If you really want to Love yourself … [Q&A]

Q: “I really want to love myself, I hate depending on others to make me feel loved.”

A:” You are unique.

Unique in a way that only you can be! No one else in this world can be who you are.

You have unique and beautiful qualities and perhaps you haven’t been noticing all the good things about you or nobody ever told you how amazing the true you is.

When you begin to look at yourself and see, truly see your amazing qualities, the characteristics that make you unique and special you will automatically fall in love with yourself.

You will spend hours in the mirror just appreciating how good you are in every single aspect of your being.

You will walk around in the streets completely wanting to be yourself and no one else, because why would you want to be someone else when you are so perfect and love yourself so deeply?

The thing is… When you find yourself you find love because they are the same.

When you realize that you are able to love yourself and that all the love in the world is present in you 24/7, you will not depend on anyone else to show it to you… In fact, you will love yourself so much that you will radiate that love to other people, standing above the crowd as an example.

A lot of people don’t love themselves, what makes it hard for them to love you, keep that in mind as well.

About truly loving yourself, it will come naturally. Just start seeing yourself through your own eyes, find beauty in you, find love in you, find that unique Emma essence that you have.

It will make you fall in love, in a deep kind of love.”

– Excerpt from a coaching session –

Coaching page: https://filipemoleiro.com/coaching/

Contact  for coaching sessions: filipe.moleiro@hotmail.com


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