What is the ‘Higher Self’?

What is the ‘Higher Self’?

Your higher self is, in fact, You.

Yourself existing in a higher density, in a higher dimension.

You can picture your higher self by being you in the future, like a million years in the future, even though time is an illusion and everything that appears to be in the future or in the past is happening right here and right now.

Your higher self would be a version of yourself that is far wiser than you are now, a version of yourself that has lived everything that is to live and that know everything there is to know.

It is not separate from you, your higher self is not separate from you, your higher self is in fact…You!

If you could see yourself, you would see your physical body, your mind, your non-physical energy and that non-physical energy, the energy that in fact creates your body, your mind and everything else is your higher self, is your higher self’s energy.

As an example, if you in your physical experience would be your finger, your higher self would be your entire body!

You as being a finger, you would have very limited points of you, you would know everything that is possible for a finger to know … You would bump into things and you would see from a very very limited point of view, while your higher self would have eyes to see, senses to experience many other things.

Your higher self knows infinite times better than you.

Your body, your eyes, your senses, your imagination, your intelligence knows a million times better than your finger.

And by being connected, by being literally who you are, your higher self loves you more than anything. Your higher self unconditionally loves you and unconditionally guides you and supports you 24/7, every time with no exceptions.

Your higher self also keeps you safe… Don’t you keep your finger safe? Don’t you love your fingers? Is the same things, the same analogy. ūüôā

Your higher self knows¬†what is best for you at every time, knows the best decisions, the best ways, the best approaches, the best things to focus, …

It feeds you, all the time with guidance, with inspiration, it lets you know what is best for you because it loves you unconditionally

No one else in this planet, no one else in this universe loves you more than your higher self because, there is no separation between you and your higher self, you are in fact ONE, you are a portion of your higher self’s consciousness having a body and an experience¬†of mind.


One major thing that you can do is to rely more and more on your higher self.

¬†More and more and more… Why?

Because it will lead you towards everything that you want, towards everything that you are seeking, towards more of yourself, in fact, it will lead you to your true nature as being infinite, as being love, as being happy, as being peaceful, living a fulfilling life. 

That’s what your higher self wants for you!¬†

Remember, he loves you and he is infinitely wise.

How can you listen more to your ‘Higher Self’?

Your higher self hardly “shouts” in your face, your higher self communicates more with intuition,”whispering” the right things at the right time in your ear.

You can train yourself to listen to it, or to listen to him, or to her, depending on what you describe your higher self to be.

But the more you allow yourself to realize that you, as being a limited “finger”, you know nothing, you know very, very, very little and that¬† your higher self sees every single possible configuration of reality, …

He knows everything that will happen, everything that had already happened, he knows everything that is in your mind, every single thought that you have, every single intention and he guides you all the time … If you are intelligent enough, you will be humble to know that you, from your physical point of mind you know nothing and you will trust very intelligently in your higher self’s guidance.

Your higher self will guide you much more, in fact, he is always guiding you but you will experience more of its guidance when you allow yourself to let go of your insistences, let go of ‘rights’ and ‘wrongs’, let go of what you believe is true and allow that inspiration, that intuition, that flow of excitement and happiness to flow directly from your higher self to you.

Your life will take a quick turn around because you are now having access to this unlimited/infinite love, this unlimited/infinite intelligence, that is always available to you.

You can relax, know and trust that you are always safe, that you are always guided, that your higher self is with you every time, …it is impossible not to be, you would never cut your finger.

Your higher self is a portion of you, it is you in fact, so you love yourself as your higher self loves you.

Trust his love, trust his unconditional love and try to more and more merge the sense of separation between ‘You’ and a ‘Higher self’.

There is no separation, there is no ‘You’ and your ‘Higher Self’.

Like in the example of the finger:

If you start to zoom out away from the finger you would begin to see that you are not just a finger, you are in fact…Many fingers…One hand…One arm…and you would see that you are your entire body!


The more as you identify yourself as not being a “finger”, as not being a person inside of a random world, the more you will start to see things differently.

You will start to access different types of information because you are now seeing things as kind of how your higher self sees things, … From a higher point of view, from a higher dimension, like being above water.

Life will be experienced differently with your circumstances because now you will see things from a very different point of view.

A point o view that includes much more love, much more freedom, much more happiness and much more intelligence.

By all means, connect more with your intuition, more with your inspiration, … let go more and more of what you think is right, of what you think is wrong, what you insist that your life should look like, what you insist other people’s lives should look like …

Everyone has their own higher self and the higher self always takes care of everyone in the best, best ways.

The best ways for your happiness to flow, for your love to flow, for your freedom to flow, for your dreams to come true.

Remember that, in physical life, with your mind, all you can see is a very limited portion of what really is and trust that infinite intelligence, that infinite love, that infinite wisdom that your higher self gives to you at every second of your existence.

Also remember that, from a truthful point of view, there is no separation between you and your higher self, you are your higher self and your higher self is you in this moment, here and now.

Look within, trust your heart, trust your intuition, follow your excitement, follow your happiness, that’s all that your higher self wants you to be. happy, loved, living everything that you wish to live, learning everything that you wish to learn, being everything that you wish to be.

You are already what you are seeking to be, you are already your most pure version of yourself, you are already your higher self.

Trust it, every time, more and more and it’s infinite love and wisdom will fill you.


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