From suffering to happily ever after – all you need to know

Hey beautiful people of the world 🙂

It is my intention with this post to give you another perspective and shine a different light in regards to all the moments where you have suffered and to wake you up to the astonishingly amazing reality that is waiting for you, calling you, that you are set/destined to live and that you have created for yourself out of your most painful moments.

In the worst moments of your life, had you experienced great suffering, lots of pain, trauma and in all of those “less than happy” periods you went through, you were simultaneously (consciously or not, doesn’t matter) creating something quite incredible beyond your ability to comprehend at the time … a new, heaven-dream-like life for yourself to live and experience in the future.

If you are perhaps in one of those periods, let me speak some faith into you, assure you that everything will turn out and, show you what is on the other side of every glimpse of hope you can hold on to.

To further guide you, explain it and show you how to collect your new prizes and leap into that new life, I will assume that you are familiar with the fact that while you are a human being living a worldly life, there is a larger part of you that is non-physical and unlimited, you can call it Source, Soul, Spirit, Universe, Higher Self, …

[If you are not familiar with it, read this: What is the Higher Self ]

I will also assume that you have some understanding of the energetic and vibrational nature of what we call “life” and “reality”.

[If not, read this: Get over the world ]

Follow my lead ….

Everything in this vibrational universe is perfectly balanced and has always an established relationship with its opposite.

For instance, you have day and you have night, you have light and you have darkness, you have joy and you have suffering, in direct opposition and with an established relationship with each other. In other words, there are always two ends of any “stick”, of any subject, and you can never experience one end of the “stick” without the other end being a reality, existent, present and, intrinsically known at some level.

In a straight forward approach, as we are ultimately talking frequency and vibration (what any experience really is), you cannot experience great suffering without the equivalent and opposite vibration of great love being ALREADY present in your vibrational reality.

And what gets more interesting and miraculous about all of this, is that the universe is not only vibrationally balanced, it is also expansive and always responsive to you.

In more simple terms, every time you are/were in great suffering, pain, confusion, discomfort, etc … you are simultaneously and automatically asking (with great power) for the improvement of everything you are experiencing, launching super powerful rockets of desire for relief, more clarity, more joy, more love, better conditions, much more pleasant circumstances, experiences, a better life and, a better reality.

And as you do so, your non-physical counterpart, the soul you, the universe, your future self, responds to your new desires, becoming a vibrational match to that which you are asking for.

In other words, your Higher Self/Soul/Universe becomes what you desire and holds it on a reality vortex (vibrational reality) for you to future experience.

Let’s see some practical examples:

In a time where you were ill, you were experiencing the vibrational difference between your natural energy of well-being and your state of vibration at that time (due to the thoughts, beliefs, perspectives, behaviors, … you had active) which created a gap between you and YOU, the human you and the soul YOU, manifested in the form of an illness.

At the same time of the experience of illness, you were simultaneously and automatically asking/desiring (consciously or not, it doesn’t matter) for greater health, for greater well-being, for greater body conditions and instantaneously your non-physical self, limitless and resistant free as it is, became the result of that asking and the culmination of those new desires, holding from that point onwards a vibrational frequency greater than what has ever been before.

In a time where you felt not loved, alone, abandoned, betrayed, you experience the difference between that and the unconditional love, wholeness, unity and, compassion you intrinsically know is your birthright while simultaneously you were launching rockets of desire for greater love, companion, union, blessed moments and happy experiences that the non-physical you became, creating a new improved vibrational reality for you to future experience.

And the same applies to every moment of your life where you felt less than satisfied.

So …. Drum rolls …

The deepest darkest moments of your life created a blessed, dream-heaven-like reality for you to live in the future.

(Even though time is an illusion, but you get the point)

You may notice that it is very common for people to find the lover of their lives after a terrible breakup, or to create fortunes after experiencing being bankrupt, or to live free and adventurous lives after being in an intense period of bondage, now you know why.

You see, not only your non-physical self becomes everything you ask and is happily raveling in all you dream and desire, as it is also calling you CONSTANTLY, every single second, towards what you (the whole of you) had become. Guiding and pulling you 24/7 to the realizations of the greater version of yourself, eager to give you every single one of the things you have asked for.

The question is …

Are you listening?

Are you allowing yourself to go with that pull?

Are you listening to that calling?

If you are, you feel good! Constantly, not necessarily 100% of the time, but on a very regular basis, and that’s how you know you are on the track of collecting these new vibrational “chips”, the new blessed experiences. Always becoming a greater energetic match to your non-physical expanded self, ready for the life you have carved for yourself, that the non-physical you is already living, to manifest here in the physical realm where you can see it, hear it, smell it, touch it and taste it.

See, because it is all a matter of frequency and your non-physical self is made of pure-positive energy, the culmination of the purest, dearest dreams, hopes, and wishes, therefore it vibrates at high frequencies such as satisfaction, joy, peace, love, freedom, …

Being the lower frequencies in the realms of fear, sadness, despair, discomfort, and the high frequencies in the opposite spectrum of comfort, joy, peace, love, excitement (in short, everything that feels good), you will always know to which frequency you are tuned to by paying attention to the way you feel.

And therefore being aware of the difference between the greater, expanded, soul version of you and your current perceptions, thoughts, and beliefs about yourself and about what you are focused upon at any given moment.

For instance, let’s imagine that your Higher Self is broadcasting at 101.1 FM and you are tuned to 91.40 FM, you will not be able to hear what it is transmitting without first adjusting your radio, aka your vibration, aka the way you feel to that same frequency.

So your real job is to tend and prioritize the way you feel above all else because the better you feel the more in sync and closer in frequency you become with your non-physical self.

In feeling better and allowing your energy levels to rise, you allow your Soul to catch you and take you upwards, and upwards, and upwards, in thoughts, feelings, emotions, experiences, realities, and manifestations.

When you are in sync with your Higher Self, you are tuned to the energy that creates worlds and you have access to all that source knows about you and about everything that matters to you. You will receive thoughts, ideas, impulses, inspirations, visions, dreams, guidance, and support, that will mesmerize you and make you surrender into the perfection of that alignment.

And most importantly, you will feel so good, loved and alive that you will never want to step out of that energy ever again.

So …

How do I feel good?

How do I raise my frequency?

How do I become a match to my greater self and listen to its call?

There are many ways to do so and every person will have different methods but some real gems I can give you are the following:

    Let go of what was, of how much it hurt, how hard it was, how long it took, all that old story, let it go! Your greater self never looks back, it is future-focused with everything you had become and are in the process of realizing. And you cannot see your amazing future if you can keep looking back, keeping the past active in your vibration.
    When you meditate you quiet or at least slow down your mind stoping the momentum of your current thoughts and beliefs, allowing your Higher Self to calibrate your energy to higher frequencies, cleansing, renewing, and upgrading you at all levels.
    Start appreciating, start noticing things that you can appreciate, enjoy, and are grateful for … A flower, a smile, a pet, the comfortable bed you have, the freshwater you drink, the abundant air you breathe, the sun on your skin, etc. Start making lists on your mind of all that you enjoy and appreciate, ravel in it, think about it, talk about it, keep all those appreciative good feeling vibes active within you. Writing and make lists of positive aspects of any kind is also very helpful because writing gives you a very strong point of focus.
    Just spend time in nature, walk on the beach, go for a swim in the ocean, hike, sit on the grass, smell a flower, touch a tree, … Your energy will rise so much just by you being there.
    Recognize when you feel inspired and/or excited about something! That is your Higher Self highlighting the path for you to follow. And last but not least, get in touch with your intuition, that inner feeling of knowing without logic or explanation, that higher instinct or gut feeling, trust it and follow it more and more and above anything else.

Bottom line, care about the way you feel, improve it, be consistent and the Universe, YOU, the greater YOU, will take care of everything else and you will just be chilling, watching magic unfold right before your eyes.

Much Love,

Can I help on your journey?

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3 thoughts on “From suffering to happily ever after – all you need to know

  1. Very inspiring message, to know that we are building this ” cornucopia” of positive energy to keep ourselves balanced, and that we can ” tap ” into it by expanding our awareness. My question: in your book you mention as one of the methods to let go of the ego would be to realize that there is no past, it never existed, so just let it go, and go straight to the Higher Self. But if I let go of my past ( negative, destructive energy ), in order to maintain the vibrational balance, wouldn’t I also lose the positive buildup of energy on the opposite side? Thanks,



    1. Hi Mike, thanks for your comment 🙂

      Here is the response to your question:

      Every time a new desire is born from you, big or small (sometimes in periods of suffering) the greater part of you (Higher Self) instantaneously becomes that which you desire and holds it in a vibrational manner.

      And what happens when you let go of the past aka negative energy, aka everything that makes you feel bad, you will be left with what remais, the energy of your Higher Self which feels like love, joy, passion, peace, etc and is a match and followed by physical manifestations of the desires you had “in store” in your vibrational realm.

      In other words, when you let go of the past energy that no longer serves you and therefore feels bad to you, you don’t get out of balance, you get REAL balance, balance in the energy of your true nature, which is a balance that goes from feeling satisfaction to feeling unconditional love and bliss most of the time!

      In that new state of being, the desires you previously requested can be shown and realized to you by You and that’s what we call physical manifestation.

      So, when you let go of the past, the only thing you lose is what is holding you back, all the rest, all the good stuff is very well focused on and being taken care of for a very long time by the energy of your higher self, it caries an infinite momentum with it and it’s never lost.

      Letting go of the past allows you to see your present with fresh eyes and walk towards the future you really want.

      That’s the balance your Source wants you know 🙂

      Hope it helps



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