You are Infinite

Newsflash … You are not a person!

What does it even mean to be “a person”, other than a bunch of definitions, a bunch of rules, a bunch of assumed beliefs that you have about being “a person” but… What is being ‘a person’?

Where does the sense of being ‘a person’ come from?

Where does your ‘person’ end and where does your ‘person’ begin?

It begins and ends with your body?

It begins and ends with your assumed personality?

Your personality is like playing a character, wearing a mask or wearing various masks…

When you wake up in the morning you may not be aware of that but you dress a “suit” of “this is me”, “the person I am”, “this is my personality” and basically… “this is my limitation”… “this is what is possible for me”, “this is what life will look like for me”, “this is the world I live in”, “this is how people treat me”, “these are my preferences”, “these are my goals, my objectives” …

But …

You are not a person! You are not your personality!

99% of your personality (not to say 100%) is like a defense, a protection … “I need to have this personality otherwise I will lack”, “I need to behave in some way otherwise people will think bad things about me”, “I need to dress a certain ‘suit’ of being ‘a good son’ or ‘a good daughter’, or a ‘good wife’, or a ‘good husband’, or a ‘good employee’, or a ‘good boss’, or a ‘good PERSON'” …

Otherwise, “if I am not a ‘good person’, my definition of a ‘good person’, I will lack love, I will lack freedom, I will lack money, I will lack abundance, I will lack joy or happiness but …

The more you limit yourself, the more you assume yourself to be a personality the less you are your true self, because your true self is transcendent of rules, of beliefs, of assumptions, of limitations, including the limitations of being “a person”.

Your true self does not wear any mask, even it seems a very good mask like:

“I am a spiritual PERSON” …

“I am a religious PERSON” …

“I am a very, very, very good PERSON” …

That is a huge limitation, that is a huge insult to what you truly are because you are not a person.

‘A person’ carries the sense of limitation,  carries the sense of “there is me and there are others” and that is not true, there is no you in the sense that you may believe yourself to be, a limited being, a limited person, a limited body, a limited mind, in a limited world or in a limited universe.

So …

The more you allow yourself to drop your masks, drop what you assume yourself to be, dop your assumed personality, the more your real self will shine forth, the real you, the one you are avoiding and simultaneously the one you are seeking to be…The true YOU.

The true YOU, living your true life the way you want to live your life and in the way you want yourself to be

The true you knows no limitations, it is nothing like being ‘a person’.

If you remember, if you imagine the most amazing moments of your life, like for example when you kissed the love of your life and you felt that amazing feeling of love and connection, … Were you ‘a person’ experiencing love outside of her/himself or were you the feeling of love itself?

When you went into that amazing trip that you always wanted to be in and you were experiencing your dreams in your life, …, Were you ‘a person’ living a dream or were you the dream itself and that state of dream?

Was there a separation between that feeling of love, that feeling of ‘dream’ and yourself as ‘a person’?


Did you merge with the sense of dream, the sense of love, the sense of happiness?

Yes … You are the sense of love, you are love itself, you are that dream-like state of happiness

You can see this in the most amazing moments of your life, for example, if you had a kid and in that moment when your son or daughter was born, …

Did you experience that as being ‘a person’ with a personality and wearing a mask experiencing that overwhelming sense of love, or that overwhelming sense of love made your personality disappear?

Yes 🙂 …

The more your sense of limitation disappears the more that amazing sense of love, that dream-like state of happiness, peace, and freedom will become who you are because that is who you are!

You are that amazing happiness, that amazing freedom, that amazing creativity, passion, that amazing flow.

And once again, you are not a person!

Yes, you have the experience of a body, the experience of a seemingly outside world but you only experience, at every given moment, your state of being and your personal perception.

So, …

Your personality, your assumed belief of being ‘a person’, is like a filter in front of your eyes and you will experience the world through the filters you have.

The more filters you have, the more masks you add to yourself, the more personality traces, the more sense of limitation you add upon yourself … the more filters you will add to the experience of love, happiness, freedom, joy and to that stream of energy that is all that is and that is available all the time to you.

The more you let go of the sense of being ‘a person’, the more you let go of your masks, the more you let go of the filters that your personality puts in front of your eyes, the more your true self will be evident to you.

Your true self is like everything that you want to be, everything that you want to become and you are already it, you are already that state of love, that state of happiness, that state of freedom,… You are already your dream-like version of self.

So, …

You don’t have to be ‘a person’, you are not limited to a personality or many personalities or to many masks,  in fact, all that you want is above any masks.

All the good things that you want in your life, all the abundance, all the love, all the happiness and all that it will bring into your circumstantial life, is far above personalities.

Every time you believe you need to be in a certain way, that you need to do something, that you need to behave like some kind of person, you are in fact, limiting yourself.

The more you let go of your assumed beliefs, the more you let go of your assumed ideas, the more you let go of what you assume yourself to be … In other words, the more you let go of what you believe that you need to be in order to make a living, or to survive, or to get love, or to get freedom, or whatever, the more love you will have, the more happiness you will have.

This is the paradox, the more you assume that you need to be doing something other than what you already are, the more you assume that you need to be someone else other than who you already are, the less happiness you will experience because you are happiness itself.

The more you run away from You the more you run away from happiness.

If you allow yourself to just be your true self, the more you allow yourself to experience all the happiness, all the love, all the freedom, all the joy and all the good things that it will bring into your life.

I can say with 100% certainty that, everything that we are seeking to be in our life is just to be ourselves and our sense of self, our true self is above ‘a person’, is not ‘a person’, is not limited, is in fact infinite!

Infinite with love, peace, happiness, with all the most amazing things.

The more definitions, the more rules, the more beliefs, the more ideas, the more separation that you place upon yourself, it’s a separation between your true self with all the happiness that you can experience and what you will actually experience.

I invite you to drop your personality, to drop completely the sense of being ‘a person’, the sense of having rules, of having the needs to do something.

Drop all that sense of ‘need’ and abundance will fill you.

Drop that sense of ‘not being enough’ and your true self will shine forth.

You are not ‘a person’, you are not a personality, you are not limited to the mask that you wear.

I invite you to drop the masks, drop your personality, drop what you assume yourself to be, drop what you believe you need to be in order to do something or to be something.

You might be wondering … “If I am not a person, who am I?”

And, I will leave you with that question …

That question will make you grow.

That question will take you far in this life.

Who are you without your masks?


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