True Love and Soulmate Connections

If the words “True Love” and “Soulmate” resonate with you, this is definitely a post your soul wants you to read! For its information is imprinted with the energy of Love and Unity and it is my pure intention while writing these words that anyone who reads them gets activated in such a way that the experience of True Love in a beautiful relationship with their Soulmate(s) becomes inevitable in their reality.

True Love and Soulmate Connections

If you find yourself seeking to achieve true Love in your life, if you are interested in finding a special ONE and not just any-one, in being on a relationship where you experience the highest forms of unconditional Love and true feelings of oneness with another, and you can’t stand some fake version of that, you are seeking for your Soulmate connection(s).

“Soulmate = your soul in another person”

If a warm feeling in your heart, a sense of hope, a happy feeling within or some kind of exciting “Yes!” has hit you by now, I have very good news for you …

You do have Soulmates and the entire universe is conspiring to bring you together!

The entirety of creation is each and every second calling you, guiding you and arranging every single detail to unite you and to make your relationship a reality that will shake the heavens and bend all the rules of the earth.

Yes, you are headed to experience and live first handed the highest forms of Love this world has ever known, a Love a billion times greater than the human version of it reflected in a relationship more magical than all the fairy tales combined.

In the form of soul level friendships and soul level deep felt love and romance …

Welcome to your Soulmate journey … πŸ™‚

For you to understand where you are headed, your Soulmate is someone that you cannot possibly miss and your Soulmate relationship is something that you cannot possibly avoid (a lot of times soulmates are even pushed to each other and almost “forced” into the relationship in times when they do not want to … but their higher intelligence knows better and takes the wheel).

You can at any time align and co-create with the Universe/your Higher Self to accelerate the attraction, reunion and/or expansion of your Soulmate connections.

By doing what? By waking up to who you are, realizing why are you here, caring about your life and evolution, by truly growing in love and following the path of your own joy.

That’s the path your soul is unceasingly calling you to follow, knocking on your back door, trying to get your attention at each and every second to direct you towards the path that leads to your Soulmates, a path that feels to you as constant flow of Love being given to you and highlighted in your life experiences.

Before I give you 5 ways to accelerate, attract and co-create your soulmate’s connection, I will provide you bellow with a brief explanation about what is, in reality, the soulmate’s connection.

What is the Soulmate connection?

Everything in this universe is a form of vibrating energy and that energy that creates everything is what our emotional body and physical senses translate as Love.

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Thus, in essence, every human interaction and relationship is ultimately based on, and is an expression of that Love energy.

Being Love the essence of all that is, that Love, pure-infinite-unconditional Love, is off cours,  your true essence, and you are an expression/manifestation of that Love energy.

As you are a manifestation of that Love energy, you carry a specific and unique vibratory frequency that gives you form, shape, multidimensionality and allows you to exist as an individualized expression of that Love.

Your specific and unique vibratory frequency makes you an individualized portion of all that is (Source/Spirit/Higher Self) , in other words, a specific blueprint of Love created out of the greater Love energy that is present in everything.

Even though everyone is also a pure individualized expression of that Love, your soulmates are the ones with the most similar and ressonant energetic frequency has you.

That’s why you resonate deeply and at all levels with your soulmates, more than you do with anyone else in this world.

It is literally You, your soul in another body!

When I say “You”, I mean the real You, the core You, your pure being and your pure essence, the highest expression of Love.

That’s why the Soulmate connection transcends all physical and circumstantial aspects such as gender, age, location, skin color, language, religion, family background, past history and any other 3 Dimensional concepts, …

It is an expression of Love far greater and more powerful than any concept made by man or any physical aspect of this planet.

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The Soulmate connection is the experience in the physical form of the infinite unconditional and non-physical Love that created you and is present in your core, you can also call it your Soul.

And this is just the beginning of the cosmic bound you and your soulmates share and the tip of the iceberg of how important your soulmate connection is in the overall scheme of things, your Love and Unity matter in galactic proportions!

“One soul in two bodies”

The more aligned you are with the energy of Love that is YOU, the more you dwell in higher emotional frequencies the better you will feel in your relationships, the faster and more pleasant will be the journey towards your soulmates and the greater life will be for you when you get together!


How to accelerate, attract and co-create your Soulmate connections

1 – Wake up to who you are!

Are you just a body inside of a random world living a random and “normal” life or is there something more about you?

Some deeper aspects, some deeper and truer sense of self …

Something that you are being called to, something you are being called to be …

Pay attention to that something!!

Who are you beneath the surface? Beneath all the roles you play, beneath all the masks you wear … Who are you, who is the real you?

What is the purpose of your life?

Focus within, deeply investigate yourself, sincerely ask the big questions and start growing in consciousness, expand your awareness.

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Your Soulmate connection is contained on your Soul’s path and you will accelerate your reunion when aligning your life with your Soul’s joyful purpose.

2 – Grow in self-Love

This can be easily and literally explained as “Love yourself each and every day more”.

Love is energy and the more you love, the more of that energy you embody and therefore attract.

As your Soulmate connection is a very high expression of Love, the more you grow in love (for yourself and others) the more you get close and in sync with your soulmates.

It is very important to realize that growing in Love means exactly that … GROWING!

Not be and love yourself and others in the exact same way you have always done, but to grow in that Love, become able to love yourself each and every day more. That ability comes naturally with the continuous expansion of your awareness, in other words, in the continuous discovering of “who you are”.

Eventually, that self-love you are developing will transcend your limitations and extend itself to others, making you naturally being of service and start living your soul’s purpose.

This growth requires a pure desire to live a life of happiness and love! A openness to change, to open heart and mind and evolve, becoming more aware of who you are understanding why you are here and as a by-product, increasing your ability to Be Love, give Love and receive Love.

3 – Follow your inner/higher guidance

Your soulmate’s counterpart, your soulmate’s journey, and connection are unique and specifically suited to you, thus, learn to listen and follow you Higher Self/Soul/Heart guidance above anything else, for they truly are the ones who know the way.

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As you grow in self-awareness and self-love, you also begin to develop a strong connection with your inner/higher guidance and you do that by listening, following and trusting it each and every day more the impulses, inspiration and inituive knowledge that is given to you.

For as you listen, follow and trust your inner/higher guidance, the more that guidance will bring astonishing, seemingly magical results into your life, and the more it happens the easier it gets for you to listen, follow and trust.

The process goes on and your relationship with your inner/higher guidance will become stronger day by day.

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4 – Heal your fears and pain

As Love is all that is, any form of fear is just an illusion only present in the thinking mind and generated solely by the impostor in your head, the ego.

The same goes for pain, all the pain you have experienced in your life is only present in belief patterns of the past, held  by thoughts and convictons that do not serve but you unconsciously keep active within you.

Pain attention to your emotions, and when you feel less than good is a great opportunity to let go of your current thoughts and perspectives,… Your healing and transcendence will happen quickly and naturally. 

Love and fear/pain are frequencies that do not mix!

Therefore, as more you grow in Love, the more your fears and subconscious pain will be washed away from your being, as a natural process of healing that will set you free from those lower energies.

That a lot of times occurs with your subconscious pain being triggered, and that’s super okay!

In that way you can acknowledge, become aware and liberate yourself from it.

As soon as you get real in this journey, being in faced with your fears will only cause you to transcend them, by realizing that they are unreal, illusionary, smoke and mirrors.

You will be happier and freer than ever!

The growth into Love is one and the same with the expansion of your self-awareness (discovering more of who you are), so as you discover more of your true self, you will be stripped of the parts of you that do not match your pure essence, in other words, stripped of your fears, pain, and limitations.

The more willing and open you are to welcome your pain and fears to arise for your liberation and healing process to occur, the faster you will heal and as a consequence, the process of union with your soulmate accelerates.

These processes of healing can be the most difficult, confusing and chaotic moments someone can face in their lives, but in the end, they are worth a million times!

To help in these moments, I’ve created my book “8 Methods to Be Free from the Ego“, it can be the most life-changing gift you can give yourself and it will for sure accelerate your soulmate connection in an epic scale.

You can find it here: 8 Methods to Be Free from the Ego – Amazon

Be brave, face your fears, conquer your pain, in the end it’s so worth it that will blow your mind. πŸ™‚

5 – Believe in Love!

As cheesy as this may sound, it is crucial and required that you to a great extent believe and trust in Love.

For, you experience your reality through your beliefs and definitions, so if you believe in true Love with your heart and soul, you invite it into your reality, you literally open the gateways of your life for that Love to come to you.

So, even if you grew up seeing the concept of True Love being misused, ridiculed, defined as impossible, or corrupted by many negative beliefs such as “Love hurts” or “Love is not forever”, have faith and trust that true Love exists and it is for you.

This Love I speak of is more real than brick hitting you in the face, that’s how real Love is and that’s how illusory and temporary physical circumstance are.

Believe in Love, believe in a force that is infinitely intelligent, infinitely powerful, that is present in your core and that orchestrates, re-arranges, re-defines, bends and transcends reality to bring you and your soulmates together.

Believe in Love, for you are made of that Love you are believing in and it will give you a love story far more marvelous than all the fairy tales combined, your love story. πŸ™‚

Very soon that belief will turn into pure knowledge and its undeniable fruits will be all over you!

“Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.

Love never fails.”, 1 Corinthians 13:4-8

6 – Developing Abundance Consciousness

You don’t have just one, or two, or 3 Soulmates/Twin Flames …  you have THOUSANDS!!

Yes, thousands!! 

You have an incredible abundance of soul family members, people who ressonate and are connected to you, to your dreams an desires,  that are ready and willing to play with you in all kinds of ways.

You have many soulmate lovers, soulmate friends, soulmate clients, soulmate mentors, soulmate pets, soulmate bussiness partners, …

That abundance is very important for you to tune in and become aware of, because not all of your soulmate’s are ready for you right now and you will not find them all at once.

Without this awareness of their abundance, is very easy and common for people to become narrow minded and to trap themselves into one single relationship that may not be beneficial for them at this point in time and deprive themselves temporarily of the natural expansion into other great relationships, dreams and desires.

For last but not least … and pretty much all that you will ever need:

7 – The only relationship that matters – You and your Soul!

Want your soulmates? … Mate with your Soul!

The degree that your frequency on a regular basis matches the frequency your Soul/Source/Higher Self is what attracts every single good thing to your life, soulmates included.

So, for you attract happy, lovingly, passionately, healthy soulmate relationships you have to. on a very consistent basis, FEEL GOOD!

Because your good emotions are the indicator that you and your soul are ressonating in the same frequency, are seeing trougth the same prespectives, are having the same thougts, are co-creating with the same ideas, and only when you feel good can you be called and follow your soul’s guidance towards your soulmates.

Accurately speaking, this constant good feeling, indicator of an open connection between the human part of you and the soul part of you is ALL that you will ever need … Soulmate’s come easy, naturaly and in response to your  consistent good felling alignment with your soul’s energy.

Filipe Moleiro

Feel that I can help in your journey?

Reach for my Coaching Page: Coaching

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