How to Receive and Follow Source’s Guidance

Infinite intelligence aka Source, can guide you in every possible way under the sun, but as it is aware of you, it knows how you are most likely to hear, knows how to get your attention in ways that will make you “move”.… Read More How to Receive and Follow Source’s Guidance

NEW Youtube Channel

Just wanted to let you know that I have a NEW Youtube Channel!  🙂

You can count with regular videos on the “Expansion of Consciousness” topics, that I hope will help you all live blessed lives filled with happiness, love, freedom and all the good stuff that comes with it.… Read More NEW Youtube Channel

From suffering to happily ever after – all you need to know

In the worst moments of your life, had you experienced great suffering, lots of pain, trauma and in all of those “less than happy” periods you went through, you were simultaneously (consciously or not, doesn’t matter) creating something quite incredible beyond your ability to comprehend at the time … a new, heaven-dream-like life for yourself to live and experience in the future.… Read More From suffering to happily ever after – all you need to know

True Love and Soulmate Connections

If you find yourself seeking to achieve true Love in your life, if you are interested in finding a special ONE and not just any-one, in being on a relationship where you experience the highest forms of unconditional Love and true feelings of oneness with another, and you can’t stand some fake version of that, you are seeking for your Soulmate connection(s).… Read More True Love and Soulmate Connections