What is your life’s purpose?


“Your calling … your life’s purpose!

Your life was generated out of an intention with a purpose and that intention, that purpose is the sole reason why you were born, why you are here.

The most amazing thing you can realize in this lifetime is what is your calling and live your life aligned with the purpose that created your life in the first place.

A life aligned with the intention that brought here at this planet, at this time, in your particular life and at your particular expressions.

How do you find your calling?

Your calling is like a Grander Passion that involves all of your other passions. All of your small passions, all the things that you love to do are included in this greater vision that is your calling, that is your intention, that is your purpose.

For you to find your life’s purpose you need to think about all the things you love to do, all the things that make your heart sing, all the things that you are passionate about and think about why are you passionate about those things.

What do all of those things you enjoy doing, enjoy being, enjoy talking about awake within you?

In other words, what are the things you love and why do you love them?

With deeper investigation, you will find that your purpose is not only just about yourself… In one hand, it is about yourself but in a wider picture, your calling is about the entire world.

It contains you, everyone else and it is about being of service to the entire world.

You were born to be of service to people and why?

Because we are not separate, we are one, we are literally one! You and everyone else, you and the planet, you and the universe, you and everything you can possibly see or imagine are the SAME!

Your life’s purpose, the intention that you were born with, includes everyone else, everything else.

So, all your unique passions and all those unique things you love, you love them for a reason and the fact that you love the things that you love in a way that only you can love them, is because your unique expression, your calling, your intention will serve the entire planet.

To find your calling, think about all the things you love and all the things you love when you see them in other people.

Imagine that you see something on the streets, or that you see some scene in a movie that makes your heart sing… It may have nothing to do with you directly, but you see that thing and it awakens something within you that makes your heart sing.

What was that that made your heart sing?

I can give you one personal example, if I am going to a concert or some beach party and I see people being happy, being excited, being completely themselves, being full of love, full of joy, dancing, shouting, having fun lots of fun …

Even though those experiences may have nothing to do with me I totally love them, it totally makes my heart sing when I see people being completely themselves.

So, my calling is for people to be completely themselves and with deeper investigation, I realize my purpose as being “People living their calling!”

When you all live your calling, I will be so damn happy! You living your calling makes me so damn happy, why? Because it is a part of me, you are a part of me, I am a part of you, so, when I see someone living their purpose, being totally themselves, filled with love, joy, peace, happiness, freedom, … It totally makes my day, it totally makes my heart sing.

That’s one example that you can use follow to find your calling.

What are the things you love? What are the things you are passionate about? What the things you love to do?


What are the things that make your heart sing when you see them in other people?

Investigate that feeling and see what it awakes within you.

Your calling will be something along these lines: “People experiencing something

The one sentence that can pretty much picture your entire calling can be put in the lines of: “People experiencing something

My calling is for people(myself included) to have some kind of experience.

It could be:

“My calling is for people to experiencing unconditional love“.

“My calling is for people to walk in their freedom“.

“My calling is for people to live their calling“.

So, when everyone is living their calling my life gets amazing, I am so happy,  I am so vibrant, I am so excited, I am filled with love and everything unfolds perfectly.

Because …

One other thing that makes incredible to live in your calling is that everything that you ever need, everything that you ever wanted and everything that you have been seeking is contained in your calling.

Your calling, your purpose, is literally yourself, is like this energetic stream, this energy that is you, that is, in fact, you, above your body, above your mind, above your beliefs, above your thoughts, above your life… There is your calling! The intention that is behind everything!

When you align yourself with the intention that created you, you align yourself with the source of all creation, so…

You will be so supported, you will have so much love, you will have so much freedom and so much happiness.

You will live things and you will go to places that you could never imagine were possible and why? Because you are aligned!

Aligned with this energetic force of the universe, this energetic force of life, with God or whatever you may call it, that is in fact YOU.

You aligned yourself with the intention that you were created from, so everything in your life, in your circumstances, in your mind will take care of itself!

Everything will unfold perfectly!

You will have challenges but those challenges are very, very nice, they are very, very good and they will teach you so much.

Your challenges will pretty much make you greater than you could ever believe was possible.

So, when you align with the intention that brought you here into this planet, when you align yourself with your life’s purpose, with your calling … It is the most amazing thing you can do for yourself, for your life, for your family, for your friends and for the entire planet.

Don’t play small, your passions have a purpose, your unique expressions have a purpose, your life has a purpose, you are needed, this world needs you, everyone needs you.

So please, …

Be yourself, be your true self, investigate what your calling is, follow your passions, follow your joy, follow what makes your heart sing.

No matter what, no matter how, your passion will lead to your calling!

Love to you.


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Contact for coaching sessions: filipe.moleiro@hotmail.com 





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