The Calling – Listen to your Desires

Sooner or later, you my friend, a random boy or girl, man or woman, one amongst 7 billion other random men and women, boys and girls … Will find yourself asking a very sincere question from the depths of your being:

Is this it?

Is this all that I am?

Is this all that life as to offer?

As you ask, the answer is given and you can feel it …

A sense of wonder begins to awaken, a warm feeling inside your heart, an impulse, a will to seek, a desire to be more than who you already are, to have more than what you already have and to live more than what you have been living.

An urging to find yourself and go for something greater, something that truly makes life worth living.

This is the moment you start hearing ‘The Call’.

No longer will you just be another random person and no longer will you be living just another random life.

This is the turning point!

The finding that there is indeed so much more, the certainty of discovering who you truly are and the exhilaration of experiencing the manifestation of everything you have always wished for.

Welcome to the greatest adventure of your lifetime!

Welcome to ‘The Calling’!


What is ‘The Calling’?

To explain ‘The Calling’, your Calling, to you, I have to give you a not so small of a tip about who you truly are and how your life is truly meant to be.

So, when you were born in your physical body and into this physical life experience, there was a part of you that remained and still remains non-physical.

Some call it the Soul, others call it Spirit, and some call it God, Universe, Higher Self, Inner being and many other designations tended to identify this non-physical part of you.

Even though you cannot see it, heart it, smell it, or touch it (yet), this infinite non-physical you and the extraordinary non-physical reality it is living in are insanely real! In fact, much more real than the chair you are sitting on or the screen in which you are reading.

Science usually defines this non-physical consciousness-reality as ‘quantum fields’ and some modern spiritual teachings call it the ‘Vortex – vibrational reality’.

To make it simple to understand, imagine that you have gifted one of your fingers with an individual consciousness and placed it on a world while you remained above and beyond that same world, yet, simultaneously fully conscious of everything in it and always aware of your finger as a very dear, precious and inseparable part of yourself.

The human you, is the finger!

Therefore, you are in truth an extension of this non-physical powerful beyond measure energy, the exact same energy that creates worlds and as you tap into that power, you can be, do or have anything you desire.

What you desire is the voice of your Higher Self calling!

Every time you desire something, that same desire is already fully created on your non-physical reality and your non-physical self (let’s call it ‘Higher Self’ from now on) is already experiencing it in full potential.

In other words, the moment you have a desire, that which you desire is already yours!

From a button to a large castle, from the epic car to the dream vacations with your gorgeous lover, it is a done deal!

And the desire itself, the feeling and sensation “I desire … X” is literally your Higher Self calling you to experience in your physical life that which it is already living in your non-physical reality. Calling you to collect what it already has, causing you to expand into a greater version of yourself much more reflective of who you truly are.


‘The Calling’ is the exhilarating expansion in the aligned stream of manifestation of everything you desire!

Turning thoughts into things and dreams into reality!

Making you fall in love with yourself, loving the life you are living and eager for more every single day.


Can I help on your journey?

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