You are Love

Everything in this world and Universe is made out of energy and that energy is what your emotional body and physical senses translate as … LOVE.

Unconditional, pure, infinite and perfect Love.

Love is not only the nature of the universe and world around you, it is also your true nature! For beneath all of the thoughts, biases, beliefs, perspectives and everything you assume to be, you are Love.

A pure, infinite and unconditional Love far more marvelous than what the human mind can comprehend, that is indeed who you truly are, and that same Love is meant to be present in your life 24/7, at every second, in all areas and aspects, always and forever.

That Love is already here, is always present, always now, right where you are, not one second later, not one centimeter away … It is indeed You, and simultaneously it is in everything, everywhere and everyone around you.

You can first begin to sense this Love I speak of within you, coming from your heart, as a form of self-love, or perhaps as a good-feeling connection you have with someone. With an honest deep investigation and willingness to know yourself, you will realize that Love is a form of energy, that simultaneously is present within your heart, is present in every way you love yourself and it is the exact same love that exists beneath every single one of your good-feeling relationships.

If you strip yourself from all the masks you wear, only Love would remain.

If you strip everyone else from all the mental assumptions you project onto them, you would see people in their true form … Love.

If you stop the mental noise for a second and truly stay here and now, present, fully awake and deeply feel this precious moment and everything it contains, you would only find Love.

Become sensitive or aware enough and you will find that exact same Love present in every piece of your environment and in every second of your life.

Strip everything down to the core, seek to find the truth beneath every appearance and you will always find the same foundation for every single experience, LOVE.

“The moment contains Love and that’s the great lesson of this illusion/density”, Ra – The Law of One

The more you seek to find love, the more you are seeking to find yourself.

The more you realize who you are, the more you will find Love.

“When you find yourself you find love because they are the same”, Filipa Mateus

The more you realize the Love you are, the more you will become aligned with that Love meaning that, your thoughts, your beliefs, your perspectives, your intentions, and actions will naturally become aligned with that source energy of Love that creates worlds.

For this energy of Love, is light years far greater than the human version of it, this Love energy carries within itself a form of infinite intelligence.

The infinite intelligence of Source, of God, of the Universe, of Mother Earth, of the Spirit, of the Soul, of the Flow of Life, or the infinite intelligence of any other name that resonates with you.

This Love knows …

This Love creates …

This Love transcends …

This Love guides …

This Love … loves.

As we speak, you have within yourself a pure source of unconditional love and infinite intelligence. Available 24/7 and everywhere you go, ready to give to you everything you desire, everything you dream of, to make you greater and to create a life a trillion times more amazing than anything you can imagine … you just have to silence your mind, connect and listen.

When you operate from a place of infinite intelligence and unconditional Love, you become an expression of that Intelligent Love energy and everything in your life will naturally become an extension of that Love as well.

Come clean to that space of Love within you, let it guide you, let it heal you, let it transform you and allow it to shine from you.

Love will flow through you, will create life for you and you will become intelligence in action in everything that you do! 

That’s the power of connecting to that pure source of Love and Intelligence you have within, the power of connecting with who you truly are.

Everything single detail of your life is a direct reflection of yourself …  And it will be a direct reflection of Love.

Imagine all your present and future relationships, all the people you meet, all the places you visit, the work you do, the way you live your life and every little thing you experience being a reflection of the purest and most amazing kind of Love.

That is the natural way of living and that is how your life is meant to be, for you are Love and everything is an extension of who you are.


Want guidance to live every moment of your life in unconditional Love?

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