How to Receive and Follow Source’s Guidance

Hi friends,

I received such a good question about receiving and implementing guidance from Source/Soul/Spirit, that I decided to share the answer with you all. 🙂

First, let’s get clear that you have a non-physical counterpart, usually referred to as Soul/Spirit/God/Higher Self/ Source/ …  that you can also understand as your future-self standing in a place with zero resistance, surrounded by every single thing you desire, currently living the answers to all your prayers and experiencing (present tense) all your dreams.

 That non-physical friend of yours is not just watching you from afar, it is literally YOU, connected to you, aware of every single thought that crosses your mind, aware of every single cell in your body, aware of what you want and desire, and knowing what is the best path for to walk to get to where and what you want.

 That’s where guidance comes from, your infinite intelligent non-physical self, the future You who is in a VERY GOOD “PLACE”.

And now you may wonder, “Well, having that infinite intelligent loving friend guiding me is fantastic but how do I in my life experience receive and follow its guidance?”

Infinite intelligence aka Source, can guide you in every possible way under the sun, but as it is aware of you, it knows how you are most likely to hear, knows how to get your attention in ways that will make you “move”.

Now, it is very helpful to understand that the better you feel on a consistent basis the more open you are to receive and recognize the guidance that it’s coming from source, which FEELS very different from the guidance that comes from the TV News for example.

So, the core basis of understanding the guidance of source is by the way it feels to you!

 If a thought feels really good to you, that thought is being given to you by Source and your good emotion lets you know exactly that, “this thought and the perspective of my infinite self are a match”… The same goes for anything, for example, if you specifically enjoy an article, source is enjoying that article with you and knows that what you are reading will lead you in a very good path.

 All right, so knowing that a consistent good feeling emotion within me is the fertile ground for me to perceive more of source’s guidance/calling/pulling, let’s see how does that guidance manifest in “Human” terms.

 As I said, it can manifest in every single way possible that is relevant for you and I will give you some ways you can resonate with:

 – Things that get highlighted. Words that appear more evident than others while you are reading a text, a road that seems brighter and more enjoyable for no particular reason while you are driving, a verse of a song that rings your bells with a very good sensation.

 – You receive good feeling thoughts and ideas. You’re walking through your day, chilling, feel really good for no particular reason, or you relax in the shower and a thought pops into your mind and it feels good… That’s Higher-Self giving it to you and CALLING you in that direction, highlighting that thought process for you. It can be a very subtle and small thought, that leads into another subtle and small good feeling thought, and another not so subtle and really good feeling thought, that in time will shift into an idea, that in time will shift into an experience, so forth and so on.

 – Impulses. Once again you are in a non-resistance state, your mind is not involved in any upsetting situation and without your deliberate intent your head turns just in time for you to see a beautiful person passing by, or your finger moves slightly more and turns your radio to another station to discover a new song that you like, or you feel the strong urge to call someone and you just pick up the phone and call in a split second and turns out to be a very good conversation … those non-intrusive, super natural impulses come from source.

 – Synchronicities. You see constantly repeating numbers? 777’s, 1111’s, 222’s, that’s a sign you are listening, you followed that call and got to the right place and the right time, turning your head in the right direction, in the perfect moment for you to encounter those numbers. When that happens recognize the following, Source is so aware of me and my life that can inspire me, guide by, drive me to encounter any single thing that matters to me and those numbers are evidence of other things that are working themselves out for you.

 And not just in numbers, do you listen to a song and the lyrics match exactly what the person sitting next to you in the coffee is saying? Same thing, synchronicity, right place, right time!

 – Other People. Source is not just aware and connected to you, is also aware and connect to others. Did you have  a question, forgot about it, and suddenly someone comes up to you in a conversation and delivers the answer in perfect words almost as if it is just for you to hear them!? That’s also source giving guidance to you.

 – Dreams. Pay attention to your dreams, special the way you felt in them. They let you know where your vibration/energy stands in relationship to a certain topic, and they can also deliver very clear guidance from source. Make your intention to receive clear guidance from source within your dreams, relax and see what happens 😉 (and the same goes for your awake life, you just are far less resistant in dreams).

–  Good feeling Interest. Do you find yourself interested in something? Interest is also a form of guidance for as long as it feels good, adventurous, fresh, bright, freeing, … to you. A lot of the things you now know and are an expert on first started with a simple interest.

An interest in a certain song that lead you into learning to play an instrument, an interest in finances that lead you into learning how to trade stocks, and interest in a certain city that lead you into travel, etc … What you find interesting is also your Higher-Self highlighting a path for you to follow.

And there are many other examples, just know that source always guides you to everything that you want through the path of most joy!

To clarify the words, “calling”, “pulling”, “listening”, “allowing” guidance from the non-physical, see yourself for what you ultimately are … ENERGY!

Having a huge infinitely powerful magnetic tower charged with the energy of everything that you are and everything that you want, from your core desires to the most simple things, and that tower is connected to you, pulling you in the form of emotion every single second of your life.

 When you allow yourself to go with that pull, you always feel an improvement in the way you feel, for example, if you are feeling sad and you get to feel hope, that’s you going with that pull, going with that flow, if you feel joy and you follow a thought that makes you feel bliss and love, you are also allowing that pull to take you.

Understanding that first energy manifests in the form of emotion, and later in the form of thoughts, impulses, and everything else is key!

 So, there is a very powerful Source calling you 24/7 to a very good feeling place, a very powerful energetic magnet pulling you towards everything you want and will benefit from, and the only thing you need to do is to ALLOW IT.

 In other words, when you stop resisting the pull, it will take you!

 How does it move you? First in the form of emotion, and later in thought processes, impulses, good feeling inspired ideas, synchronicities leading to events, results experiences, etc…

Allowing is another word for “feel good”, and for you to feel good in any given moment, you must withdraw your mind from things that cause you to feel bad. When you do so, the pull of source will take you, will make you feel better and better, take you higher and higher and will present to you all the solutions, all the dreams, all the desires you might want to experience and could not preceive from your negative feeling stand point.

 That’s what you may perceive as “letting go”, just understand that you can only let go of what’s bothering you, you can only let go of your resistances because Source is already living your dreams and desires, holding them in the form of vibration and constantly calling you there.

So, “letting go” also means and is synonimous with “allow source to carry you” and “start the movement in the direction of what you actually want”.

Meditate, sleep a little more, spend more time finding things and aspects to feel appreciation for, take time to chill, relax, withdraw your mind from anything upsetting even if just for a moment and the momentum of source energy will take you in.

 The improvement in the way you feel and as a given consequence, the improvement in every area of your life will not just be evidence, will be an inner irrefutable knowing that you can no longer part yourself with.

Enjoy 🙂

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