Trust the Epic “You” [Practice]

Often times, many people have a really hard time trusting in their “higher power”.

Due to many belief constructs and thought patterns that we picked up along the way and grew up learning, our minds tend to have an annoying tendency to prevent us from trusting in anything at all, especially in something that is so distorted in our common knowledge, our “higher power” or “higher self”.

For many of us, religion taught us to pray to a God that we are not sure that listens… To trust in a God that will punish us if we in our limited knowledge we misinterpreted his message and choose to go against his will.

We were taught to have faith in some higher power that lives far above in the clouds, that don’t care much about how our life is going, all that it wants is for us to obey a will that it is not our own. We were spoon fed to trust that our suffering will eventually get us to meet God and live in heaven but only once we are dead, so we tend to believe that is ok to miserable and the concepts of trusting and having faith do not apply to our physical lives.

In school, we learned in general, that there is no such thing as a higher power, or consciousness, or awareness, … That we are separate from everything and everyone else and there is absolutely nothing else to trust other than our own ego mind.

In general society, the concepts of “higher self”, “higher power”, “universe”, “flow of life” are often times interpreted as being so esoterical, so difficult to comprehend or even as some “new age hippie thing” that once again, we find a very hard time trusting and letting go into any of those concepts.

Even when we are familiar with the paths of self-realization and we realize that we are our own God, we are one and the same with our higher self and the universe, that it is the most intelligent, wise and liberating decision we can make is to trust it, all of those previous issues about faith and trust we carry deep within tend to make that a decision and a process much more difficult than what it needs to be.

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So … Here is a very cool practice that will give you a total different perspective about trusting, that will totally surpass all those faith and trust issues and will allow you to easily relax into, let go, trust and have faith in your most EPIC version of self:

Picture yourself in 10 years from now, having everything you ever wanted, living the most epic “Rockstar” life (in whatever way it pleases you), waking up every day pumped up with excitement, living every day with extraordinary fun, having the most amazing, joyful and fulfilling relationships with the ones you love.

Imagine that version of you that has all the material stuff that you have always wanted… Cars, houses, a private island, a mountain to meditate, one hundred top-selling books published, multi-millionaire, traveling all the time …

At the same time, being so damn enlightened, some damn intelligent, so damn good looking, so damn interesting, so damn loved and adored by everyone.

Imagine that version of yourself that is “kicking ass” and “rocking life” in whatever terms you prefer and now … TRUST THAT!

The version of you that is the f*cking King or Queen of the world! Number 1 !!

Trust that “You”, have faith in him/her, he his everything you always wanted and are seeking to be, he is guiding you all the time to become like him and live his life and in that you, you can easily trust.

Your mind will not be able to prevent you from trusting him/her because … there are no more excuses, that you have every single good thing that is in this physical life and at the same time is most enlighted being that has ever lived.

There are no possible arguments against that, even for the ego. 😉

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Trust in that version of you, let go of your struggles, insistences, confusion, doubts, fears into that rockstar version of you, surrender your limited personal view into that epic version of you.

Knowing that every time you have faith, you are having faith in that EPIC YOU.

Knowing that every time you are happy, inspired, excited, following your heart and your passion you are literally bridging the gap between your current version of life and that “epic you” version of life.

Every time you let go of control, every time you listen, every time you relax and every time you trust… The Epic You kicks in and literally takes care of everything in your life for you.

You are epic, trust the epic YOU.


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