over, for you will see that out of that vast array of paths to go and options to take, you’ll see that some of them resonate very close to your heart and in that resonance it’ll become crystal clear what is it that you truly want to choose.

Walk every second with an open mind, aware of the infinity of possibilities that you are always connected to and listen to that inner resonance of Love guiding towards everything you deeply desire to choose.

And it doesn’t matter what are the circumstances you find yourself in remember that, Everything is Possible, for that my friends is always the case.

Much Love,


Feel guided to expand your consciousness with me?

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