The Real Relevance of your Thoughts – Special Offer and Book coming soon

Hi friends,

My book “8 Methods to Be Free from the Ego” is coming to life very, very soon! And with it an incredible special offer for those of you who will be its first readers. 🙂

The reviews so far have been amazing and I am excited to share it with you all.

Stay tuned for its week release to collect your offer and get ready … it will be a blast! 😉

Meanwhile, here is another excerpt to spike your inner awesomeness, tease your freedom and wake you up to your connection with the best version of yourself.


The Real Relevance of your Thoughts and the Thinking Mind

“Your thoughts and your thinking mind are meant to be the tools for you to operate in your physical life and with which you express your true self and manifest your unique essence here in the world of forms.

But, for you to be efficiently able to express your true self, manifest your unique essence and freely operate in your physical life, you must understand thoughts and your thinking mind for what they truly are, tools.

So, you don’t mistake yourself for the tools, in the same way, a carpenter does not mistake himself for the hammer he uses.

As an addition to this analogy, a million of the tools (thoughts and beliefs) you have, were given to you by other people and the outside environments you grew up in, so your true self might be one of a carpenter but, all your tools may have come from cookers and electricians.

That’s why you find it so hard to be a successful carpenter or a successful cooker or electrician. You simply cannot cook properly with the natural skills of a carpenter and you cannot saw a wooden board using a light bulb.

That’s why you must realize your freedom from the thinking mind and the ego, in order to be who you truly are and live the successful life that is natural for you to live.

And ultimately, true freedom is only realized when the carpenter knows himself to be free from any tools, recognizing that he exists separate and apart of all tools, the ones that were given to him and the ones he chooses to use, he is unconditionally free when he recognizes himself to be free from tools at all.

In the same way, your true freedom lies in directly seeing and realizing that you exist separate and apart of all your thoughts and beliefs, apart from your entire thinking mind complex, and that you are absolutely free from the mind at all.”

Filipe Moleiro

In, 8 Methods to Be Free from the Ego – Chapter 7, “See your Thoughts as Someone Else’s”


Interested in understanding more about your mind?

Does being free and walking in life as the best version of yourself excites you?

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