‘Now’, the power of the present moment

Let’s talk about the ‘Now’, the present moment.

The only moment that is, the only moment that will ever be.

Your entire life happens in this moment, there is no future and there is no past.

Try to grab your past … Your past is just things you can remember, thoughts in your mind, ideas, beliefs, … they are not here and they are not real.

The same as your future, you can worry about your future, you can plan your future, you can visualize but, you are doing it right now!

There is no future, there is no past.

You will only experience life, you will only experience anything in this moment, in this same moment, the ‘Now’.

Our mind, our human mind, the egoic mind is always in the past or is always in the future. Always remembering or always projecting, always worrying or always believing that something that happened in the past has power over you now.

But… There is no past and there is no future.

If you take an honest look into your life, you will see that you have only experienced ‘this moment, again and again, ‘this moment’ and ‘this moment’ and ‘this moment’ and …

The more you allow yourself to be completely in the moment, the more you will allow yourself to live, the more you will be aware of the fact that you exist and that you are alive! 

You will not be worrying about the future or projecting your future,  a future that is happening right here and right now.

you will not be remembering the past, you will not be believing that the past holds power over you in this moment.

In this same moment, nothing of the past is real, nothing of the future is real…’Now’ is the only moment that is.

So …

Being in the moment, not being lost in your thoughts about the past or in your thoughts about the future also allows you to have access to all the beautiful things that the present moment gives to you.

Infinite intelligence, infinite love, infinite peace, infinite freedom, everything that you want, in fact, everything that you are is contained in this same moment, the present moment…

Free from your thoughts of the past, free from thoughts of the future, free from thoughts at all.

The more you allow yourself to be free from thinking, the more you will be in the moment, the more you will experience life to the fullest.

Imagine the most amazing moments of your life, those moments where you were so happy, you were so filled with love, so filled with passion, … Where were you? Where was your mind? … In the moment! Fully present in the moment!

The good thing is that you can bring that same state to every second of your life!

The more you practice being in the moment, not being lost in the future, a future that may never come or being lost in the past, a past that is no longer here, the more you will allow that magical state of being present in the moment to be available to you.

That state is always available to you, the present moment is something that you cannot escape, it is your nature, it is your true nature.

Time is an illusion and you can be above time if you allow yourself to be fully in the moment.

Picture the most amazing artists, the most amazing geniuses on our planet … All the amazing things that were created, were created in the present moment allowing infinite intelligence, infinite passion, infinite fun and joy to be channeled, to be created.

Try to imagine Pablo Picasso painting … What if he was painting but he was worrying about is future? or if he was remembering is past?  No, he was fully in the moment!

Albert Einstein, fully in the moment always receiving inspiration!

Nicolas Tesla, … You name it.

The many geniuses that walked on this planet were masters of being fully in the moment, of enjoying life fully in the moment, masters of accessing infinite intelligence in the present moment.

And you are a genius too!

There is no separation between Pablo Picasso, Albert Einstein or someone else that you admire and yourself.

You have all the intelligence of this universe available to you right now in this present moment and you will access that same intelligence when you stop being in the past, when you stop being in the future, when you allow yourself to be fully immersed in… this… moment!

So …

If you want all your troubles to go away, all your questions to be washed, all of your doubts, all of your fears be washed away, …

All your past, all the negative things of your past, all the pain that you hold … that you believe you hold because you don’t hold any pain, you don’t hold any fears … allow yourself to fully in the moment absent of thoughts, experiencing life, experiencing yourself fully present in the moment.

You will see that your past does not define you … Your past in fact, is not real.

You are fully new, fully refreshed, completely a new person, living a new moment of your life in this same moment and this same moment, is the perfect moment for you to create everything that you want to create.

Be fully present, be fully in the moment and inspiration will flow, ideas will flow, freedom, happiness, love will flow (love will fill you in fact).

Everything that you want already exists here and now and for you to not wonder between past and future, past and future but for you to allow yourself to relax, to be here and now.

So …

All the good things that you are seeking, all the good things that you are in fact will come naturally to you, they are always here, you just need to be where they are which is here and now.

If you want to access your infinite intelligence, your infinite potential, your infinite nature, your true nature of infinite love, bliss, happiness, freedom, or whatever you want …

If you want to experience life to the fullest, if you want to live the most amazing moments of your life, you will only live it in the ‘now’!

So, bring the ‘now’ to every moment of your day, to every moment of your life, allow yourself to be in the ‘now’.

Your most pure intelligence is contained in the ‘now’, in this moment and if you think about it, you will never ever, ever experienced something else than this moment.

Make it conscious, make it an intelligent decision to experience the now, to be fully present in the now.

Allow yourself to be great, to be a genius, because you are a genius, you have infinite potential and this infinite potential is happening right here and right now.

I invite you to enjoy this present moment like you never did before.

Notice that you are alive, you are breathing, this life is a gift to you, you are a gift to this world.

Be yourself, live in the moment, perform miracles and express your magic,


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