The Purpose of your Life

The Purpose of your Life is the intention out of which your life was created.

You can see it as your “mission”, the reason(s) why you were born and the path that is indeed meant for you to walk in this life.

You were born to bring forth something new into this world, something that the world needs and its people are seeking … and that something is your Unique Essence.

In that unique essence of yours, you find Your Calling which is a combination of all your unique gifts, unique qualities, special abilities, specific passions and perfect inspirations suited only to you.

When you live for and by your unique essence and your calling, you live in a constant state of creation where everything you create carries that unique and perfect essence of yours, with all of its gifts, qualities, passions and inspirations, and in all that awesomeness, your life is created.

In simple terms, living your Purpose means living a life of unconditional Love, true happiness, pure joy, abundance and unlimited freedom where you live your passions … a life that is amazing beyond your most pure expectations.

To Live your Purpose is also to live your “super-hero” journey, change lives and make a positive impact in the world, or as I like to say it: “Changing the world by being awesome!”


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