8 Methods to Be Free From the Ego – Book Out!

What if you could be free from all the negativity in your mind?

What if you could have infinite intelligence by your side at any given moment?

What if the combination of that freedom and that intelligence would create an amazing life for you to live?

Would you want it?

If you do, this book was made for you and will change your life!

“It feels like breathing fresh air after being underwater for a very long time.”
Mariana N.

“You will understand your emotions and transcend your thoughts, it’s a whole new world.”
Ana B.

“You will have God, Source, Spirit, the Universe or whatever you want to call it, right by your side!” Rui P.

Every single one of us has a very nasty voice inside our own heads, that voice is the combination of all our fears, traumas, doubts, unpleasant experiences, broken dreams and every little piece of negativity we faced throughout our lives.

Very limited in its nature and with a special addition to suffering, that voice undermines our thoughts and beliefs, filters the perceptions we have about ourselves, about the world around us and blind us to all the amazing possibilities that life has for us.

Its only intention is to keep you imprisoned in an imaginary cage inside your own head, repeating and perpetuating cycles of limitation and negativity everywhere you go and in everything you do. Preventing you from realizing your true freedom, accessing your real power and from seeing the infinite possibilities of this life, in its attempts to survive.

That voice is not your true voice, that voice is your Ego!

Your ego is the impostor inside your mind, it is a small and limited self that constantly pretends to be you but that has nothing to do with who you truly are.

Who you truly are is realized in your freedom from the ego, and with that freedom comes a Love, a happiness, and a cosmic intelligence far greater than anything you have ever imagined.

That free lovingly and infinite intelligence, that is many times referred to as Source, God, the Universe, Spirit, Soul, Essence, Higher Self and by many other names, will guide you, teach you, inspire you and polish you like the perfect diamond you are.

It will create life for you and through you, expressing freedom and mirroring Love in all aspects of yourself and in all areas of your life.

And all that it takes is that you take a small step towards your freedom!

All it requires is a small shift in mindset, a shift away from the ego and into your free mind.

A shift away from chaos and confusion into incommensurable clarity and bliss.

This book is that shift!

This book bridges the gap between the impostor in your head and the real you!

It will set you forever free!

This book gives you a very powerful spiritual knowledge and enlightens you with various universal truths while breaking it down to simple daily life and easy to apply “down to earth” methods.

Enjoy and may you be Free!

“We are One, we are the same.

Freedom for one is Freedom for all.

From my heart to yours, I greet you in the Freedom and Love we are.

May you be as I see you.

Love and Light”


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