A weekend away from struggle [Practice]

I want you to choose something that has been bothering you for some time, something that somehow keeps being a struggle for you or perhaps that one thing that insists to keep coming into your mind or experience that is quite hard to deal with and … Let it go!… Read More A weekend away from struggle [Practice]

Get over the mind

Since the day we opened our eyes for the first time, we were led to believe that our minds are important, that they have tremendous significance, that they are powerful and through our minds we will get to have a pleasant life if we are somehow blessed with a great natural set of thoughts or if we manage to educate and nurture it in the right ways.

But as your world is an illusion, your mind is also not real and you don’t need your mind’s permission to become more.

Your thoughts are layers of distortion defining an illusion, that’s how fake they are.

In your mind exists confusion over your mind lies true clarity.… Read More Get over the mind