How you make dreams come true

[Excerpt from my upcoming book “8 Methods to be free from the ego”]

“Let’s imagine that your attention is a pencil and that pencil is writing words on a book, those words are your thoughts and beliefs, the story you are writing is your life, the book is the outside world and the author is your higher mind.

The author (your higher mind) is the Knower of the pencil, the Knower of the words, the Knower of the book, following this analogy, he is the Knower of your thoughts, your beliefs and everything in your life.

The pencil (representative of our human body-mind complex) has the free will to place its attention where it wants, to adopt the words and choose the story it wants to write on the blank pages of the outside world. Once the story gets messy or hard to continue and the pencil recognizes that it is not just a “pencil”, that it has/is the author behind it, supporting it and guiding it all the time with an infinite more intelligent knowledge and point of view, the pencil can shift its attention 180º away from the book, away from the story, away from the words and truly look into the one who knows it all … the author.

Surrendering its limited point of view and letting go of the confuse words he was adopting, looking into the author, seeing his magnificence and receiving his guidance.

You can visualize this method as the process of the pencil shifting its tip 180º away from the book and into the author.

With the pointer pointed to the author, the pencil would not see the book, would not see the pages, would not see the words, the pencil would just be looking at the author.

It is the exact same process with your own focus, with your own thoughts and with the Knower of all of them.

It is the process of you shifting your focus 180º away from the outside world, away from your thoughts and into the knower. You would not see the world, you would not see the thoughts, you would just be looking at the Knower.

As a bonus explanation and following this analogy …

The pencil does not define the author!

Meaning that everything you once believed that defined you, and your current mindset with all of its perceptions, thoughts, biases, and beliefs, … is not who you are and it does not define you!

You are not the pencil, in fact, you were never the pencil, neither the words the pencil once believed it needed to write, you are the author, you were always the author! You are not your mind, you never were your mind neither the stuff in it, you are, always were and forever will be the one aware of everything in the mind, the Knower.

And the story does not have a will of its own …

Once the pencil starts writing different words, the story changes, there is no way around it, thus the pencil is the one creating and experiencing the entire story.

In the same way, the pencil does not define the author, the story can never impose its will on the pencil neither define it and much less it can impose anything or define the author.

This to say that your life with all of its aspects is just the story that you as the pencil create with all of your thoughts, beliefs, biases and perspectives and that story, your life, does not have a will of its own and neither it defines you in any way. So as you change your thoughts, your beliefs and your perspectives, your life will change to match those new thoughts, the story will change accordingly to the new words you are now writing.

You as the pencil can write an amazing story for yourself to experience when you align your thoughts, beliefs, and perspectives with the ones of your higher mind. It is like the pencil asking the author what are the best words to create the most amazing story, knowing that the author unconditionally loves his pencil and wants to create a great story for both the pencil and the author to experience, because in truth they are ONE.

The exact same thing can happen with your and your life!

You recognize that nothing in the outside world defines you, have a will of its own and can limit you anyway.

You recognize that nothing running in your mind is a definition of who you are, of what’s possible for you and it does not represent slightly the truth about you.

In that recognition, you separate yourself from everything that limits you and you get automatically free. Free from your current life circumstances, from your current outside world and from your current small mind and in that freedom your higher mind can come to your aid. You meet it half-way with a natural openness to connect, to listen and to receive guidance far great from what you currently understand and get a much wise perspective of everything.

Allowing that guidance and through that connection, the alignment of your thoughts, beliefs, and perspectives, creating, therefore, a life that is in alignment with the highest version of you!

A life that is amazing in every single way … your Heaven on Earth.

That’s how you make dreams come true!”

Filipe Moleiro in “8 Methods to be free from the ego”

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